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Pregnancy Diaries: Packing Your Hospital Bag

Ok straight down to business, this is one we all need, even if you’ve packed your bag already, even if you’ve done it all before, it is nice to have a checklist to work off. With Anabelle Ivy would you believe I wrote and published a blog post on packing your bag THE DAY BEFORE she was born but in reality I had never actually finished my own bag!!! I was 36 weeks, let that be a lesson. I am more prepared this time, as I have mentioned a gazillion times before, due to health issues baby could come any time from now (I am 35 weeks now) but the hope and dream goal for me is to get to 37.5 weeks if possible.

I will be having a c-section birth because of health complications and as a result it is likely I will be in hospital 4/5 nights so keep that in mind with my hospital bag, you may think I have a lot of stuff (which I do) but from the last time, and being kept in so long, I did need a fair bit. Actually I still could do with more baby gros –  can never have enough baby gros!! Some of you may only be in 2/3 nights, all depends. I like to be prepared though.

I have two separate bags – This is important I think, it’s easier to segregate your bits and baby’s bits. They don’t have to be big bags, but spread across two makes life easier. For my bag, I am using a large weekend/ holdall type bag, it is a cloth bag (I can fit more in that way) I bought mine in Mothercare when I was pregnant with Anabelle Ivy and it’s ideal.

You will pick up a good size weekend bag in Dunnes, Penneys, Heatons, ASOS or lots of the high street shops like River Island have gorgeous luggage collections now. Cath Kidson also have some cute options like this one above.

What I’ve Packed in My Bag

  • Nightdresses/ Pyjamas – I have quite a few in, most likely will only wear night dress and not jammies (i.e. pj bottoms) with c-section it is hard, to bend so I think over the head nightie, from memory, was best, I nice to to feel fresh and have nice new jammies plus I won’t be dressing so it’s my nod to trying to feel like ‘me’. I have two sets from Me Mamma Be (nightdress with matching robe – see those here) . Then I have a lovely night dress from Elora Maternity – which I can wear with one of the robes from the above sets. See the selection Elora Maternity have hereOther good places for maternity nightwear is ASOS, New Look, Penneys and Topshop. 
  • Dressing gown/ robe (see above point, have two packed to match nighties I got from Me Mamma Be) 
  • Slippers. I picked up those fluffy slipper socks from Penneys. Any slippers will do – Penneys/ Dunnes have great options 
  • Warm/ fluffy socks (Got in Dunnes – but prob won’t use as I have those slipper socks now) 
  •  Underwear/ briefs x 5 (think giant granny pants – I mean huge…trust me. I got some from H&M and New Look, post-section you need ones that go really high up over the wound. Look out for really soft cotton, proper full size briefs) 
  • Nursing bras (I got from H&M – New Look, ASOS also do them) 
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Mini bottles of shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash
  • Body Moisturiser 
  •  Face wipes & mini cleanser, toner & moisturiser ( I have a spritz toner packed which is really refreshing) 
  • Deodorant (opt for non fragranced roll on preferably) 
  • Maternity pads – Don’t question them, yes they are huge, just TRUST ME you need them and loads of them. I bought the Boots brand ones.
  • Hand cream
  • Lip Balm
  • Breast pads and nipple shields (breast feeding mothers) 
  • Some make up (tinted moisturiser, bronzer, blusher and mascara and clear lip gloss- if I feel up to it) 
  •  Dry shampoo (I use Batiste Brunette)
  • Hairbrush, hair clasp to tie it up totally & hair bobbles
  • Bath/ shower towel (dark colours) 
  • Flip flops (I wished I had these last time. Bought a pair this time in Penneys) 
  •  Snacks – for labour. (For me, for my type one diabetes)
  • Lucozade and sugary sweets – this is for my type one diabetes treatment mainly, in case of hypoglycaemia BUT no harm having a sugar kick on stand by even for non diabetics!!) 
  • Phone charger
  • Ear phones
  • My medical chart – I am with Holles street and they have recently moved to an online patient record system but as this is my second baby and I have a history/ chart with them (And a long term medical condition) I have been asked to bring along to the birth (asK your midwife if you are a patient in Holles street) 
  • Birth plan if you have one 
  • Any medication – For example I have to bring all my own diabetes supplies etc 
  • Separately in a very small bag, which will be left in hubby’s car I have an outfit to wear home – ( I packed a huge hoody, leggings, a maternity t-shirt ad converse. COMFORT IS KEY) 
  • Present for Anabelle from new baby (can live in the car until you know the day your elder child (children) are coming in to see you) 
  • Car seat and car seat base fitted in the car you ill be going home in 

What I’ve Packed for Baby 

Baby’s bag can be much smaller. Their wee bits take up such little space. I found it hard to know this time what size to buy in terms of baby gros – Our baby may be early so he/she may be very small, I ended up getting a mix of ‘up to one month size’ and some ‘0-3 months’ size. Truth is, your hubby/ partner/ mother/ friend can easily nip to the shops and buy you more once baba has arrived so don’t worry too much. You may know the gender and want to buy specific to the gender or you may just want neutral ones.

  • Babygros x 5 (I bought some from Marks & Spencer and some from Jojo Maman Bebe and a pack from Penneys)
  • Vests x 5 (short sleeved) I got from Next and Penneys
  • Cardigan/ Jacket (I got from Next)
  • Mittens (I got a 3 pack in Marks and Spencer, but actually most babygros have little fold down mittens on them now)
  • Hats x 2
  • Socks (I just packed two pairs, not necessarily needed if babygros have feet in)
  • Cellular blankets x 2 (Can never have enough of these, small size are good for newborn)
  • Fluffy/ soft blanket x 1
  • Swaddling sheets
  • Organic cotton balls (and water wipes, but usually they advise you to use water and a cotton ball in those early few days)
  • First size nappies (I got pampers)
  • Baby towel
  • Muslin clothes x 2 (again, can never have enough of these)
  • Bibs
  • Teddy (I have bought a tiny one for baba)
  • ‘Going home’ outfit. Some people are big into this. Me, not so much, babygro and a cardigan is perfect. But if you want to get a ‘special outfit’ for leaving day then thats a nice idea too.
  • It is a great idea to pack baby’S 1st outfit into little freezer bag or a zip lock bag – and mark it “Day 1′ (or delivery outfit) – I was rushed in with Anabelle and was in recovery for hours and hours alone afterwards without Anabelle, so poor Cormac was left to fend for himself with her and off course, he just put on the first babygro he could find on her, I have one earmarked for new baba so I have put that aside in a bag and marked for Cormac’s attention 🙂

I think that’s it, I know I have most likely left something of this list so I will keep updating it as I think of things. Feel free to leave comments below on what you have packed and found invaluable –  let’s help each other out 🙂

I hope you have found this useful. If you are due soon, like me, all my love and best wishes. YOU WILL BE GREAT.



Naomi xxx


Pregnancy Diaries: 29 weeks

Hey ladies

Oh my god WHERE is time going?? Seriously, I don’t know how I am already more than 7 months pregnant! This pregnancy has been so so different to Aanbelle, last time I would say by now I had everything and was pretty much totally organised, where as this time life is just SO busy. This blog post is more a ‘dear diary’ type thing of just everything that’s going on right now. If you follow me on Instagram Stories or Snapchat you may know already things are just a wee bit chaotic!


How far along am I….

I am 29 week this week. Anabelle Ivy was born at 36 weeks and I have made no secret of the fact that baba no 2 is expected to arrive in or around the same timing again, the longer he/she can stay inside the better, so I pray for longer but I need to be ready and prepared early. Including having my hospital bag ready, i have started buying the bits, I just haven’t physically packed it yet, but I will… soon… I swear! The midwife even told me to do it this morning when I was in Holles Street for a check up!

How do I feel…..

I feel pretty good, insanely tired, now like very tired, I hit a wall most days during the day and REALLY struggle to keep my eyes open but then at night I just can’t sleep. I can’t get comfy but also thoughts of the house just run through my mind at night and lists of what needs to be done occupy my brain! I use the ‘Dreamgenii’ pillow to sleep and it’s brilliant – highly recommend. See it here

Health/ Type one Diabetes 

I am getting lots of movements and very strong kicks so that is great and always a great comfort. My blood pressure has been stable so far (another problem I have in pregnancy) but unfortunately my diabetes is getting more and more challenging the further into pregnancy I go. I am now getting ‘insulin resistant’ which means my medicine (insulin) which I need to process food and break down sugar is not being absorbed sufficiently resulting in high blood sugars, which is not goof for me and not good for baby. I am now on a huge doses on insulin to try counteract the problem but it’s a daily battle. 29 weeks onwards this is a common issue, and happened me in my last pregnancy too.

What have I got for baba….  

So in my last post I shared all the things I have from Anabelle that I will getting or reusing. You can read that full blog post HERE.  I have most of these bits now ordered like the new car seat base (I have found AB’s old car seat and the newborn inset, both are perfect), I have ordered a new Ewan the Sheep, I have the Sleepyhead out and washed, I have the Moses Basket (well it’s in the attic), I have ordered a new mattress for moses basket, I ordered new mattress for Chicco Next To Me, I ordered a cot bed mattress for nursery (even though baba won’t be in there for a while, you know I am OCD and like to be organised), I also bought a new carrier (I’ll show you when I use it). These are all things I have ordered and bought.

Stokke are also then very kindly gifting me with some incredible new pieces for the baby, and I feel so lucky to be getting these pieces so off course I’ll share when I get and use them; first thing is a Stokke Tripp Trapp with the newborn set. You know I have a Tripp Trapp for Anabelle and I LOVE IT. I love how it adapts to the childs age and grows with them, I never had the newborn set for Anabelle so I am really excited to have it for new baba.  Two Tripp Trapps around our new dining table… How cute! 

Newborn part for the Tripp Trapp (available in lots of colours)

The Tripp Trapp seat itself comes in lots of colours and then you can choose from a variety of fabric sets for the newborn part or then there is a toddler part you can choose your fabric. I am getting the white seat. I was torn between white and grey – both fab! I have the wheat yellow for Annabelle. View all the Stokke Tripp Trapp options HERE.

Buggy Decsions

I have also FINALLY decided on what buggy I want – If you follow me on Insta Stories you will know my indecisiveness and I panicked a couple of weeks ago that maybe I needed a double buggy. I have gone full circle again and come back to no, I do not want or feel we need a double buggy, I am getting a buggy with a buggy board for Anabelle. The response when I asked peoples opinions and advise on buggies, double buggies and buggy boards was MASSIVE. I got 100’s and 100’s of messages, and it continued for days, wow, I truly never expected that response, so thank you for your help.

So, what were the findings? Well, every single women almost told me a different thing, some were totally adamant that a double buggy is a total necessity, other women were extremely certain that NO WAY should I get a double buggy, theirs was a waste. What does this tell me, or what did I learn? We are all SO DIFFERENT.  We all have individual preferences, it largely comes down to your child (the older one), their age, your lifestyle (how much walking do you do), if the toddler sleeps in buggy now, if you will be alone a lot with both children, loads of factors come into it.

My advice is think about your own personal situation, don’t be influenced by what Mary down the road did, that worked for her, great, but your life and child might be totally different so do what suits you. Many people suggest using a carrier for baba and using your regular stroller for toddler, if you are out and about. The options are endless.

For me, Anabelle will be almost 3 when you baby arrives, (if your toddler is a lot younger you might want a double), Anabelle does not go in her stroller now much at all  and she certainly never ever ever sleeps in the buggy. I plan to use carrier if I want or feel Anabelle needs to be in her stroller (hers is a Babyzen YOYO stroller).

What did I go for? 

I have decided to go for my original preference; the Stokke Trailz and it is now on order. Stokke (available in Bella Baby) are very kindly gifting me with this buggy. It was my 100% personal choice to go for this brand and model. I LOVE IT. I mean really love it, and that’s important too, yes functionality and suitable to your lifestyle is number 1, but it does help if you love the look of it too 😉

Stokke buggies are very high, meaning baby is closer to you (which I LOVE) and so in ways it is suited to taller people. The Stokke Trailz is bigger than some styles and other brands and more suited, in my opinion, to country life (where we are moving to!!! We are leaving Dublin). We will be getting a Lascal Universal Buggy Board to go on the buggy for short trips to local playground etc. My Maxi Cosy car seat will also attach to this, with adapters.



If you are in the process of making a decision on your buggy or travel system, I know, it’s a total minefield, truth is, all the systems and brands are great, equally, some have certain pros, and some have cons, it’s just picking the one that most appeals to you and your lifestyle. I have the heads wrecked of the staff in Bella Baby in Dundrum, but ask as many questions as you can, that’s what they are they for, get them to fold it up for you, take on and off bassinet etc etc and take your time with your decision. Just keep in mind there is usually ahead in time of a few weeks for them to arrive.

Clothes for baby…

I don’t believe personally in getting too much before baby arrives, that’s just me. I have gotten a selection of babygros in the newborn size and a packet in the 0-3 month size. I also bought plain vests, some hats, some mittens, some socks, and a wee plain cardigan (handy to go over everything). I have lots of blankets and cellular blankets already. As the weeks move on I will wash all these wee bits and have them ready. And pack in the hospital bag, a great tip someone told me the last time was to put the wee outfit you want baby to first wear in a separate little bag within your bag so your partner knows, just in case. I know with Anabelle I was in recovery for quite a long time and sadly didn’t get to hold her for hours and hours so Cormac had to just grab first thing he saw in the hospital bag for her.

Clothes for me…

I’ve have tried to share all my outfits throughout, both on Facebook and Instagram as I go..

Brands I am wearing and loving include;

Isabella Oliver
Elora Maternity

And non maternity stuff like; River island, Zara, etc I just size up one or often two sizes.


We are moving house as I said and hope yo get into the house ASAP, mainly the rush is; I want to get Annabelle settled into her new home and new room BEFORE baby comes along, there is so much change going on for her that I want to get her a wee bit settled in our new home before her world is rocked upside down by a little brother or sister! So with that in mind, panic is ON. It’s been, brilliant, overwhelming, stressful, exciting all in one!

One of the hardest things is the fact that there are SO MANY DECISIONS to make all the time, and there are always unforeseen problems and delays. Some days I thought I would go into early labour with the stress, I am by nature a stressed person and have terribly anxiety so I’ve found it hard. I think as well because I am in “nesting” mode for new baby and no house ready I am finding that hard. Work and brand collaborations have been put on hold, and I have been forced to turn down some work as I just haven’t felt able or had the time and now I am nearing 30 weeks I won’t be taking on any more brand work or collabs for a while. That’s hard when you work for yourself, your instinct is to say yes yes yes to everything as you never know what work if any is around the corner, particularly in the world I am in of blogging!! But I have had to just prioritise me, family, my health and the house, for now! I do intend taking time off when baby arrives too.

Phew, ok I think that is my update for now, I told ye it would be a long ‘dear diary’ session. Make sure to follow our journey on Instagram and Insta Stories…

‘Til next time

Naomi xxxx






**Gifting **  This is not a paid for blog post. But as I have mentioned above Stokke are gifting me with a selection of products (listed above), these are from their stockist Bella Baby. I am always very clear on gifted items, if content is paid for, or sponsored then you will see it clearly stated and you will see #ad clearly noted. I always disclose when I am in a paid for, contracted partnership with a brand, this is not such an occasion.

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Pregnancy Diaries: Products I will be reusing this time around

Hey ladies

So now that I am almost 25 weeks I am starting to think more about, what do I need? With Anabelle I only made it to 36 weeks and have been advised it may be a similar situation this time, so with that in mind this mamma needs to get her ass in gear!!!

This time around, thankfully, I have the experience of Anabelle behind me and I am not in as much of a panic as I was with my first pregnancy. I’ll never forget the buggy/ travel system panic the first time around – I was in a tizzy!!! The baby market is overwhelming and we are constantly bombarded with products for babies and newborns so it can be hard to decipher what we need and what is not a necessity. I can only talk from my personal experience, I am not a pro by ANY means, I don’t know all the endless options out there, but I’ll share some of the products I used that we loved and that I know I will use again.

I also plan to do a post just around what basics we need to buy, just a sort of ‘To Do’ list of what we can get organised now. But for now here are a few products I already have that I’ll be dusting off and reusing 😉

  1. The Sleepyhead

I only found out about the Sleepyhead when Anabelle was around 12 weeks old and at that stage we had gone though weeks of no sleep and severe reflux, I only wish we had of had this from day 1.

At that time (2015) there was no Irish stockists so I bought from Amazon and it worked out very dear with postage etc. Now Bella Baby in Ireland stock them which is great – See them HERE. They are a big expense, some may not see the value in them but I have to say for us, it was invaluable, from the moment we got ours Aanbelle slept better. They are very cosy for baby and are designed to give the sensation of being held. The Sleepyhead fitted into the Chico Next to me (which she slept in at night), and can also be used in the normal cot or cot bed. During the day they can be used downstairs etc. They do grow out of them fast – be warned, they say it should last unto 8 months but if memory serves me correctly Anabelle only got to maybe 5/6 months max. I then bought the next size up ‘The Sleepyhead Grand’ – again, very expensive but 100% worth out for us.

2. Chico Next To Me

Another item I’ll be taking down from the attic – I LOVED the Chicco Next To Me.  See it HERE.

We used the Chicco at night time, there is an option to attach this to your bed and zip down one side – I personally really liked this feature; it meant I could reach out and touch Anabelle, which gave me great comfort. . If you are breastfeeding it makes life a lot easier too. If you don’t want to have the sides zipped down (as baby gets bigger or is not directly next to your bed etc) then that options is available to. You basically get to co -sleep without the worry of baba actually being in your bed.

We also used the Chicco as our travel cot, it was perfect for weekends away, trips to my mums etc.

What was also a GOD SEND for us with the Chicco was that it can be put on a tilt. As I said above Anabelle had very severe silent reflux so at all times she was more comfortable lying at an angle. This is such a genius feature of the Chicco. The only thing I need to do to get this Chicco ready for baba number 2 is get a new mattress; I ordered one over the weekend from this uK website (see here). As I mentioned, the sleepyhead fits into the Chico perfectly. I have this exact colour Chicco (think it’s called Dove Grey)

3. Ewan The Dream Sheep 

Ah Ewan, you little legend you! I will 100% be buying another one of these little guys. Anabelle still has hers and no way will she part with him so this baba will be getting one of their won. What does Ewan do? “Ewan emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink glow, which when combined, help settle your baby or toddler into a peaceful sleep.” 

Ewan has different sounds (press each foot for a new sound) womb, harp, hoover, rain (basically like white  noise), all with the sound of a heartbeat in the background, it’s very comforting for them. Buy Ewan HERE.

4. Car Seat – Maxi Cosy Pebble Plus & Base 

This was the newborn car seat we had for Anabelle (see here) I can’t remember 100% but I think she didn’t last very long in it, perhaps 6 months or so –  it’s funny how you forget these things so quickly. (Anabelle is now in a Maxi Cosy Two Way Pearl)

Anyway, this car seat is in the attic, we have the new born inset and it is in perfect condition so most likely we will use this again. We will need to buy a new base, with Anabelle we bought the Maxi Cosi Two Way fix Base (see here) so we will buy the same again, it means the base doesn’t need to be changed even when we change to the next car seat.

5.  Moses basket

I bought a gorgeous moses basket for Anabelle, I will be buying a new mattress and using again. I know many people don’t bother with a moses basket but in the first few weeks when they are teeny tiny I think it’s nice to have one. And as so many people have pointed out though now that I have a toddler a moses basket can be dangerous as Anabelle could so easily pull it down if she was trying to look at baby, it’s 50/50 but most likely will have moses basket maybe in my mums house or will use in bedroom for first couple of weeks. Either way I’ll get a mattress for it, it’s so cute, be shame not to use it again.

6. Stokke Tripp Trapp

Anabelle is still in her Tripp Trapp highchair so this is something I will be buying a second one of. Except this time we plan to get the newborn/ baby set as part of it. I absolutely ADORE the Tripp Tapp highchair, they are so neat and compact and I love the minimal design. I love that with the baby part the baby can now sit as part of the family with us at the table.

The Tripp Tripp is suitable from birth right up to adult. Anabelle has the ‘wheat yellow’ colour with the butterfly cushion, this time I don’t plan on getting a matching one, i am thinking maybe the white or the grey.

You can buy the chair on it’s on, the new born package, the baby package – all can be done separately. See the options here.

I see there is now an potion to have your Tripp Tripp personalised, I LOVE this idea. Will deffo this done in he future.

7. Sleepytot Comforter

This is not something we will need til baby is a lot bigger but this has to be my number 1 purchase with Anabelle! She is obsessed. She only gets bunny at night time and nap time (or if she has to go to the GP). He is her ultimate comfort and she adores him, so much so, some nights she tells us its time for bed because she wants bunny!!!!!! You can buy bunny here (and you can thank me later….. LOL)

The idea with this genius bunny is that each paw is velcro so you can attach a dummy to one, or two or all paws – no more dummies dropping on the ground and getting high pitched screams for the the doddy at 3am!! My advice? Buy lots of them!!

8. Feeding

I haven’t even broached the subject of feeding yet, I may do a separate blog on that. But we have lots I can re use again. Bottles, steriliser etc. Had this Dr Brown’s steriliser last time and will use again.

9. Monitors

With Anabelle we bought the Angel Care video monitors and still use them. Video monitors, although expensive are in my opinion brilliant. The sensor mat which came with the set we used in the early days but to be really honest I won’t be using that again. Although monitors will not be required until much later on (whenever baby is finally napping or sleeping on their own/ in their own room) if you are like me, you like to be organised and have these things bought in advance. I will most likely buy a second set of video monitors, I have;t decided which brand yet. It is such a shame I didn’t future proof when buying my monitors because it would be really handy if all I needed now was a second camera and we could use the same receiver to flick between both Anabelle and baby (apparently there are some brands which you can do this, so I would recommend looking into this (Summer Infant is the brand). When I asked on snapachat, most mammies with a toddler and a  baby wither had two sets of video monitors or used a cheap audio only set with toddler and used video set with new baby. My issue is though I like the video on Annabelle, she is a monkey and always climbing and acting the messer so the video is important for me.

10. Swing & Playmat

There are tonnes of this type of swing on the market, I don’t believe one is any better than the other, this just happens to be the one we bought, AB loved it and my nephew got good use out of it too so we will deffo use this again. This will be when baba ia a little bigger off course. 

I have always eyed up those fab fancy rocker/ bouncers from MamaRoo, have you seen them in action? They look amazing!!! Not sure I can justify the price tag though… Anyone have one and recommend?

As for a playmate, again, ANY brand for type is fine, we had one with Anabelle which we will re use again.

All these things like rockers, seats, bouncers etc are obviously not necessities and things you can pick up in time.

Baby Wraps

I would love to try wear this baby in a wrap from very early days and would love your feedback on what one you would recommend? I never had a wrap with Anabelle, but would love to try this time. Looks like quite a technique in learning how to do it properly but like to try. Any tips welcome!

What else?

Oh why do I feel I have forgotten so much??? It’s only been a few years since i did all this and feel I’ve forgotten so much! I am sure I will be amending and updating this post as I go; it’s as much a mental check list for myself as it is hopefully a tool for others. As I said the other post I plan to do is “buying the basics’ type post soon, sp was you should or could be buying now to prepare for baba; so you knows the likes of; socks, mittens, vests, babygros, muslin clothes, swaddles, blankets, nappies etc etc

Other Blog Posts 

I’ll be covering these posts soon:

  • I haven’t properly discussed feeding but all come back to it
  • Travel system and buggies, again will do that one in time also, trying to figure that out at the moment!
  • Packing your hospital bag – yep, will do that one too. I remember the last time, I wrote a blog on packing your bag, never actually finished MY OWN, and had Anabelle the next day!!!!!!! This time…. I.WILL.BE.PREPARED. 🙂

Anything else? Leave me a comment below, I welcome any tips or advice or indeed any pregnancy blog topics you want me to cover?

‘Til next time

Naomi & bump xxx



Maternity Fashion: Jeans

Hey ladies

Maternity jeans….. Where do I begin? It’s a minefield. And one that sparks massive debate among pregnant women!

Its funny, in my first pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to get into a pair of maternity jeans, this time, I stayed in my regular jeans as long as I physically could!!!

What maternity jeans do I wear & recommend is the number 1 asked question since the moment I shared the news of my pregnancy. And it’s a hot debate too, you ain’t felt scorn til you get the rath of an angry pregnant woman who DOES NOT LIKE over the bump jeans…. Lol!

Let me start this jeans debate with something I’ve learnt over the years from styling, personal shopping and just personal experience. Our body shapes vary massively, and same goes in pregnancy, our bumps vary, so our preference in jeans will vary so so much. What one woman loves and finds doesn’t slip and super comfy, another woman may totally disagree and find them uncomfortable and baggy. It just comes down to body shape. I am gonna go through all the various brands I have tried, share my recommendations, and general thoughts on them. This is just my personal preferences and what I find suits me and i will continue to update it as my pregnancy progresses.

What’s available?

The good new is, maternity fashion is is evolving and improving all the time and more and more we are seeing high street brands releasing bigger and better maternity collections; when I asked readers to tell me your favourite brands, the list was massive, so here are just some brands to keep an eye out for….

New Look
Penneys (Primark)
Dorothy Perkins
Isabelle Oliver

Over the bump Vs Under The Bump 

Which is better? The true answer – NEITHER. It depends on you, all of us have our preference. Last pregnancy, I loved over the bump, even from early days, this pregnancy, I am loving under the bump too. Some woman will say ‘over the bump are disgusting and sweaty’ while others tell ‘they won’t go near under bump styles’, My advice? Try styles on, pick your side and make up your mind for yourself. I have a mix of both styles and like both, often depends what I am wearing on top. I find under the bump good in early pregnancy where as weeks go on I know over the bump will be my preference.

The dreaded ‘Slip Down’

In preparing for this blog, I have tried so many styles of jeans and talked to so many women about maternity jeans and we all have the same complaint – why do they slip? Vast majority do, some more than others. Some styles will slid on some women and some won’t, comes down to our body shapes again, but it really is annoying, the slip becomes less annoying as bump gets bigger and you fill out the jeans more, or so I think I remember the last time around…

Brands I’ve tried


Hearing Penneys have a maternity collection is music to the ears of the vast majority of pregnant women, when you’re pregnant, yes, you want to look good, your self esteem may be low, you may feel fat or swollen, you may feel ugly and can be desperately hormonal, you want and need new clothes but yet you don’t want to spend a fortune – Step in Penneys! Penneys have over the bump styles and under the bump.

Their under the bump jeans for me are not working; gutted because I love the stretchy fabric, they are the perfect perfect length, the top of them looks great but they just sit waaaay too low on me and literally give me a builders bum! Now in saying that, I am a classic pear shape and have a verrrrry long torso (and short legs) but because of my long body, low rise jeans are terrible on me and for whatever reason the Penneys under the bump don’t really suit me. Even though they have some major positives! I am going to try wearing them again, hoping they stretch and get more comfy?! But they are not getting a thumbs up from me…

I really like the Penneys over the bump jeans, I am wearing them lots. I think as bump gets bigger I will wear them even more. The downside of them?? I find the over the bump fabric a little baggy and they are a tad loose on the waist band, it’s like there is too much fabric, and also the actual  material that goes over the bump is quite thick (think they might be roasting in summer) BUT having said that I find them very comfy. And I find myself reaching for them lots. Maternity jeans by their nature slip down, all brands, slip a little. So I find, wearing a tight vest and pull it down over the bump helps keep the jeans in place, especially the over the bump ones. The biggest pro for Penenys jeans? The price tag!

Sizing: True to size


I have the black mama-to-be jeans from POCO (see here) They don’t come cheap and I totally understand that many will feel they can’t justify the spend on maternity jeans. Having said that, I can see myself wearing them for quite a while after the baby is born too, they are under the bump style with a really nice stretchy waistband. The instant you try them on, you know you are dealing with a really high quality fabric. They have straight away become my ‘good jeans‘, I only wish they were available in blue (The ‘Off Duty’ style is available in blue but I am not as keen on that style) Although they are under the bump, they are not really low waisted, so that style suits me, they do tend to slip a bit, but not as bad as some other styles do.  The only other drawback is, I got the regular leg length (and I am 5 foot 7) and they are too long, they gather at the ends, so I have to turn them up, I would have been far better with the short leg, again personal preference but I do prefer my jeans the wee bit shorter.

Sizing: True to size (except in length)


Here is were opinions divide…..drastically. H&M seems to be the number 1 rated among majority of you ladies, I got these (see here); the MAMA Skinny jeans and to be honest, I hate them! Lol… They are the most uncomfortable off all the maternity jeans I’ve worn, they just don’t suit my body shape, they are small fitting, and very hard to get over my hips, I do have big hips but in saying that if they are uncomfortable to get on now, how will I manage when I am bigger? They are also too long, so I need to roll them up, I like the style/ colour but I actually had to go and change the last time I wore them and I found them that uncomfortable. I think a large part of it is the fabric, no stretch or give at all.

Sizing: Go up a size (also very long)

New Look 

The New Look over the bump jeggings were my no1 fav last pregnancy and they are right up there again this time. great price, nice fit, right length, comfy. See them HERE. In fact, overall I rate New Look very highly for all maternity wear, online always has the best selection. The only drawback is I find them a little baggy in the over the bump section, I think i could have gone a size down perhaps. Otherwise, really like them

Sizing: Go down a size if between sizes, slightly on the big side. 


When it comes to choice; you simply cannot beat ASOS. Go to their maternity section, filter to jeans and you get 80 different options; petite styles, high waisted, over the bump, under the bump, jeggings- you name it! My personal favourites are these (see HERE). Reasonable price, good quality, great fabric and very comfy! If I was to invest in more jeans, it will be ASOS brand I go for!

Size: Bang on right size.


Not technically jeans but I feel they warrant a mention in there.. The leather look trousers from iClothing are super super comfy and have a lovely stretch to them. Also, to be able to comfortably wear leather look trousers in pregnancy? I’m delighted!!! Use code TSF10 to get 10% off these beauties. See them here .

Sizing: Standard sizing, I was size 10 pre pregnancy and I am wearing the size 30. Keep in mind though they are a tad long I wear mine with one roll up.


Topshop ‘Jamie’ jeans are as much a cult to so many women as ‘Molly’ River Island jeans are to me! Personally I never got the hype (I am too loyal to my Molly’s) but the great news is Jamies from Topshop are available in a vast array of maternity styles. See the full range here. In my last pregnancy I invested in the white Jamie jeans from Topshop (I was pregnant in the summer last time) and they were FAB! Really high quality, none or very little slip,  lovely fabric. I have enough styles to keep me going for now, but these are 100% on my to be list… see here. They come in two leg lengths to which is great. Topshop in general have a fab maternity selection, your best choice is online, it tends to be a little pricier but in return you get very good quality. I am particularly loving their pyjama range – Would be lovely as your hospital set.

Sizing: Stick to your own pre pregnancy size. Topshop can on occasion be a little on the small size.

Keep Checking In…

That’s my round up for now, but what I plan to do is edit and update this as the months / weeks go on, and as I try other brands and as bump changes and grows.  I know for lots of women maternity jeans are the no 1 buy in pregnancy (and rightly so!)

Hope you enjoyed the blog post 🙂

‘Til next time

Naomi xxx

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Pregnancy Diaries: The half way mark

Hey ladies

So I have officially hit the half way mark, well this week sees me reaching 21 weeks. I feel should be zooming about the place with lots of energy  this trimester but I have to admit the past week or so I have been struggling; I feel really really exhausted, all the time. I have a lot of aches and pains too, my back in particular is always aching. I wake up fine but by lunch time my back is very sore.

Let’s talk health

Last week I had less movement than normal and as I said I just didn’t feel ‘right’, after a few days of worry I rang Holles Street and they told me to come in immediately, I spent about 4 or 5 hours in the triage area but they listened to baby’s heart beat and scanned me and all was well, it was great peace of mind. My advise to anyone is trust your instinct, if you feel off or movement seems different GO IN. I felt ‘silly’ and like a was wasting their valuable time but you know what, in hindsight, I should have called them sooner.

This week feels totally different, so much movement, all the time. I LOVE the feeling of my little baba moving. We had our big 20 week scan this week and it went so well, it’s such a great milestone and we are so so happy and relieved all seems to be well with baby. As for my type one diabetes, I am not having a good week, or maybe two weeks, my blood sugars levels are constantly changing, and so my dosage has to be changed all the time. The nurses in Holles Street are such a great help but it hasn’t been a great couple of weeks from that perspective. That’s just type one diabetes and pregnancy unfortunately, different growth levels with baba, different hormones levels and so on, all will interact with my insulin absorption and blood sugar levels.

This is the face of our joy when we got out from the scan being told everything looks healthy and well….

Let’s talk work 

Everyone tells me I should be resting more, but as you mammies know, that is close to impossible with a toddler! I am a stay at home mum half of my time and the other half I run The Style Fairy, and I suppose a hell of a lot more goes on behind the scenes with The Style Fairy than you might imagine; even small things such as getting back to peoples messages, emails and comments can take so so SO long each day – Often hours! In the background I am also working on brand collaborations, pitches and proposals for potential brands,  agent meetings, brand meetings, general admin and then off course the actual content creation for the blog and all the social media pages, it’s never ending!  And truthfully?….Most of the time I feel I am not succeeding at either…..The Style Fairy or being a mammy!! But I think that’s the age old battle all working mammies feel, and I am lucky I get to spend as much time as I do with Annabelle Ivy.

As most of you will know we are also moving house and in the process of COMPLETELY doing up the house we are moving in to, we hope to be in by April… seems impossible but we have some really great people helping us. We didn’t at the beginning and it slowed things down and brought major stress on the whole project but anyway, I’ll come back to that.

Anabelle Ivy was born at 36 weeks and it is likely I will have a similar situation with this baba so hence the rush to get in and get somewhat settled, especially for Anabelle, I would love for her to have some time in her new home before the new arrival turns her whole world upside down!!

Building a house or totally renovating a house takes so much time – It totally sucks you in. To give you an idea, the house we are moving into was gutted – I mean totally totally gutted, we were essentially left with the shell, so we have all the external building work done, the windows in, re wired, re plumbed etc and now we are starting on interiors! Oh the kitchen is in, so thats a big step. I will be doing  blog on this journey in the brand spanking new INTERIORS section of The Style Fairy so keep your eyes peeled for that if interiors is your thing!

Let’s talk Faaaasssssshion 

Enough moaning Naomi, get to the good stuff I hear you say 😉  Maternity fashion, so what have I bought, what am I looking at and where is the best place for maternity style?

First things first, I know, everyone wants to talk about jeans, jeans, jeans…. In fact, it’s such a hot topic I am doing a separate blog post all about maternity jeans, at the moment I am wearing a few brands so I can give my take on them all; POCOS, Penneys, ASOS, New Look, and a pair from iClothing just arrived in while I am working on this blog post. I will deffo try get around to that blog post this week.

The best place to see all latest fashion buys or bits and pieces I may get sent from brands is my Snapchat, my username is: thestylefairy. I am not on it constantly, I am not one of those people who feels the need to document EVERY element of my day (yawn), but I share bits and pieces of everything from my outfits, shopping, hauls, home, interiors, Anabelle Ivy, pregnancy, beauty products, that kind of thing!

I have bought a mix of maternity clothes and non maternity, when it comes to non maternity, I just keep an eye out for styles I know will work with a growing bump and go up a size (or two or three).

Here are a few pieces I have bought recently or that I am loving….


H&M have a really great maternity range, at good prices. I’ll reserve comment on the jeans for now, but they are great for jumpers, basics (t-shirts, tops and vests) and also some lovey dresses, jackets and knitwear. See the full range here

See here
See here

see here (now on sale) This is vert light weight material so needs a vest worn underneath

See here. Also comes in green


Penneys have also now launched a maternity collection, I have the jeans (again I’ll chat about those again in the jeans blog). From their maternity range I also picked up a long sleeved striped top, perfect for under blazers. I also bought a long line mustard blazer (from their normal range) to go with this. I’ll share a picture when I wear that outfit.

In general Penneys is great for picking up bits and pieces throughout pregnancy without spending a fortune. In particular keep an eye out for oversized knit wear and cardigans, jackets and blazers, shirts and blouses (just buy a few sizes up); shirts are great, I especially loved them in the later stages of pregnancy the last time, worn with a vest or t shirt and leggings.  You know yourself, but it’s handy to pick up basics there too like vests etc, although as bump starts to get bigger I prefer maternity vests as they are longer and cover bump properly.


RI don’t do maternity, but I have picked up some bits recently that I wanted to share. Blazers are a great way to dress up a simple jeans and t-shirt look and you know blazers are a big wardrobe staple for me, they are ideal in pregnancy too, just buy a size up, and wear with your maternity jeans. I got this first one, (I got the size 12) but River Island have a really great selection of blazers in at the moment:

See here


see here

see here. Worn open with jeans and a simple tee, this is a fab maternity look
see here
See here. Another fab option to style up a casual look


I LOVE love love ASOS, pregnant or not pregnant. But as it happens they have one of the absolute best maternity wear collections. I often recommend ASOS for maternity occasion wear, some really fab, on trend pieces. They also stock a range of maternity brands so it makes life easier when it is all on the one website.

Here are some top picks from their maternity occasion wear range:

See here
See here
See here
See here

Don’t get me wrong, I am also a big fan of wearing ‘normal’ clothes where possible, I don’t believe you always have to choose from the maternity ranges. Keep an eye for dresses that are stretchy or have the right cut and shape that will accommodate the bump – Wrap dresses for example are great!

For example just bought this dress, it’s not maternity so I went up a size and it sits lovely on bump

See here

I also bought this, again, not maternity but plenty of room for bump. Love this dress. Also blazer style dresses are great as by their nature they are smock style so work great for maternity wear.

See here

Lastly, I also bought this oversized tunic top, it’s so comfy and perfect over bump, add a belt above bump if yo want t define your curves a little! And it’s on sale!!!! I can’t wait to style this up!

See here

Another tunic style top, also on sale

See here


Topshop also do a great maternity range, on the pricier she but some fab pieces. Great for knitwear, pyjamas, and day dresses. Spotted this dress this week and it’s really nice.

See here



iClothing have a maternity range, although it is a little small at the moment, hopefully they expand….pardon the pun 😉  See their full maternity range here.

See here

I have these leather look trousers, lovely stretchy fabric, I haven’t worn them yet but can’t wait, I would style with them a chunky polo neck jumper or wear with one of those tunics from ASOS I showed above.

iClothing also have some fab wrap dresses, non maternity but would still work very well over bump.

See here

Elora Maternity

Elora Maternity is an Irish owned online maternity boutique. I wore lots from them in my last pregnancy and plan to again this time. Visit their site here.  They stock beautiful maternity jammies , as well as some gorgeous occasion wear dresses, plus some nice day to day tops. Here are some pieces that caught my eye, although the owner of Elora Maternity has been in touch with me and said they are expecting a lot of new stock over the coming weeks.


Zara obviously doesn’t do maternity wear but I love them for  blouses, tunics, blazers and basic vests.

Isabella Oliver 

This is one of my favourite maternity brands but be warned it doesn’t come cheap. But the quality is second to known. I invested in a white shirt from them in my last pregnancy and it is still perfect:

See here

It also comes in a red stripe and a blue stripe – so fab! If you do invest it will be worthwhile

See here

If you have an office job there are some really stunning work wear pieces,all very high quality. Plus they do some stunning dresses too.

See here


Ok I think that’s more than enough fashion for this time.

‘Til next time
Naomi xx (and bump)

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Pregnancy Diaries: Early Stages

19th January 2018

Hello all,

Well my news and my bump is well and truly out at this stage. This week makes me 18 weeks pregnant. Wow, ok even writing that scares me a little because time is now starting to fly! The first 12 weeks felt like the slowest in my life though. I have decided for this pregnancy I am going to do a pregnancy diary, weekly or fortnightly or  just as often as I can. I plan to share a “bump date”  (an update on the size of the bump!!), how I am feeling, what I am up to, what I am planning, what I have bought for baby or me etc etc etc. Just an online diary of my pregnancy….

Since I announced my news I just cannot believe the amount of you who have emailed, snapped or messaged me to say you are pregnant too, I’m excited to share this journey with you. 

Pregnancy so far…

Overall I have been fine, no major sickness thank god, the first 10 or so weeks I suffered with really bad nausea and just the usual exhaustion. That has passed, except maybe the tiredness, I am pretty much always tired, but that might be down to running around after a crazy 2 years old!

18 week bump

As I said I am 18 weeks now and in the past two weeks my appetite has been HUGE, I am constantly hungry at the moment nothing is satisfying me at all right now. I’m not craving anything in particular, any kind of food will suffice!!! Oh and I am crazy hormonal, crying at the drop of a hat! I’ll cry pretty much over anything right now. My poor hubby!

When did I find out…

Do you remember the day storm Ophelia hit? It was a Monday, I was stuck at home in my parents house in Cavan and in the  back of my mind, I thought I may be pregnant, I just had not been myself but was only a few days late…… So I didn’t want to get my hopes up,  because of the storm all the shops in Cavan were closed so I wasn’t even able to do a test until the next day when I drove back to Dublin. And, as they say, the rest is history. Perhaps I’ll have to call the baby Ophelia!!!! 😉

When I found out I was pregnant it was bang in the middle of a really busy time for me, I had several jobs lined up with brands, I’ll never forget the day working down in Kildare Village, I was about 7 weeks pregnant, I felt fat and bloated and nothing would zip up on me, and I was violently nauseous, I never thought I would get through it. I had the best assistant that day, Suzanne, thank you, I told you my secret and you were my angel that day!

Working in Kildare Village, pregnant and holding back to vomit!
The old “hand across my tummy” trick!!

You may be surprised to hear the amount fo people who messaged me and asked me, was I pregnant, that I looked like i had “weight’ on and they were happy for me. I was so shocked someone would ask me this, I still am, and this was v early in pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Type One Diabetes 

As some of you may know, I live with Type One Diabetes and have had the condition now for 19 years. For the past 3 years I have been wearing an insulin pump (a device attached to my stomach which delivers insulin via a canula in my stomach, I am connected to the device 24/7)

Cannula and wire in my stomach

Long long long story short, having type one diabetes makes pregnancy VERY challenging. I won’t go into too much detail, because for non type one diabetics I am sure it makes for a fairly boring read, but it is a HUGE part of my pregnancy so I can’t not discuss it in these diaries. It means there are risks for me and also for baby and I have to be very very closely monitored, since I was 5 weeks pregnant I have been in Holles Street fortnightly, the team there are excellent, but it’s very intense and every day is a challenge.

On the weeks I don’t go to Holles Street I have to ring the nurses and go through my blood sugar readings from that week and they make adjustments to my dosage. At present, I test my blood sugars approx 12 times a day (often much more) On top of that I have complications in my eyes as a result fo diabetes so my eyes and my vision has to be very closely monitored.  All in all, I often feel it would be easier to move into Holles Street!! But all that being said, the team in Holles Street are brilliant and it is wonderful to have such support.

What my insulin pump looks like

Pregnancy Style 

Ok so I got bigger WAY faster this time around, jees I was not expecting that. I know lots of you say you couldn’t notice in the photos but trust me that was all just clever angling and posing!!! I also tend to wear oversized knits a lot in the winter anyway so it was well hidden if you did happen to see me in person I was probably wearing something very baggy!. As well as bump popping quicker I just generally put on a lot of weight quickly all over, and my boobs? Holy god my boobs got massive!!!! So clothes became tight very fast. But we are all SO different and so many factors contribute to what size you are or aren’t. None of that matters, once you and baby are healthy that’s all that matters. People do like to tell me quite regularly how big I am, my personal favourite was when my brother asked me “Jesus is that normal Naomi? Like how big you are”!! Thanks a mil Merv!!  Anyway, it’s all relative, we are all so different!!

I have not bought ANY maternity clothes yet… I am managing right now on two pairs of maternity jeans from my last pregnancy, one from New Look and one from ASOS. But from now on I am going to start having some fun styling this bump, and I have to say I am really excited.  I will share all my style tips here and across my social media, number one on the agenda is jeans – it’s the age old debate! I want to try a few styles and report back. Last time my fav was New Look over the bump. My fav shops for maternity wear are; Topshop, H&M, New Look, ASOS and Isabelle Oliver. I am looking forward to exploring some other brands too this time around.

The photo you didn’t see Christmas Day, I was actually bursting out of that dress but really wanted to wear it! Lol… I was already a full size up by here and it was still very tight.

Also, I like to just wear normal clothes as much as I can and go up a few sizes, I sometimes find a lot of maternity clothes can be a little frumpy! But let’s see how we get on and as I said I’ll share it all here.

At the early stages it all depends on what you wear, some days I look big and others you wouldn’t be able to tell, just depends on the clothes. I much prefer now though and not trying to hide that, I hate that part.

Bump not obvious at all in this dress, wrap dresses are BRILL
this is the same week but its VERY obvious in this dress, it’s all about the style and cut of clothes

Different the second time around…

Second time mammies….. It’s different this time isn’t it? You know more, you are less naive and I am not ashamed to say I am terrified! I worry about how I will manage with two? How will Anabelle react? Am I a good enough mammy?

Anabelle suffered with SEVERE silent reflux, she cried non stop with the pain and discomfort, feeding was a disaster, she never slept, it was so hard.  (many of you know this but I have never been able to bring myself to blog too much about it as we all went through a very tough time with it) What if baby 2 has reflux? Will I be able to cope? Am I strong enough?

I’m incredibly excited too, massively. I can’t wait, I’m scared but I can’t wait. I feel so lucky and so happy to be able to give Anabelle a brother or sister.

The Next Chapter…

To make things just a wee bit busier we are also moving house and hope to be before baby arrives!!! Eeeeeeckkkk… Crazy few months ahead. I hope you will stay with us and follow the journey. Make sure to tune into my Snapchat (username: thestylefairy) and my Instagram, because I am sharing lots of house updates and interiors stuff over there.

‘Til next time

Naomi & bump xxx


P.S. To make tings a little different I am considering maybe recording these pregnancy journals, doing video diaries instead. I am not sure… Would you like that? I thought it could be fun and interactive and will get more interesting when I start to buy maternity clothes and bits for baby. Let me know in the comments section 🙂


Outfit Ideas: Casual Maternity Style

Some of our lovely followers have got in touch with us and asked us to style some outfit ideas for their growing bumps 🙂

Our favourite highstreet maternity lines include:

Topshop – See HERE – See HERE


New Look – See HERE

Check out the 5 versatile looks we have styled below. Let us know which is your favourite and if you would like us to do more posts like this 🙂

Look 1

Top: River Island, €47 – Shop HERE

Leggings: Topshop MATERNITY, €26 – Shop HERE

Coat: River Island, €107 – Shop HERE

Watch: Abbott Lyon at River Island, €135 – Shop HERE

Bag: River Island, €50 – Shop HERE

Trainers: Vans at ASOS, €74.32 – Shop HERE

Look 2

Dress: Topshop MATERNITY, €44 – Shop HERE

T-shirt: River Island, €13 – Shop HERE

Hat: ASOS, €13.51 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €34 – Shop HERE

Boots: River Island, €75 – Shop HERE

Look 3

Top: Topshop MATERNITY, €46 – Shop HERE

Jeans: Topshop MATERNITY, €52 – Shop HERE

Coat: Boohoo MATERNITY, €22 – Shop HERE

Earrings: River Island, €17 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €36 – Shop HERE

Boots: River Island, €60 – Shop HERE

Look 4

Top: Topshop MATERNITY, €40 – Shop HERE

Jeans: Topshop MATERNITY, €50 – Shop HERE

Coat: Boohoo MATERNITY, €41 – Shop HERE

Hat: River Island €17 – Shop HERE

Bag: Mango at ASOS, €67.55 – Shop HERE

Trainers: River Island, €30 – Shop HERE

Look 5

Top: Topshop, €26 – Shop HERE

Jeans: Topshop MATERNITY, €52 – Shop HERE

Blazer: Oasis, €37 – Shop HERE

Scarf: River Island, €25 – Shop HERE

Bag: River Island, €45 – Shop HERE

Trainers: Adidas at ASOS, €101.35 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Outfit Ideas: Maternity Wear

At The Style Fairy we are lucky enough to have a large number of mother’s and expecting mother’s following us. Some of our lovely followers have got in touch with us and asked us to style some outfit ideas for their growing bumps 🙂

Check out the 5 versatile looks we have styled below. Let us know which is your favourite 🙂

Look 1

Top: River Island, €43 – Shop HERE

Dress: Warehouse, €61 – Shop HERE

Watch: Oasis, €50 – Shop HERE

Bag: River Island, €33 – Shop HERE

Shoes: River Island, €30 – Shop HERE

Look 2

Top: Topshop, €44 – Shop HERE

Jeans: Topshop, €52 – Shop HERE

Choker: Topshop, €20 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €40 – Shop HERE

Shoes: Topshop, €40 – Shop HERE

Look 3

Dress: River Island, €55 – Shop HERE

Earrings: River Island, €16 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €34 – Shop HERE

Boots: River Island, €73 – Shop HERE

Look 4

Top: Topshop, €25 – Shop HERE

Jeans: Topshop, €57 – Shop HERE

Sunglasses: ASOS, €20.27 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €29 – Shop HERE

Shoes: Converse at ASOS, €74.32 – Shop HERE

Look 5

Dress: Topshop, €44 – Shop HERE

Earrings: Topshop, €16 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €34 – Shop HERE

Shoes: Topshop, €40 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Holidays in Mallorca

Hey ladies

Last week, we were in Mallorca on holidays as you might have seen on my social media 🙂 We had a blast, it was just so much fun, a total last minute holiday (we booked a week before!!!) but it was just brilliant.

I have had so many questions on Snapchat and Facebook about where we were and where we stayed and would I recommend it so I thought a blog post was the best way to answer everyones questions.

We stayed in a resort called Insotel Cala Mandía Resort and Spa (visit their website here). I heard about this resort from my brother and his wife, they have 3 kids (11, 9 and 4) and have been going there for years and always love it.

We booked flights and hotel separately. We flew from Belfast airport; the main reason being the flight times from Dublin to Mallorca were really awful in terms of the times; crazy early morning flights or silly late night time flights and with a toddler that is just not ideal, it would mess her up totally so we always try find day time flights.

We flew with Easy Jet and they were just fantastic! We had a car booked to collect us from Palma airport in Mallorca to bring us straight to the hotel. It is such a good idea to have this pre arranged. Another reason we picked to go to Mallorca is that is flight time is only 2 hours 40 mins so it is nice and short, ideal for Anabelle!

The Hotel 

The hotel is fab, it is a complete family focused  resort, to the point that if you don’t have kids I really wouldn’t advise going to be honest. There is an over 16’s area, restaurant and pool etc (which is quiet and calm) BUT to be really honest it is aimed at families and kids. There are (I think) 6 pools, and a selection of restaurants (I think 5)…

We went all inclusive for the week which worked out great, although we ate and drank WAY too much all week, but sure isn’t that what holidays are all about!! I find all inclusive brilliant for Anabelle too, she can be quite fussy at times so it is great to have the variety and if she doesn’t finish or like something we can just get something else for her. Plus it’s great not to have to carry cash around and just be able to go up and get a drink, a coffee, an ice cream at any time.

There is a massive indoor and outdoor buffet for breakfast lunch and dinner, we went there mostly, massive variety and really good food, with a special kiddies corner too. There is also a 50’s style dinner you can go for dinner which is very fun and the food is lovely too.l

Overall, I found the food to be good, you do get a little bored of buffet after a few nights but at the same tine with kids it is just so easy and handy!

When the main buffet restaurants are closed there are a few places that have food available all day long (if the kids or you get hungry) so you can just walk in and grab what you like there was always; fruit, pastries, yoghurts, bread, chips, pizza, chicken nuggets etc etc.

There is a sectioned off baby pool in each one of the pools and we mainly spent the entire day there, Anabelle just LOVED  playing in the water and it was so safe and secure. There is also a dedicated baby/ toddler pool with lots of mini slides which she loved too.

Swimsuit: Shein – See here

On top of that there is a water park within the resort, ideal for say 4 years and upwards (Cormac and I both did the slides so there is no age limit!!! lol)

There are also a few playgrounds around the resort, as well as tennis courts. In terms of entertainment, there is a mini club (think for 2 – 3year olds) a junior club and a teen club which do activity all day with the kids (painting, dancing and all sorts of fun activities to keep them amused)

Aside from the pool the highlight for Anabelle was the nightly kids disco at 8pm – she loved it!

Racing to the kids disco!!!

There is adult entertainment every night too but it doesn’t start til 9.30pm and we found that too late, after the kids disco, Anabelle was always exhausted so we all had early nights.

We stayed in a family suite and it was lovely; Be sure to ask to stay in BLOCK A. There resort is huge and split into 3 blocks, A, B and C. We flew A was definitely the nicest place to be.

Overall, yes I would highly recommend it if you have kids and looking for something really fun and entertaining for them. It is a lovely hotel, good food and fab pools. It is very noisy all day, as you can imagine and outside the restaurants at night there was like a buggy car park – Let’s just say the kids RULE at Insotel Cala Mandia.

Travelling with a Toddler

I get asked lots for tips for travelling with a toddler and I have some blog posts on this you might find useful. See HERE and HERE

If you’ve any questions or anything I didn’t cover, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Outfit Diaries 

A post wouldn’t be complete without at least some fashion 😉 So here’s a round up of some of the looks I wore on holidays.

Flying: It’s so important to be comfy when flying. The key is not to dress too heavy, instead wear layers so you can peel off as needs be!

Shop this grey dress I wore flying HERE
Dress: ASOS, have it a while though similar here
River Island, see here
Dress: Penneys Beach Bag: ASOS – See here
Dress: Penneys
Beach Bag: ASOS (see here) Kaftan: Penneys Swimsuit: Shein
Top: Zara Shorts: Penneys Bag: ASOS
Penneys dress (Annabelle’s is from Dunnes)
Dress: Shein – See here (Anabelle’s is from Jojo Maman Bebe)
Dress: Shein (see here) Earrings: H&M
Kaftan: Shein – See here

Dress: Zara (no longer in stock) Heels: Dunnes Stores
Maxi dress: Shein – See here Beach Bag: ASOS – See here
Dress: Shein – See here Earrings: H&M Sandals: ASOS
Dress: Penneys (Anabelle’s is H&M)

Hope you enjoyed the post

‘Til next time
Naomi xxx


Anabelle Ivy

Hey ladies

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Edel O’Malley photographer on a family photo session… with a difference. I didn’t want “posed” photos and I knew Anabelle Ivy, being the age she is, wouldn’t sit still for a second so when Edel got in touch with me about an outdoors lifestyle/location session, I thought it was just perfect for us.

I’ve known Edel quite a while now, she came to our home and did a newborn photoshoot with Anabelle- see it here (AB was just 8 days old). Then again when Anabelle was about 8 months old I had some more shots done with Edel. Anabelle has grown up and changed so much over the past year that I was dying to capture some memories of how she is now; walking, talking, laughing, playing and running around like a little lunatic! I knew a studio setting wouldn’t be right for her. Instead, Edel met us in our local park here in Dun Laoghaire and we took it from there.

Edel has a very relaxed, gentle and calm way about her, Anabelle instantly felt comfortable with her (as did Cormac and I) She has such a good way with kids, there was no directing or trying to get Anabelle to stand a certain way or even stand still for that matter, Edel just followed Anabelle’s lead and caught some incredible images of her and us as a family, just laughing and playing in the park.

These are the kind of memories that will last a lifetime, as Anabelle grows up I know we will look back on these and smile, and always be grateful to Edel for capturing her character and her joyful spirit in such a beautiful and captivating way.

My little girl is turning 2 at the end of September and I can hardly believe it. I know everyone tells you to treasure every minute because it goes by in a blink, but now I can truly understand that. They say “the days are long but the years are short” and it just really rings true.

We didn’t have the easiest of starts in the whole world with Miss Anabelle Ivy, she suffered terribly with severe reflux for almost a year, and there were days when I thought her crying and pain would never end but thank god that is a distant memory for us now, and we have the happiest, giddiest, most loving little girl on our hands now.

With each passing day I see more and more of her incredible personality coming through and she honestly just blows me away, she is fiercely independent, determined, loving, sweet, stubborn, funny, giddy, hyper, mischievous, affectionate and has a smile and a giggle that would set the coldest heart on fire.

A single kiss from this little girl and the whole world seems ok again.

If I think of just how fast the last two years have gone by, I know the next two will be even quicker, that’s why I am just so so glad we got the photos done when we did, they sum her up so well.

Thinking of having some pictures done of your family? 

I would really encourage any mammies reading this to consider getting a lifestyle shoot done with Edel, you will not be disappointed, trust me!! From now until Christmas Edel is offering 10% OFF on her lifestyle location shoots if you mention “The Style Fairy” when booking.

Location sessions like the one we did can be done at home or at a location of your own choice. The package includes over an hour and a half session time, so loads of time for plenty of great shots, or to even allow for a change of location if you wish & Edel will travel to you. To get more information on her packages you can email Edel on OR you can visit her website HERE to see more of her work

And when you get in touch with Edel make sure to tell her we sent you 😉 So you can avail of her discount over over the next few months.

Hope you enjoyed the post

‘Til next time

Naomi, Cormac & Anabelle Ivy xxx

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