AW19 Makeup Trends To Try

From smoky eyes to red lips, whatever your vibe, here are the top beauty trends for AW19.

P.S. all the products featured are cruelty-free and from Charlotte Tilbury’s Vegan range meaning that no animal by-products were used to make the products.

Red Lips

Velvety red lips are a classic and edgy maekup trend that will never go out of style. The bold beauty staple is generally paired with au naturale make-up to create a powerful look beloved worldwide for its unique combination of boldness, strength and sexiness. There’s a red lipstick that’s a flattering, perfect fit for literally every woman. Here are some of our favourites…

A Flush Of Blush

vivi’s makeup on instagram / no makeup makeup with fake freckles / dewy skin / using @natashadenona diamond & blush palette in ‘darya’
Credit: Vivis Makeup

If you’re a fan of the fresh-faced beauty look, then you’ll love the monotone makeup trend that sees blusher paired with soft pink lips and eyes too. Check out this handy guide on how to apply blusher for your face shape.

Here are some of our favourites. P.S. If you pop onto Charlotte Tilbury’s website, you’ll find lots of recommendations on the best lipstick to pair with your blusher.

Graphic eyes

History Lovers Club on Twitter: "Twiggy, 1960s.… "
Credit: Twitter

Experimental eye make-up was a staple at AW19 fashion week and this is set to be a mixture of retro-meets-futuristic. Think Twiggy liner, floating flicks and eyes framed with black and white lines. I’m excited to see how this trend will filter down from the catwalk to streetstyle. Watch this space!

Smoky Neutrals

According to Harper’s Bazaar, “Tom Ford put smoky eyes back on the fashion week map, with this dimensional smoked out eye make-up.” For me, smokey eyes ooze understated elegance.

Noisy Neons

Expect to flashes of colour, flaming pink flicks and everything else in between this season.

Stylishly yours,

Laura x

*Please note, Laura may receive a commission on sales via the links used in this post.

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Dreamy Dressing Tables For Small Spaces

Dressing tables are truly a girl’s best friend but more often than not, space (or rather lack thereof) often becomes a barrier when trying to bring your ideas to life. When we came across these clever and compact dressing tables on Pinterest, it reminded us that with a little creativity, anything is possible. 🙂

We love the subtle creative touches like the wooden mannequin hand and pendant light. It really adds some personality to the dressing table whilst keeping things minimalistic and oh-so-chic. Creating a space like this in your bedroom is so easy and affordable. 

You can buy a similar wall unit here for €11 and the stool here for €99. 

Credit: IKEA

You can buy this exact wall unit here for €49 and a similar white folding chair here for €20. 

The wall unit is €46 and you can buy it here. We have some love stool options linked below so keep scrolling. 

Keep scrolling for all the little finishing touches that will make a big difference…

Black, White and Gold

Pastel Perfection

Tempting Turquoise and Gold

We hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed writing it. It’s really inspired us to find creative ways to work with small spaces. 🙂

Stylishly yours,

Laura x

*Please note, Laura may receive a commission on sales via the links used in this post.

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Beauty Bites: Charlotte Tilbury’s Iconic Pillow Talk Collection Is Back

Hallelujah! Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic “Pillow Talk” collection, that had a 25,000-strong waiting list and sold out within days, is FINALLY back in stock…and more importantly, this time, it’s back for good. 🙂

As well as the award-winning Pillow Talk Matte Revolution and matching Lip Cheat lip liner, you can now complete their look with the Pillow Talk Cheek to Chic blusher and the Luxury Eye Palette.

Tilbury has dubbed the “suits all” shade “the LBD of makeup looks”, so it makes sense that it’s no longer a one-off. The products within the Pillow Talk can be purchased separately, in pairs or as a complete kit. Decisions…decisions. 🙂 

We don’t know about you but we’re very tempted to invest…

Stylishly yours,

Laura x

*Please note, Laura may receive a commission on sales via the links used in this post.

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Beauty Bites: Pared Back Essentials

Hey ladies,

Here are some of my top beauty essentials for flawless, glowing and hydrated skin. These are some of my ‘go to’ products for when I need a little ‘help’ but don’t want to look made up (or have the time for a full face of make up either). This would also be my key products for holidays when I would not wear much make up at all.

My Top Ten 

Beauty Tips 

  1. I mix MAC strobe cream with the Charlotte Tilburry ‘Healthy Glow’ tinted moisturiser (note: A little goes a long way with this product). The FIRST TWO in the list. Mixed together, they are gorgeous, they give a beautiful glow, a small bit of coverage, I use this every day, so easy and quick to apply. Perfect for a non make up, make up look… If that makes sense?! 
  2. Need the perfect nude lip? Pillow Talk from Charlotte Tilburry is gorge – See them linked above. Another fav of mine is ‘Velvet Teddy’ from MAC
  3. If you haven’t tried Body Blur from Vita Liberata, then you need to!! Instant tan but sooooooo much more, it gives the skin an instant HD, smooth finish, with a tan and a glow. My ultimate Hero product! Thank me later 😉 
  4. Tired eyes? Nude liner is life! I have tried a few brands and Charlotte Tilburry ‘Eye Cheat’ linked below is the best to date. Opens the eye and makes your eyes look larger and brighter (and less tired!!)
  5. Clarins Double Serum is phenomenal for hydrating the skin. I bring this everywhere. My mother and sister are hooked too. You will see results on your skin very quickly, helps to plump & hydrate the skin. Just fab!  Also linked ! 
  6. Bronzing powder? Well this needs no introduction. This one by MAC is my fav and worth investing in
  7. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream… If you haven’t heard of this or used it… Have you been living under a rock?! I keep one in my car and one at my sink, amazing for the lips. INCREDIBLE for any patches of very dry skin. It’s a cult product for a very good reason. Invest, you will thank me! Pop a little on over your Charlotte Tilburry Pillow Talk lipstick and you are good to go 😉 
  8. Benefit Mascara – I’ve tried so many and yet I keep coming back to this old reliable! 

That’s it ladies. What is your ‘HERO’ beauty product? I would love to hear!

’til next time

Naomi xx


Hair Extensions: The Frequently Asked Questions

Hey ladies

Just before Christmas I had my previous set of hair extensions removed and a new set applied. The last set I had in lasted me 5 months, now… I will say found in the last 2 or 3 weeks or so they badly needed to be done and had reached the end of the road, but mostly mine last 5 months. It all depends on 1) how you look after them and 2) how fast your own hair grows. Some people will get longer and some will get shorter time.

I have only ever had Gold Fever Hair Extensions so when I talk about hair extensions in this blog post I am ONLY referring to that brand, I can’t comment on other brands as I just don’t know what they are like. This is the only brand I have tried, I love them and don’t intend to change that now.

I get asked a lot of the same questions when it comes to hair extensions so I thought an updated blog post of FAQ’s was the best way to approach this blog, and the most informative I think.

Choosing to get hair extensions is a big decision and a big investment so you need to do your research. I have always wanted hair extensions and have been wearing them now for almost 3 years now, and I am totally hooked, but don’t get them in a whim, you need to know the brand and know the person applying them and their experience.

I regularly hear horror stories when it comes to hair extensions, I think we all have, my number one advice is;

  1. choose a reputable brand (my personal recommendation from my own experience has to 100% Gold Fever but you need to do your own research)
  2. Choose a reputable salon and go to someone with specific experience in hair extensions.


1. What type of hair extensions do you have?

I have Gold Fever Hair Extensions. I have been getting them for 3 years and are the only brand I would recommend as they are the only brand I have experience with.

2. Where did you have them done?

I had my new set applied by Edel Hunter. Edel is a hair extensions specialist. She has 11 years experience with Hair Extensions and is a Gold Fever educator and trainer so this lady knows her stuff! She did my hair extensions once before and they were excellent. She has since launched her own business and salon and is based in Greystones in Wicklow. She is really hard to get in to and you need to book far in advance but she is the business! So knowledgable about extensions and so fast. I can’t recommend her enough. I was thrilled to support Edel in her new venture and get my new set applied with her this time. I recommend you have at look at her awesome Instagram page and se for yourself.

3. How much are they?

Ok so this is a hard one to answer because there are a lot of factors; 1) the salon you go to 2) how many extensions you want (i.e. is it for volume only or length too) 3) it depends your own hair. I think 99% of places do free consultations, so you you should always get a consultation first. See the Gold Fever website to see a list of accredited salons.

As a guiding point, for some volume only, (so only a few extensions on the sides only) prices would start from €250/ €300, and prices go all the way up to €600 + Everyone is going be different, and depends really on how many you need so use this price as a guide figure only.

I have a full head applied (circa 5 packets), again this is very specific to my own hair.

4. Why do you get them done?

My own hair is just above shoulder length, I get extensions mainly to add body and volume and a small bit of length. I had 14 inch Gold Fever extensions applied. My own hair is desperately lank and straight and impossible to style, where as the extensions hold a curl or a wave so well, my own hair I could never curl!

I tried for years to grow my hair and could never get past shoulder length, it always just looked bitty and broken past that. I have to say though, hair extensions are addictive, once you start and get used to having lots of hair, it’s so hard to go back to your own hair!!!

5. How long do they last?

Again, everyone is going to be slightly different, and some people may get longer out of theirs than others, It depends on how well you look after them plus other factors like your own hair condition, how fast your own hair grows etc. On average a full set would last 5 months for me.

6. What shampoo/ conditioner do you use?

You need to use a sulphate free shampoo. I use one from Kerastase. Sulphates can damage, loosen and weaken the bonds which could result in some extensions falling out. As long as you only condition the ends you don’t need a sulphate free conditioner, I use a Kerastase one also. I also use a hair mask (maybe once a month), just ensure you don’t put it close to the bonds. Lastly, I use an Argan oil to tame and smooth the ends of the hair and it also gives it a lovely shine. (A little goes a long way!!)

7. Do you need a special brush?

I use a soft bristle brush so it does not pull on the bonds. Be gently when brushing through your hair, particularly around the scalp!

8. Are they hard to manage and style?

They can be. It takes time to get used to them! But even the task of washing your hair is a big job with extensions because they take so long to dry! You need to be prepared to dedicate some time to caring for and maintaining them.  If you are someone who has to wash your hair every day, then you need to forget that idea, it is too time consuming and not good for the extensions, dry shampoo and a pony tail will be now part of your hair ritual 😉

How I style mine? I tend to blast them dry first, just occasionally brushing through, if i want them straight i will then sectionals and blow-dry properly or use a straighteners. If I want them curly, I use a wand and pin the curls while warm. if I want a loose, natural wave, which is the style i wear most, then I use the Instyler.

9. Do they matt?

If you don’t look after them and brush through regularly, yes they will matt. In the numerous sets I have had over the past few years, I only ever had matting once and it was on the side of the my head I slept on. If you brush through them a lot and wear in a very loose pint in bed they will not matt.

10. Do they suit every hair colour?

Yes, if you go to the right person, they will match your hair 100%. Mine is crated using a blend of 3 different shades. This is why your consultation is so important.

11. Are the bonds big?

No, they are small. When you get them in the first time, it will feel weird. But you get used to that very quickly, and to be honest, I am so used to the bonds now I don’t even notice. As for my hubby, he can never tell whether I have extensions in or not, I always try and trick me, and have realised, he actually doesn’t see the difference! Men!!

The bond is so small you don’t see it when you tie your hair up in a pony tail or wearing an up style.

12. Are they sore?

You may find your first application a little sore, marginally tender the first night but that should pass. A good hair extensions specialist WILL NOT leave you with a sore head, in fact, this time around when Edel done my extension, I didn’t feel ANY tenderness whatsoever. Edel told me you should never feel sore or uncomfortable, if you do say it to your hairdresser ASAP.

13. Do you recommend the Instyler?

I get asked this question all the time! There is a knack to using the Instyler, once you get that, you are flying! I had it for ages and was using it wrong but once you learn the correct way to do it, you will love it as much as me. I will be doing a video tutorial on how I use it very soon so stay tuned for that.

14. Do they fall out? 

Towards the very end, say after 4 or so months yes, the odd one may fall put while you are blow drying it or brushing it, that is normal. But they won’t just randomly fall out, unless they are really being pulled at.

15. Can you have extensions in during pregnancy? 

Yes, 100% you can wear Gold Fever Hair extensions during pregnancy. I am pregnant for the 2nd time around and wearing extensions again this time.

16. How long does application take? 

Again, this will depend on your stylist, but on average allow at least 3 hours.

If you have any other questions on Gold Fever Hair Extensions that I haven’t covered here, please leave me a comment below and I will come back to you ASAP 😉

‘Til next time

Naomi xxx


**Please note: This is NOT an ad, I was not paid to write this blog post and the opinions expressed are my own personal views and experience. Edel Hunter applied my hair extensions complementary.


Black Friday: Full Discount Code List

We’ve rounded up all the codes of our favourite shops to help make your shopping a little easier and throughout the week and over the weekend.

If you’ve had your eye on some pieces we’ve been sharing on the blog lately then this weekend is definitely time to buy it! Also, check out our Black Friday Wish List for all our top buys 🙂





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Stylishly yours,

Heather & Naomi xxx*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Naomi/Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Outfit Diaries: Black Tie Ball

Hey ladies

** Dress back in stock – see here **

In May we attended the Make a Wish Charity Ball in the Burlington Hotel. It was such a wonderful night and for an incredible cause. The work that this charity do for sick children is just outstanding and brings so much joy to these kids. See more of their work here.

The brilliant Deirdre O’Reilly did my make up, I love that girl, she is so talented and an absolute sweetheart too. It’s always a pleasure to be around Deirdre. I showed her the dress and asked for her for a really natural ‘dewy’ look, I wanted lots of highlight and a glowing look, with simple but defined eyes and a nude/ pink lip (She used MAC Velvet Teddy on my lips)

img_8049 img_8048


I had my hair done by Sinead in Harpers Salon, I ask her for old Hollywood style curls and I loved how it turned out. She did exactly what I was looking for. The headpiece I wore I have a few years now (I bought it for my brothers wedding). It’s from Jules Bridal Jewellery , which is actually the same place I bought the head piece I wore the evening of my wedding 🙂

I was in love with my dress – The moment I saw it i just totally fell for it. It is from the Premium Occasion Wear Collection at River Island. The entire collection is stunning, perfect for any occasion and although it is pricer than the standard River Island collections, the quality is absolutely amazing.



The dress felt amazing on, and the intricate beading detail throughout is simply divine. I LOVED the fact that it had long sleeves. Plus the v neck style is so flattering. It also has an open back (not totally backless). It would make a beautiful wedding dress for someone who was looking for something more simple than a traditional gown, or for a bride that wanted a second dress for her big day!

You can view the dress HERE 



Or if you have a black tie ball coming up then I highly recommend choking out the River Island Occasion Wear section – It’s so fab!




Dress – River Island
Bag: Dune London
Headpiece: Jules Bridal Jewellery
Heels: Dune London


Hope you enjoyed the post

‘Til next time

Naomi xxx


**Please note: Some of the above included links are affiliate links and Naomi may earn a small percentage commission based on sales via these links. This will have no impact on the consumer and wilL not change the price they pay in any way.

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What’s in my Make Up Bag

Hey ladies

A slightly more different post than usual, we get lots of requests for more beauty posts so I’m kicking off with  “What’s in my Make Up Bag” which is mainly just a round up of my personal ‘must haves’

*Make Up Bag pictures above is from Not on The Hughstreet (see here)

1. Charlotte Tilbury “Eye Cheat” – Shop HERE 

This stuff is INCREDIBLE. I wouldn’t be without it now. If you have never tried a nude liner, I highly recommend you do. I tried a few brands before getting this one and it’s a winner by miles and lasts really well. Nude liner really opens the eyes and gives the look of wider, brighter, more awake eyes. I love it.

2. Stila Stay all Day Foundation – Shop HERE 

I bought this foundation about 3 months ago and love it. I tend to only wear this for nights out or for occasions as it gives quite a full coverage, It is really gorgeous though (a little goes a long way!!), and yes it does ‘stay all day’ 🙂 I wear shade 4- Beige.

3. Stila “One Step Correct” Primer & Brightener – Shop HERE

When I was buying the Stila Foundation the girl on the counter suggested a try this too, one application and I was sold. I wear it under all my foundations or sometimes just on it’s own – it is a real all rounder; it acts as a primer, brightener and evens the skin tone.

4. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – Shop HERE 

This is a foundation that really lives up to the hype. I alternate between this and the Stila one I mentioned above. This is a much more lightweight, dewy foundation that gives a lighter coverage. I wear this more on a daily basis and it gives really natural, light and “glowy”  coverage. Occasionally I tend to mix a bit of this with my Stila foundation, if, for example, I want fuller coverage but not as much as the Stila on its own.. if that makes sense?!  I wear shade 6.0

5. Brow Zings from Benefit – Shop HERE

My ‘go to’ product for my brows, easy to use, lasts so well plus ills in gaps so really well. I use shade Medium. I use a Benfit eyebrow brush for application.


6. Iconic London Highlighter Drops – Shop HERE 

Let me start by saying, I am highlighter OBSESSED, I love a really nice glow look and love lots of highlighter on my cheekbones, brow bones, and tip of my nose. I am always trying out new highlighters, and this Iconic London one is the newest to my makeup bag family 🙂 A wee bit on the pricey side, BUT a little goes a long way so the bottle will last you ages. It gives a stunning glow – really pigmented, goes on so easy and lasts so well. i’m hooked! I often add a couple of drops to my foundation for an overall glow look – it works very well mixed with the Armani Luminous Silk (remember though a little goes a looong way). Other, less expensive highlighters that I love and often use are Topshop ‘GLOW’ highlighter in shade ‘Gleam’ (see here) and the ‘SEVENTEEN’ Instant Glow Shimmer Brick (available from Boots)

7. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder – Shop HERE

A setting powder is so important for lasting coverage and for touch ups, especially around more oily parts. This Laura Mercier is fantastic. This was first recommend to me by a make up artist. It really sets your foundation and ensures long lasting flawless look. Another setting powder (and A MUCH cheaper one) I have tried lately is ‘Banana Powder’ from Penneys, it has become an overnight cult product for them and retails at only €4, so if you don’t fancy investing in a more expensive setting powder right now, then I highly recombined trying the Banana Powder!

8. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (Bronzer) – Shop HERE

My ‘go to’ bronzer, I wear in shade ‘Give me Sun’. Comes in a fab compact and lasts ages.

9. Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara – Shop HERE

I’m a mascara fanatic!!! I’ve tried countless mascaras over the years and have several favourites. My current favourite is this Volume Reveal from Bourjois, I love it. Creates goursgous full lashes with no clumping and no messiness or smudging under the eye. The wand is simple and easy to apply. Other favourites are ‘They’re Real’ from Benefit (Shop HERE) and YSL’S Faux Cils Mascara. I love all these 3, but definitely using the Bourjois the most lately.

10. NARS Blush – Shop HERE 

Nothing like a bit of blush to make you look healthy and fresh looking. I love a nice pinky/ coral blush and my favourite is NARS blush in shade ‘Orgasm’ – I think its the perfect shade. It last wells and I love the compact – handy little mirror. If you are looking for a good dupe try the Bourjois Blush in  shade 33 – Lilas d’Or , it’s really fab too and v similar to the NARS one, a lot cheaper though and as a results probably doesn’t last as well but still very nice (see it here)


So there you have it ladies, I limited it to my top ten favourites right now 🙂 Let me know if there are any other beauty posts you would like me to do?? Perhaps one on a tan? Anyway, as always, I am open to all your suggestions.

*Make up bag from Not on The Hightstreet*

Hope you enjoyed the post

Naomi xx



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The Style Fairy’s Beauty Gift Guide


Looking for some beauty gift ideas? Look no further, I’ve rounded up some of my beauty buys – Perfect for Christmas Gufts. Now if you can just subtly leave it open in front of your better half…. Hahaha.. Nothing catches your eye here? Don’t worry, we will be bringing you lots of gift ideas all the way to Christmas eve! Happy Shopping xx



  1. ‘Sculpted’ by Aimee Connolly All in One Shader & Highlighter, €24.95 Shop HERE 


2. Sanctuary ‘Brimming Full of Happiness’ Gift Set, €18.95 Shop HERE (Also available in in this option here)


3. Charlotte Tilbury “Filmstar Killer Cheek Bones Gift Set”, €65 Shop HERE 


4. Spectrum 12 piece brush set, €80 Shop HERE 


5. Blank Canvas 26 Shadow Blush Palette, €16.95, Shop HERE


6. Vita Liberata “Fabulous” Glow Luxury Tan Gift Set, €37.50 Shop HERE 


7. Charlotte Tilbury “Legendary Party Eyes” Eyeliner & Mascara Set, €25 Shop HERE


8. Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Foundation Kit’, €105 Shop HERE 


9. Blank Canvas Master Series Palette, €34.95 Shop HERE 





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Beauty: Makeup Product List

Last weekend the super talented make up artist Deirdre O’Reilly did my make up or our friends wedding and I was thrilled with the result.


Deirdre has now kindly done a full product list on everything she used on me. I asked Deirdre to go for a strong eye, but not too dark and simple lips, I also wanted lots of contouring and highlight and I think she nailed it.


Hope you enjoy

Naomi xx



Deirdre here, I had the pleasure of doing Naomi’s make up for her friends wedding last weekend. With a last minute outfit change, Naomi and I decided to opt for a warm, sultry eye (we used rose gold blend on her eyes) with played down lips and cheeks. I used Armani Luminous Silk on Naomi as she is such a fan of this foundation and is the same one I have used on her before. Here is a full list of the product’s I used to create Naomi’s look:

  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (5.5)
  • MAC Mineralise Concealer (NW20)
  • MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
  • MAC Mineralize Skin finish Bronzing Powder in Medium Deep
  • NARS Orgasm Blush
  • MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush
  • MAC Paint Pot in Quite Natural
  • MAC Eyeliner Pencil in Coffee
  • MAC Eyeshadows in Vanilla, A Natural Flirt, Kid & Folie
  • MAC Powder Blush in Film Noir (as an eyeshadow)
  • COLOUR POP Super Shock Shadow in Sequin
  • NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Nude Suede Shoes
  • MAC Lip Liner Pencil in Spice
  • MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Peach Blossom


Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Deirdre x

You can find Deirdre on Facebook here and on Instagram here or you can get in touch with Deirdre directly by emailing her on:




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