Meet Anabelle Ivy

Well, as most of you know, I have been missing in action from the blog for the past few weeks because my gorgeous little girl Anabelle Ivy arrived 6 weeks ago. Our little angel was a full month early and gave us all quite the surprise, but thankfully her and I are both doing well now and are enjoying this time off together.
Without a doubt it has been the most amazing, surreal, fulfilling, scary, nerve wracking, worrying but totally incredible 6 weeks of my life. I spend hours just staring at her, I can’t believe how lucky we are; I’m completely in awe and so so in love. The sleep deprivation is pretty tough going (I genuinely didn’t know it was possible to be this tired!!) but when I look at her perfect little face and those chubby little cheeks, I count myself so lucky and I’m so grateful to have such a healthy little girl.
When Anabelle Ivy was 8 days old, my husband Cormac and I had the very lovely photographer Edel O Malley come to our home to do some newborn photography with us. (Edel advises the best time to get this type of photography done is when your baby is 5 – 10 days old but she can also facilitate older babies)
We were literally only home from hospital when this shoot was done (hence the state of me… I hadn’t even a chance to wash my hair and I’m still in maternity clothes in these pics!!) I was still recovering and both my hubby Cormac and I were suffering from major sleep deprivation, but when I look at these pictures now I am SO GLAD we did the shoot when we did.
Trust me, the last thing I felt like that day was getting my photo taken, but the moment you meet Edel, you couldn’t feel more at ease. I didn’t really feel ready to be in front of the camera but Edel convinced me to just at least sit back & relax with Anabelle Ivy and if she caught some shots then great, it was all VERY laid back and relaxed.  Edel assured me I wouldn’t regret it and she was right.
She is great at what she dose; not only is she trained to the highest standard of newborn safety (which really calmed me down), but she really knows how to capture a moment and has great empathy with how new mammies and indeed new daddies are feeling.
We will never ever forget those precious first couple of weeks at home, Anabelle Ivy has even changed so much since these shots were taken, so I am just so grateful to have these gorgeous pics of her when she was so tiny, I know we’ll treasure them forever.
Edel has such a natural calmness around newborns, I felt so comfortable letting her hold Anabelle. Edel specialties in newborn photography, but also does portrait photography and wedding photography. For an idea on the types of newborn images she takes, check out her Facebook page here.
Edel offers a wide variety of newborn packages, her latest being that she comes to your home to shoot your newborn (which makes everyone more at ease) and captures lifestyle shots of the newborn, any siblings, and natural and relaxed lifeshots shots of the parents/ family all together. I loved that we were able to shoot in Anabelle Ivy’s nursery –  made it even more special for me.

How to book Edel?

Contact Edel via her Facebook page here or her website here to find out more about her packages. Mention “The Style Fairy” and you will get 10% discount across all her newborn photography packages.

What’s next?

I’m taking some time off now from the blog, styling and personal shopping and my fabulous fashion writer Heather, as you will have seen, is now is running things in my absence.  I will still continue to post occasionally on here and also on our Facebook and Instagram page, but I think it’s so important to dedicate all my time to this little angel.
I will also be adding a ‘parenting’ section to The Style Fairy… What do you thinK? I got such a great reaction from our ‘maternity’ section that I feel I should continue to share my journey.
So, I plan to talk about all things baby and motherhood from clothing and accessories to buggies and toys and everything in between. I hope you’ll join me as I navigate my way through this crazy new world of motherhood plus try to figure out how to dress and style this new post baby body of mine. Here’s to the next chapter…
‘Til next time
Naomi & Anabelle Ivy xxxx

Naomi Clarke is the owner and creator of The Style Fairy. Naomi, a qualified fashion stylist and personal shopper has over 12 years experience in fashion, personal shopping, blogging, styling and PR both in Ireland and abroad. Having spent 2 years working in the fashion industry in Sydney and then in Singapore, Naomi relocated back to Dublin to set up her own business in 2013 and so began The Style Fairy.

  • caroline


    I can’t wait for your baby related posts, I have a 4 week baby boy and 23 month old twins, so enjoy reading other posts as I won’t get out of the house much lol

    12th November 2015
  • Annie


    Absolutely beautiful photos. I’ve a little one due at the start of January and must check out Edel so. Do you mind me asking where your nursing chair is from?

    12th November 2015
  • Aine


    Such a lovely blog post and beautiful photos. They really are so special to have. Edel also took photos of our little girl Aoife when she was 8 days old. Even though it’s the last thing you might be thinking of when you feel soooo tired… will never regret having them done. I can also highly recommend Edel O’Malley Photography

    16th November 2015