The Mammy Diaries: Things I couldn't live without

Hey ladies
How are you all doing?
Life is non stop with me at the moment, but Anabelle Ivy is doing much better thankfully and we are slowly (very slowly) starting to get some resemblance of a routine together… Just when I feel I have got a handle on things, I now have to start thinking about weaning…Oh god, being a mammy is tough work!! Her silent reflux is better under control now, thank god, we have had such a hard few months. I will blog about that soon, right now it is still a little raw for me to discuss yet! Anyway, this latest post in my ‘Mammy Diaries’ series is just some of the items that I have found to be a life saver over the past 18 weeks, I might be helpful to other new mammies or mammies-to-be 🙂 As I come across new products or items I like and find useful, I’ll keep you posted.

  1. Ewan The DreamSheep

6022C9500 This little guy is my new best friend 😉  In fact I have gotten so used to falling asleep listening to him, I think I need him as much as Anabelle 🙂 So, what is he exactly? Ewan, is a soft cuddly toy, who can attach to the side of the cot. He has a lovely gentle glowing light from his chest and plays 3 different soothing sounds; rain, womb and music. It is very soothing and really helps Anabelle to fall asleep – I can’t recommend this little guy enough. It’s a fantastic gift idea for new mums too. Check it out here

2. Chico Next to Me Co-Sleeper

901 My little angel is still in this crib at night time. This very clever side sleeping cot, attaches to your bed and you can zip down one side – I found this a lifesaver, especially for settling her during the night or for easy access to pop the soother in (if you use one). I even found that my placing my hand on Annabelle’s chest it calms her, so being able to reach over so easy is a bonus. Also it is very very handy for breastfeeding mothers. This cot is portable and folds up very neatly – So for me this is so handy as I travel to my parents house in Cavan and bring the cot with me, we also brought it with us when we went on a hotel break over the Christmas holidays.  You can check it out in more detail here.

3. Cleva Mama Baby Sleep Positioned (wedge)

clevamammaThis is particularly useful for colicy babies and reflux babies that to want to keep elevated. I found it very useful for the moses basket and for the cot. There is also now one called the ClevaWedge (see here) which has a harness to hold them in place, so I probably would have bought that one first had I know about it, but the sleep positioner is very useful too. See it here.

4. Camomile Syrup

foran-camomile-syrup_1 This is one I know not all of you will be pro – I am certain lots of you mums wouldn’t dream of giving it your baby, but needs must and all that. When my sister first gave me this, I thought, no way, I am not giving this to Anabelle Ivy. But when hours of crying becomes days and days become weeks, you will try anything to comfort your baby and yourself! This tastes sweet and gets them to latch on to the soother, which in our case really helps to calm Anabelle and often stop her in the midst of a crying session. Then in turn the sucking on the soother tires her out.  Anything to help calm my poor angel. See it here.

5. The Clevascoop

clevascoop1-500x500If you are formula feeding or if/ when you move to formula – Buy a Clevascoop! Just trust me on this one… SO handy! You think you can count scoops? Yep me too, add total sleep deprivation and a crying baby, and the ability to count goes out the window – This little device is genius!  See it here.

6. The Gummee Glove

fly_thumb This is a new one to the list! Anabelle Ivy is teething like crazy already, but she is still too young to hold any teething toys like Sophie The Giraffe to her mouth, so this glove is great! Though she is still getting the hang of it, I think it is going to be a real comfort to her. See it here.

7. Sleephead Deluxe Pod

10790712-origpic-041716.jpg_0_0_100_100_300_450_100 This is something I wish I knew about from day 1. It is pricey, but in my opinion, worth every cent. Anabelle loves hers, and sleeps so soundly in it. It gives them the sensation of being held tightly – it’s so snug! It fits perfectly in the Chico cot and also in the regularly cotbed. When she gets bigger it can be opened out at the bottom.  Shop it here (best site to buy from and cheapest shipping)
I’ll continue this feature as I continue on my mammy adventures and as Anabelle Ivy and I come across products we love and recommend 🙂
‘Til next time
Love Naomi xx

Naomi Clarke is the owner and creator of The Style Fairy. Naomi, a qualified fashion stylist and personal shopper has over 12 years experience in fashion, personal shopping, blogging, styling and PR both in Ireland and abroad. Having spent 2 years working in the fashion industry in Sydney and then in Singapore, Naomi relocated back to Dublin to set up her own business in 2013 and so began The Style Fairy.

  • Louise


    Hey, I used the chicco for my little boy too, not everyone knows but you can tilt it by putting one leg higher than the other. Saves on the cushion 🙂 Also Tiny Love do a mobile for travel cots that fit onto the chicco. Every little distraction helps x

    9th February 2016
  • Louise Roche


    Naomi if I was to write a list it would have been very nearly identical to that. Ewan is the business. We have a bloom high chair we love…. Suitable from birth. My little man has silent reflux as well and a cows milk protein intolerance as well to top it off so I completely empathise with you. I don’t know if you’ve come across the private Facebook page called surviving reflux Ireland? It’s an absolutely brilliant help.

    9th February 2016
  • Maureen


    Great hints, thank you

    10th February 2016
  • Alison


    Heather, just found your blog and wanted to compliment you on it. It’s really great to find a blog that is not attempting to be edgy, aspirational (goop, anyone?) and instead, is accessible, lighthearted and practical. Your Mammy Diaries would have been a godsend a few years ago when I was knee deep in ‘baby land’. You’re doing a great job, I will be checking in regularly!

    16th February 2016