Time for a detox!

With summer now upon us, it’s time to detox and de-clutter that wardrobe! The biggest problem many of us ladies have is that we have jammed packed wardrobes but yet…. NOTHING to wear!!!

Look familiar?!

Look familiar?!

On average we use 80% of our wardrobe 20% of the time. If you actually think about that fact it’s quite frightening… what a waste of wardrobe space, and money!!

Want our help?

We offer a Wardrobe Detox service for just €190, where by, we will come to your home, and together with you, go through every single item in your wardrobe. We will help you to create an organised, stylish, detoxed, efficient wardrobe.
With the summer months now approaching us, and temperatures starting to rise (well, slightly), it’s time to detox your wardrobe, removing all that winter gear and embracing summer inspired looks!

What We Do

  • We will pull outfits together that you may not have previously thought of.
  • We will coordinate your wardrobe into efficient, accessible categories e.g work, day time casual, going out etc etc
  • We will style looks together for nights out.
  • We will go through items you are not wearing and a) show you ways to incorporate them into outfits or b) encourage you to send unworn items to your local charity shop, to make way for some new pieces.
  • We will show you how the addition of accessories can transform your looks.
  • We will re organise your accessories and shoes.
  • We will follow up with a list of key items you need to buy in order to complete your now perfect wardrobe.

The Results

This service teaches you how to look at your wardrobe in a new light. It shows you how to be smarter and more efficient when it comes to shopping.  And by the end of our session you will have a fresh, sleek, organised, stylish wardrobe, bursting with pre styled outfits ready to go!
The reality is, most of us,  have so many clothes in our wardrobe that we simply to do not wear – With a new set of stylish eyes we can rejuvenate and streamline your entire wardrobe.
In most cases there is no need to buy new pieces, quite often everything is there already and are just being overlooked by you. Other times, it just takes the simple addition of two or three key wardrobe staples (which we can help you with) to totally update and transform your wardrobe.
wardrobe detox
The Wardrobe Detox Service is the greatest investment you can ever make in you and your style. Forget going out and buying a whole new wardrobe, start with what you have and work from there.

Have a question or want to book?

For more information or to book the Wardrobe Detox service email us on info@thestylefairy.ie, call us on 087 0606592 or visit the site here.
We also have gift vouchers available if you want to treat someone special!!
Hopefully see you soon!
‘Til next time
The Style Fairy xxx

Naomi Clarke is the owner and creator of The Style Fairy. Naomi, a qualified fashion stylist and personal shopper has over 12 years experience in fashion, personal shopping, blogging, styling and PR both in Ireland and abroad. Having spent 2 years working in the fashion industry in Sydney and then in Singapore, Naomi relocated back to Dublin to set up her own business in 2013 and so began The Style Fairy.