Dreamy Dressing Tables For Small Spaces

Dressing tables are truly a girl’s best friend but more often than not, space (or rather lack thereof) often becomes a barrier when trying to bring your ideas to life. When we came across these clever and compact dressing tables on Pinterest, it reminded us that with a little creativity, anything is possible. 🙂

We love the subtle creative touches like the wooden mannequin hand and pendant light. It really adds some personality to the dressing table whilst keeping things minimalistic and oh-so-chic. Creating a space like this in your bedroom is so easy and affordable. 

You can buy a similar wall unit here for €11 and the stool here for €99. 

Credit: IKEA

You can buy this exact wall unit here for €49 and a similar white folding chair here for €20. 

The wall unit is €46 and you can buy it here. We have some love stool options linked below so keep scrolling. 

Keep scrolling for all the little finishing touches that will make a big difference…

Black, White and Gold

Pastel Perfection

Tempting Turquoise and Gold

We hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed writing it. It’s really inspired us to find creative ways to work with small spaces. 🙂

Stylishly yours,

Laura x

*Please note, Laura may receive a commission on sales via the links used in this post.

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Interiors Styling: Coffee Table Books

When it comes to interiors and interiors styling, coffee table books are a must. They can make the simplest of dressers, coffee tables, or side tables look so chic and well styled. 

A mix of fashion books (my favourites), lifestyle, cooking, interiors, history and photography books all look really great styled into your interiors. I never truly understood the importance of this nor how much I liked this look until it came to doing the interiors in our own home just recently.

I have collected a few fashion books over the years, and I have bit by bit been growing my collection. It’s fair to ay I am obsessed. In. a world of technology where we no longer own books and all we consume seems to be on laptops and phones, it is nice to have a touch of elegance with real, hard back, beautiful books.

 I have lots of them dotted around the house; namely the sitting room (on the coffee table, on some side tables and in our main TV unit on the shelves.  My husband, as it happens, also had a number of beautiful books built up over the years and these mixed with my fashion ones look really well (He has some books on photography, national geographic, The Kennedys and various others) 

I often get asked for advice on interiors styling and my advice is to always invest in some really good quality coffee table books, that not only look good, but are filled with up beauty too. They add character, colour, personality and detail to any space. 

Here is some inspiration on how to style them:

The Inspiration

My Top Buys 

Click on the image below for more detail and to list the link of the book in question

Hope you enjoyed

I have lots more interiors styled posts planned over the coming weeks but, as always, if there is anything you want us to cover in the area of interiors, please leave a comment below.

‘Til next time

Naomi xx

**Please note: The above included links are affiliate links and Naomi earn receive a small percentage commission based on any sales via these links. This does not have any impact on the price the consumer pays. 


Interiors Inspo: Kids Bedroom

Looking for some cute accessories to do up your kids room or playroom? Simple accessories like printed cushions and playful rugs can add so much to a simple room.  

Here are a few beautiful finds;

Simply click on the image and it will bring your directly to the item 🙂 

Please note: The above included links are affiliate links, meaning Naomi may earn a small percentage commission based on sales via these links. This does not impact the amount the consumer pays. 


Black Friday: Interiors Finds from MADE.COM

hey ladies

I am in two minds with this Black Friday madness, it is all becoming a little too much, I feel bombarded, however, there ARE some good deals to be had. And particularly when it comes to the likes of Christmas presents or homewares and interiors, if you are doing up your home it is a good opportunity to pick up some great pieces at a discount!

When doing up our home over the past few months, quickly became a go to place for me for decor accessories, I love the quirky, unique style of some of their pieces. Totally different than anything you will find in your usual interiors shops.

I got a lot for our house from Made, including a couch and chair for the playroom (both very very comfortable), a lot of my quirky cushions I bought here too, as well as things like decor accessories; candles, rugs (they have some GREAT rugs), I also bought a beautiful footstool, light fittings and some side tables. From what I have seen and bought their furniture has all been great quality.

My project for the new year is my home office so I have spotted some bits here that I will deffo be getting with the discount 🙂 (check out the gold wire chair, I am gonna buy that and put a shearling rug across it!) Also I think the pink beds are FAB!

They have some amazing discounts right now for Black Friday, including FREE delivery and up to 20% off selected items. Here are seem great finds I have spotted:

(Just click on the item and it will bring you directly to it)


Happy Browsing

Naomi xx





*Please note: these are affiliate links, so Naomi may earn a small percentage commission based on any sales via these links, it does not affect the consumer*

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Creating my dream nursery

Hi ladies

First blog post since becoming a mammy to two… and wow how life has changed! It’s hectic and absolutely exhausting but also SO incredible and I wonder what life even was like before our gorgeous Luna May arrived.

Luna May had a really tough start in this world and sadly spent some time in NICU which was heart breaking, truly heart breaking; something which will take us a while to deal with emotionally as it was such a stressful and worrying time. Thankfully she is home now and doing well. And this little lady got to come home to one of the most beautiful nurseries I have ever seen.

I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to reveal Luna May’s beautiful nursery, this is a project I have been working on over the past few months with Baby Ventura.

As lots of you may know if you follow me on social media; I teamed up with Baby Ventura for the design of Luna May’s nursery.

Baby Ventura is a brand new division of the renowned Ventura Interior Design .  I have been a long time fan of the work of Ventura Interior Design and the owner Arlene McIntyre, so when the opportunity presented itself to work with them on a collaboration for The Style Fairy I jumped at it.

Nursery Reveal 

You can watch the full video transformation here, from start to finish how the whole process worked, and the complete revamp of her room from start to finish..

Getting Started 

It was early January when we first spoke, I was about 4 months pregnant and was due in June, my husband Cormac and I were  in the middle of working on our new home (a complete renovation of an old house) and the pressure was on to complete the house before the baby would arrive. Step in Baby Ventura, what perfect timing. We discussed plans on how it could all work as a collaborative project and decided together to film the process of the complete transformation of what would become the nursery.

The whole process was such an emotional journey, as each day we filmed my bump was getting bigger, I feel quite emotional writing this now as Luna May lies sleeping beside me in her cot, what a journey it has been. I am excited that some day she can look back on this video.

How the process worked

Doing our home while pregnant was one of the most stressful things we have ever done, particularly because we were working to a deadline, and all along I knew there was a big chance Luna May would have to be delivered early due to health concerns  (she ended up arriving at 36 weeks).

But from start to finish having Arlene and the team of Baby Ventura design and transform our nursery was seamless; so so easy and totally stress free. It was a dream to have all the worry of doing that room taken out of my hands, I didn’t have to think about it. And I knew the end product would be the nursery of my dreams. And it is, and more.

When you meet with Baby Ventura to discuss your plans, they take a look at the room they have to work with, they discuss your vision; what you like, what you don’t like, what colours you want, do you want it gender neutral etc, your lifestyle, your demands and your needs for the room. They then take all this information away and come back to you with plans and ideas.

For Luna May’s nursery the truth was I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted, my mind was full and busy with doing the rest of the house so my brief to Baby Ventura was to surprise me, we had really good chat and Arlene got a feel for me, my vision, my personality and my style and then she worked her magic.

We met again then to review her ideas, the moment I saw what she and the team had planned I LOVED IT. I was blown away, working with an interior design team like this gives you the confidence to do things you might not necessarily do on your own.

I speak about this in the video, for example, I adore the wallpaper in Luna’s nursery, I mean totally ADORE IT, but I know for sure I would never have been brave enough to pick it myself, nor would I have had the confidence to do the entire room with it (even the window seat), that takes vision, the kind of vision I don’t have. I put my trust in their professional advice and I love the outcome.

The Finer Details

They present you ideas and talk you through how the room will come together, it was so exciting seeing the plans. The Baby Ventura team knew I was expecting a girl and took this into account, I wanted it ‘pretty’ but at the same time not over top girly. Arlene describes the end result of Luna May’s nursery as  ‘whimsical’ and that sums it up perfectly in my opinion.

At this second meeting when I saw the plans all decisions were made, from the carpet and it’s colour, the blinds, the window seat, the radiator cover, to the specific colour of the cot and changing unit. You can choose any colour you want, I took the advise of the interior design team on this.

We also discussed the rocking chair, what colours would work on it etc. Baby Ventura have a range of furniture to choose from but I felt the rocking chair best suited us and our needs, it’s the perfect feeding chair, so comfortable, I love lying back on it to feed Luna. View the rocking chair here (It can be made in any colour of your choice)

All the featured products in the nursery can be viewed on the Baby Ventura website here.

The room we chose for the nursery is a small room; but with some very clever space planning and the use of a really large mirror, the design team made the absolute best use of the space. No detail was left to chance and for me it is the finishing touches, the styling and the accessories that make this nursery as beautiful as it is; from the beautiful pom pom trim detail on the roman blinds, to the animal heads on the wall, to the luxurious patterned cushions and the stunning window seat, I am so thrilled with the outcome.

Once the decisions were made on the nursery, the actual transformation part was incredibly fast, the team from Ventura came to our house and completed all the work within a few hours, assembling all the furniture and finalising all the styling details.

Keeping The Secret

It’s been so hard to keep this special room as a secret from you all this time, I am so delighted to finally share it and to now get to enjoy it with my precious little girl Luna May, it’s been such an emotional journey,

For more information 

To make an enquiry or to book a consultation with Baby Ventura or for more information on any of the products featured you can check out the Baby Ventura website HERE, email them HERE or visit their Instagram or Facebook.


This is a collaboration with Baby Ventura; the interior design service and transformation of this nursery was done by Ventura Interior Design in collaboration with The Style Fairy.


All nursery photography taken by Photography by Vanessa

Photo of me with my two girls taken by Edel O Malley

Video by Killian O’Sullivan 

Please note: Luna May currently still sleeps over night in our room and will until at least 6 months but we use the nursery for the rocking chair (she loves it) and also the upstairs changing table, and I also have all her clothes, nappies etc in here.


Style Fairy Interiors: Window Seats

I absolutely love window seats – I think they can add such beauty and character to a room. We are lucky enough to have a window seat in our kitchen – through a lot of persuasion my end, and even though I was told we didn’t really have the space for it, I am so so glad we went for it. It is my favourite feature of our kitchen.

I am now looking at ideas for it, in terms of upholstery. I think it is a good idea to go for a solid colour base in a durable fabric and then you can bring in colour with scattered cushions, I like that you can update it easily and inexpensively too through cushions.

I think a window seat can work anywhere; in a large window on the stairs, a bay window, a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen. I think, where possible, it is always a good ida to incorporate storage into the bottom. Here is some inspiration;

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Kitchen Inspiration

Hi all

Welcome to my brand new Interiors section.

As most of you may know from listening to my Snapchat, we are moving!!!! We bought a house that had to be gutted & renovated from top to toe, we are basically working with a shell! I plan to bring you on this interiors journey with me as things start to move forward.

But to kick start things I thought I would begin by bringing you some kitchen design ideas and inspiration. Our kitchen went in just over a week ago – the counter top hasn’t been put on yet and a few bits so I will hold off on showing you pictures ’til it is further on. We went for a white kitchen (the exact colour is Farrow & Ball ‘Strong White’) and we picked grey for our island (the grey is Farrow & Ball ‘Manour House Grey’), our work top when it does go on is Carrara Quartz.

For me, the kitchen is the heart of the house, it is where we will spend the most time, so in that regard it is the most important space for me and most likely where you will spend the most money too!! like everything when it comes to interiors and design there is SO. MUCH. CHOICE. I think it is really important to do some research and try to get a feel for what it is you really want and what you love, it can be overwhelming when you first walk into a kitchen showroom. Thankfully we knew exactly what we wanted to that made life a small bit easier.

Here is some inso on various kitchen styles to give you some inspiration and you are start saving to that house file you have on your phone (I think its a great idea to save down all images you see that you love, even if you are not sure why you love it, it’s that bank of imagery that will help form the basis of the vision for your home)

Kitchen Inspiration

When it comes to your kitchen there are so many decisions to make not only about style (modern, farmhouse, traditional etc etc) but also colours, splash backs, floors, islands,  chairs and stools, worktops, knobs and handles, sinks and lighting….. Hopefully this will give you some ideas!


Interior Design: Autumn Winter 2015

Meet the Professional

There is something about the Winter months that causes us to ‘hibernate’ and start to look at adding little pieces to our homes. We are very lucky to have award winning interior designer and fellow blogger Moya Farrell on hand to direct us in the right direction when it comes to all things interior design. Check out Moya’s blog here.

We are so delighted to have Moya on board guest blogging with us at The Style Fairy, so if you have any interiors requests, questions or areas you would like covered, do get in touch!

Autumn Winter Hot List

Just like fashion, the interiors market is completely exposed to fads and trends each season, and just like the fashion world, it can be a challenge to distinguish between trends that will be faux pas in the blink of an eye and those that are more likely to stand the test of time.

While fads may give your home the quirk du jour, you may fall out of love with things that become too associated as being a particular trend from a particular time and really when it comes to home décor sourcing timeless pieces you’ll never tire of is the aim of the game.

This Autumn/Winter there are a number of key trends emerging in the interiors industry that I think are likely to give any home an elegant style for years to come.

Here are some of our favourites:


Colour experts Pantone never fail to deliver something truly magical each year with the announcement of their ‘Colour of the Year’. The shade of choice for 2015 is the stunning Marsala, a beautifully rich, reddish-purple that is the perfect warm shade to counter-balance neutral, or light colour schemes and bring great warmth to these cooler months of the year. It’s also going to be a key colour for Christmas 2015.

So what makes this shade more than just a one hit wonder? Other than the backing by colour powerhouse Pantone, the beautiful rich tone, its undeniable versatility for pairing with a range of shade from greys, dark blues and neutrals like, browns and creams and the sheer opulence of this hue suggests this is shade is no fashion fad! This image of a marsala sofa demonstrates the impact the colour can bring to a space in a very chic, classic manner.


Knit Pods

Knits and textiles have a wonderful way of adding warmth and cosiness to an interior scheme – definitely something we want to encourage in our homes during these cooler months! And these knit pods are a great injection of texture, warmth and functionality.


Classic Metallics

The roaring twenties and the ‘Great Gatsby’ look has always had huge influence in the interiors world. And more recently the hit of Downton fever and the timeless elegance displayed throughout the Crawley mansion has re-instilled the popularity of metallics like gold, brass and coppers. These metals, especially those with a mirrored finish, are a serious homeware hit and I can totally see why!


Tile Style

Tile style is everywhere I look lately! But tiles have come a long way in recent years and we have become brilliant at experimenting with our tiling. I want to personally thank the genius that first introduced the subway tile (named because of its starting ground, in the subway stations of New York) into residential settings. But even if subway tiles aren’t you’re cup of tea, there are tones of styles, patterns and different ways of using tiles, the options are endless!

Most importantly though, trust your gut feeling on styles, there’s a great saying that I like to tell clients when they struggle to see if something will stand the test of time – ‘be faithful to your own taste because, what you really love, will never go out of style’.


Artisan food led the way for carefully curated produce and now the interiors world is following suit with increased favourability for special, handmade products. There is a huge surge in interest for pieces that are designed, made and sold from the one warehouse or studio – the kind of products that have a story behind them. And the really nice thing about this trend is that it has led to a preference for supporting local, Irish brands, Irish Designers and Craftspeople.

One of my favourite examples, of this ‘artisan homeware’ is Co. Down based handweavers, Mourne textiles. These guys have become enormously popular for their quality yarn products, which are crafted in their family-run warehouse situated at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. Although their products come with a higher price tag, there is undeniable quality, evident care and true craftsmanship in every stitch of their collection



While dodgy seventies prints or tacky floral designs may come to mind when the word wallpaper is mentioned, wallpaper is seeing a massive surge in interest lately. And it definitely doesn’t have to be at all flower power or prints that will make your eyes hurt when it comes to wallpaper designs, the options are really endless when it comes to wall dressing.

One range I am a massive fan of is that of, Paint experts Farrow and Ball, who have recently introduced a range of new wallpapers, created using their quality paints in classic, patterns ranging from the classic and subtle to bold and dynamic.


Basket Love

Natural materials like jute, wicker and seagrass can bring a gorgeous rustic elegance to a home, not to mention their practicality for cosy nights in. Stacked with fire logs or filled with soft, blankets and throws, these are a great living room storage solution that has the added bonus of ranking high in the style stakes.


Shop The Trends


1 Lantern: Dunnes Stores,  €25 – Shop Here

2 Basket: Next, €43 – Shop Here

3 Pendant Light: The Elms, €135 – Shop Here

4 Cushions: Dunnes Stores, €28 – €35 – Shop Here

5 Knitted Pod: Next, €108 – €170 – Shop Here


About Moya

Moya is award winning Interior Designer and Blogger. Moya’s range of design services bring professional ideas and expertise to a variety of creative projects, catering for each client’s personal style and budget requirements. And her blog is the perfect online destination for all the interiors inspiration and advice you need. Guaranteed to keep you up to date with all things lifestyle and interiors, the blog includes fantastic features on homeware, interiors trends and expert design tips. But it doesn’t just stop at homeware, there are lots of lovely recipes and lifestyle features thrown into the mix too. The designology mission is to keep it close to home and focus on homeware that is easily available to the Irish market, or even better crafted in Ireland, by Irish Designers and Craftspeople. You won’t be left disappointed!


Stylishly yours,

Moya x

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Nursery Inspiration

If like me, you are starting to think about doing up a room in your home to eventually become your baby’s nursery, then keep reading 🙂 Obviously, baby with be sleeping with us for the beginning, but I still really want to have a little nursery for him or her.

How beautiful is this!
How beautiful is this

Inspiration from my Pinterest
Inspiration from my Pinterest

Meet the Professional

Like almost all baby related stuff, I am feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure where to even begin when it comes to the nursery (Although I have started  Pinterest board which you can follow here) so when award winning interior designer and fellow blogger Moya Farrell got in touch to guest blog with us, I was thrilled. You can check out Moya’s blog here.

We are so delighted to have Moya on board guest blogging with us at The Style Fairy, so if you have any interiors requests, questions or areas you would like covered, do get in touch! Enjoy, N x

Nursery Decor Inspiration

Although pregnancy can come with its ups and downs, decorating a nursery is most definitely a high point of preparing for a new arrival. I love working with parents-to-be and seeing the excitement build, as we create a snug space where they and their baby can cherish those precious early days together. Although there’s variety of colour schemes that will work for a nursery design, I particularly like starting with a neutral base and adding accent colours through accessories and fabrics throughout the space. Grey is an excellent neutral base to start with because it compliments traditional nursery colours like blue or pink.

9505137a8c09bbeee9d545a9f2f8a329 04efef07ea17ddeb4f1fb66d7b0b3099

For couples that plan to keep the gender a surprise I find it particularly practical to start with a neutral like grey and then add some soft blue or pink accessories once the baby is born.


One major advantage of using this method is that once the baby arrives and the gifts start flooding in, these gifted items can be used to add colour to the space. Things like soft toys, blankets and even sweet artwork can be used to add hints of soft colour to the room. This means a bulk of the work is done prior to the baby’s arrival and there is minimal effort once the fun begins.

Here I’ve created a sample scheme with a mood board and product list for a beautiful, neutral nursery. Happy decorating!



Slide1 Slide2 Slide3


  1. Cot – Mia Cot/ Toddler Bed in Ivory, €524.99 from Eurobaby (It’s by Mama’s & Papas)
  2. Paint – Little and Greene paint in Dark Gauze from €37 from Little Greene (Also check out Crown Paints; their website is so easy to navigate)
  3. Artwork – Pastel Blue Animals on Parade nursery illustration (available in a range of colours, $44.14 from Etsy
  4. Light shade – Smarty Lamps Cosmo Shade, €42.91 from Not On The Highstreet
  5. Blankets – Woven Check Blankets, £20 each from The White Company
  6. Rug – Grey Striped Rug, £70 from The White Company
  7. Armchair – Eva Arm Chair – £910 from Neptune (several stockists nationwide). Cheaper options also available from Tony Kealys 
  8. Fabric – Emmie Rand fabric available in blue and pink, €8.00/metre from Ikea
  9. Pouff – Cream Knitted Pouff, €95 from Harvey Norman
  10. Laundry Basket, €35.99 – €45.99 from Zara Home 
  11. Ladder, €95 from
  12. Set of two bear face knit blankets, €30 from Next
  13. Mobile – Pastel Baby Air Balloon Mobile, available in a range of colours, $45 from Etsy

About Moya

Moya is award winning Interior Designer and Blogger. Moya range of design services bring professional ideas and expertise to a variety of creative projects, catering for any style or budget. Moya has recently launched a design blog, where you can find helpful tips and inspiration for home design or get in touch with any design dilemmas you may have.

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