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Hey ladies,
The last feature I wrote in our parenting section was “Things I couldn’t live without” (Read that here) It was so popular, in fact so much so the website kept crashing! So, given it was such a hit I thought perhaps I would keep it as a regular feature in ‘The Mammy Diaries’. Here are some of the things that are making my life and off course Anabelle Ivy’s life a little easier at the moment…

Things I couldn’t live without


Tommee Tippee Teether

Anabelle is teething like crazy at the moment, god love her (and me), it is so so hard. I have a variety of teethers and ways to comfort her, but lately she has been loving this teething ring which she can hold herself. You pop it in the fridge so that top bit is lovely and cold and proves very soothing on her aching, irritated gums. Shop here.  Although I thinkI would still rate the Gummee Glove as my number 1, there are still a few others she likes to use, another good one is this teething blanket from Nuby. Shop here

Nuby plastic bib

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: thestylefairy) you will have seen I have started weaning Anabelle on to solids and wow it is a messy (but fun) process! (Think carrot EVERYWHERE). Regular bibs were just not cutting it for us, step in, the Nuby plastic bib – a lifesaver! I believe there are some plastic bibs in Dunnes Stores too, but they weren’t in stock in my local Dunnes, so we are using these – SO handy! My sister bought me this one in a local pharmacy, I also think they are stocked in some Tesco’s so keep an eye out.  Shop similar here.  Or you can buy the Nuby one’s on their site here. I love this Panda one…
4278 panda pack-500x500

Beaba Babycook

Continuing on our weaning adventures, this Beaba Babycook is brilliant. I love that is so simple to use (fool proof for someone like me), not too many parts and easy to clean. It is a steamer and a blender in one, super handy for making up all your purées. If you follow me on Snapchat you will have seen me chatting about this already and showing how it worked. It’s an investment, but well worth it in our household anyway! Shop here.

Oxo Freezing Trays

And once again for anyone else weaning too, I love these trays for batch freezing my purées. Regular ice cube trays are great too, perfect in fact, but I like these as they have a lid to keep it covered and also because they stack really well in the freezer. I do up a few batches and then when frozen I put into labelled and dated freezer bags. To the lovely reader who told me about these – Thank you! Shop here.

Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier

This is one I meant to include in my first post. As I mentioned before on the blog Anabelle had terrible colic and has silent reflux, although things are more under control now in terms of the reflux and the colic has now passed (thank the lord), for those first few weeks and months, I basically wore Anabelle in this carrier non stop, it was the only way she would sleep and was the only position she was comfortable enough in to stop crying, it was a god send! The great thing about this particular carrier is it lasts until they are much bigger (see the diagram for the different positions). I’m wearing her now but thankfully now it’s for fun and to get out and about as opposed to stop the never ending cries. My husband loves it too! We went for the nautical blue one!  Shop it here.

Sleep aps for your phone

Last but not least, I seriously don’t know what we would do without these two apps….. So, I am a terrible sleeper, everything and anything comes into my mind at night and sometimes I find it especially hard to get back to sleep after a night feed, this app has been a god send to me, pop in my earphones and away I go…. You can download it on iTunes. The full name is Brainwave Binaural Programs. It plays really relaxing music or sounds and has an undercurrent that relaxes the mind into sleep. Any insomniacs out there, try this!
The second life saving (or sanity saving) app we use is called Sound Sleeper (available to download) , it plays a selection of sounds to help babies get of to sleep including white noise, a ‘shushing’ sound, a vaccum and tonnes more. For some unknown and totally bizarre reason, Anabelle ALWAYS falls asleep to the ‘hairdryer’ sound, I know, I know, it’s so weird and I KNOW we should be getting dependent on sleep aids, but sometimes she gets herself in an awful state, and particularly during a bad flare up of her silent reflux when she is inconsolable, this noise instantly calms her and 99% of the time puts her to sleep!
That’s our round up for now. But will be back with more great products if and when we come across them!
Hope you enjoyed!
‘Til next time,
Naomi xxx

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