Hey all,

Naomi here, as you know I’m on maternity leave with my little lady Anabelle Ivy at the moment. Life as I knew it as changed forever and I am slowly trying to navigate my way through this whole new world of being a mammy….. And so as a result, being ‘The Style Fairy’ has had to take a little backseat for now.

IMG_5486I get lots of emails every day asking me various things about pregnancy and motherhood etc from styling my new post baby body, to how I’m finding my Joolz stroller, to clothing and accessories for Anabelle, and also because I am REALLY missing blogging I have decided to do a blog post per week on my motherhood journey called  ‘The Mammy Diaries”.  What do you think?

Blogging is so much part of me, that not doing it these past few weeks has been strange. I miss it.


I know it won’t be relevant to so many of you, so lots of you will just skip past it, but for others I think it might be nice to share my journey – the highs and the lows! I was only speaking to a friend this morning about how tough it all is, completely amazing too don’t get me wrong, but about how every day I question myself and worry about my decisions and wonder if what I am doing is right – I guess the same worries every first mum has – anyway,  she suggested readers might like to hear about it too, so I think it’s a great idea! I hope you do too!

It’s not all going to be rainbows and butterflies either, as all mammies know, there are some REALLY hard days too, so I plan to make these posts as honest as I can, but no doubt there will lots of  giggles along the way too!

Life is more burps and dirty nappies now instead of lipstick and louboutins 😉


Days seem to go by in a blink these days, I feel I barely have a minute to do anything and even washing my hair now feels like a luxury (Thank GOD for my Gold Fever hair extensions making me look somewhat “normal”), so I imagine they will be short and snappy blog posts, but I will give it a try.

I have also introduced a new ‘parenting’ section on the website 😉


Hope you’ll stay tuned for my first post, which will hopefully be in the next couple of days.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (see here) will know I had my first night out without Anabelle on Friday past – I was a bag of emotions, so I think my first post might be on that 🙂

‘Til next time


Naomi xxx