Slip Dresses and Sunsets

I think my obsession with slip dresses started in 2003, very soon after watching this movie. 🙂


Andie’s yellow gown will forever be iconic but slip dresses have become so much more than a wardrobe staple solely reserved for black tie events. Here are some of my favourite ways to style them!

Vacation Vibes

Until I came across this picture on Pinterest, I never really thought about dressing down slip dresses for sunset strolls abroad. But it’s such a stunning night time look for holidays!

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Casual Vibes

Layering a slip dress over a white tee and styling it with sneakers and a leather jacket is a sure way to keep things casual but oh-so-chic. I absolutely adore this look!

Cara Loren is rocking this gorgeous rust slip dress, worn classically over a plain white tee and paired with sneakers. To add some edge to your look, try throwing on a leather jacket. Outfit: Marks & Spencers.
Credit: Pinterest

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Dinner Dates

I’m quite conscious of my arms so I love this look. It’s effortless! A crop top would be ideal under a slip dress to avoid lines.

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