Interior Design: Autumn Winter 2015

Meet the Professional
There is something about the Winter months that causes us to ‘hibernate’ and start to look at adding little pieces to our homes. We are very lucky to have award winning interior designer and fellow blogger Moya Farrell on hand to direct us in the right direction when it comes to all things interior design. Check out Moya’s blog here.
We are so delighted to have Moya on board guest blogging with us at The Style Fairy, so if you have any interiors requests, questions or areas you would like covered, do get in touch!
Autumn Winter Hot List
Just like fashion, the interiors market is completely exposed to fads and trends each season, and just like the fashion world, it can be a challenge to distinguish between trends that will be faux pas in the blink of an eye and those that are more likely to stand the test of time.
While fads may give your home the quirk du jour, you may fall out of love with things that become too associated as being a particular trend from a particular time and really when it comes to home décor sourcing timeless pieces you’ll never tire of is the aim of the game.
This Autumn/Winter there are a number of key trends emerging in the interiors industry that I think are likely to give any home an elegant style for years to come.
Here are some of our favourites:
Colour experts Pantone never fail to deliver something truly magical each year with the announcement of their ‘Colour of the Year’. The shade of choice for 2015 is the stunning Marsala, a beautifully rich, reddish-purple that is the perfect warm shade to counter-balance neutral, or light colour schemes and bring great warmth to these cooler months of the year. It’s also going to be a key colour for Christmas 2015.
So what makes this shade more than just a one hit wonder? Other than the backing by colour powerhouse Pantone, the beautiful rich tone, its undeniable versatility for pairing with a range of shade from greys, dark blues and neutrals like, browns and creams and the sheer opulence of this hue suggests this is shade is no fashion fad! This image of a marsala sofa demonstrates the impact the colour can bring to a space in a very chic, classic manner.
Knit Pods
Knits and textiles have a wonderful way of adding warmth and cosiness to an interior scheme – definitely something we want to encourage in our homes during these cooler months! And these knit pods are a great injection of texture, warmth and functionality.
Classic Metallics
The roaring twenties and the ‘Great Gatsby’ look has always had huge influence in the interiors world. And more recently the hit of Downton fever and the timeless elegance displayed throughout the Crawley mansion has re-instilled the popularity of metallics like gold, brass and coppers. These metals, especially those with a mirrored finish, are a serious homeware hit and I can totally see why!
Tile Style
Tile style is everywhere I look lately! But tiles have come a long way in recent years and we have become brilliant at experimenting with our tiling. I want to personally thank the genius that first introduced the subway tile (named because of its starting ground, in the subway stations of New York) into residential settings. But even if subway tiles aren’t you’re cup of tea, there are tones of styles, patterns and different ways of using tiles, the options are endless!
Most importantly though, trust your gut feeling on styles, there’s a great saying that I like to tell clients when they struggle to see if something will stand the test of time – ‘be faithful to your own taste because, what you really love, will never go out of style’.

Artisan food led the way for carefully curated produce and now the interiors world is following suit with increased favourability for special, handmade products. There is a huge surge in interest for pieces that are designed, made and sold from the one warehouse or studio – the kind of products that have a story behind them. And the really nice thing about this trend is that it has led to a preference for supporting local, Irish brands, Irish Designers and Craftspeople.
One of my favourite examples, of this ‘artisan homeware’ is Co. Down based handweavers, Mourne textiles. These guys have become enormously popular for their quality yarn products, which are crafted in their family-run warehouse situated at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. Although their products come with a higher price tag, there is undeniable quality, evident care and true craftsmanship in every stitch of their collection
While dodgy seventies prints or tacky floral designs may come to mind when the word wallpaper is mentioned, wallpaper is seeing a massive surge in interest lately. And it definitely doesn’t have to be at all flower power or prints that will make your eyes hurt when it comes to wallpaper designs, the options are really endless when it comes to wall dressing.
One range I am a massive fan of is that of, Paint experts Farrow and Ball, who have recently introduced a range of new wallpapers, created using their quality paints in classic, patterns ranging from the classic and subtle to bold and dynamic.
Basket Love
Natural materials like jute, wicker and seagrass can bring a gorgeous rustic elegance to a home, not to mention their practicality for cosy nights in. Stacked with fire logs or filled with soft, blankets and throws, these are a great living room storage solution that has the added bonus of ranking high in the style stakes.
Shop The Trends
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3 Pendant Light: The Elms, €135 – Shop Here
4 Cushions: Dunnes Stores, €28 – €35 – Shop Here
5 Knitted Pod: Next, €108 – €170 – Shop Here
About Moya
Moya is award winning Interior Designer and Blogger. Moya’s range of design services bring professional ideas and expertise to a variety of creative projects, catering for each client’s personal style and budget requirements. And her blog is the perfect online destination for all the interiors inspiration and advice you need. Guaranteed to keep you up to date with all things lifestyle and interiors, the blog includes fantastic features on homeware, interiors trends and expert design tips. But it doesn’t just stop at homeware, there are lots of lovely recipes and lifestyle features thrown into the mix too. The designology mission is to keep it close to home and focus on homeware that is easily available to the Irish market, or even better crafted in Ireland, by Irish Designers and Craftspeople. You won’t be left disappointed!
Stylishly yours,
Moya x

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