Skirt Styles for your Body Shape

Because we are all unique in our own way no two of us have the same body shape. Understanding our own shape helps us find out what clothes flatter us best.
In order to look your best it is not your size or shape that matters, but the fit of your clothes. That is why this blog, the first in a series of ‘Body Shape’ blogs, aims to help give you a better understanding of your own body shape and the type of skirts that help accentuate your good features. By doing that you will be able to dress in a way that really suits YOU!
There can be as many as 7 different body shapes which are widely discussed in the styling world but for the purpose of this blog I have focused on the 5 most common body shape categories.
We have also styled looks which feature skirt styles that are tailored to suit you – Enjoy 🙂

1. Pear



  • Full hips or thighs
  • A defined waist
  • Shoulders narrower than your hips
  • A small top half as well as a small bust

Style Tips

  • Aim to balance your top half with your bottom half by making your shoulders look broader
  • Wear prints on top and plain materials on bottom
  • Accentuate your smallest part, your waist
  • Skirt Style: High waisted straight or tapered skirts are best suited to this shape. Hem length is best kept at knee length or between knee and mid calf

Outfit Idea: Pear

Skirt: Oasis, €49 – Shop HERE
Top: River Island, €45 – Shop HERE
Necklace: River Island, €13 – Shop HERE
Bag: River Island, €45 – Shop HERE
Shoes: ASOS, €54.93 – Shop HERE

2. Apple



  • Round shoulder line and flattish bottom
  • Average to big bust
  • Fullness around the middle
  • Good legs

Style Tips

  • Keep details above the bust line and below the hip line
  • Draw attention to your shoulders to balance the middle
  • Avoid skirts which are above knee length
  • Skirt Style: A-line, panelled or box pleats work well, but they need to sit at a point below your tummy. Side fastened and/or side split skirts draw the eye away from the middle

Outfit Idea: Apple

img-set (1)
Skirt: River Island, €47 – Shop HERE
Top: Oasis, €45 – Shop HERE
Earrings: River Island, €8 – Shop HERE
Bag: New Look, €29.99 – Shop HERE
Shoes: ASOS, €63.38 – Shop HERE

3. Inverted Triangle



  • Your bottom half is smaller than your top
  • Little definition between waist and hips
  • Flat hips and bottom
  • straight and squared shoulder line

Style Tips

  • On your bottom half you need to wear clothes that make your hips look broader
  • Keep fussy prints and anything that adds volume to your lower half. Keep lines clean and uncluttered on your top half
  • Create an illusion of a defined waist with a belt or some waist detail
  • Skirt Style: A-line and straight can be quite flattering. A full skirt also works very well with this body shape. Skirt length can be extreme, from short and flared to long and flowing

Outfit Idea: Inverted Triangle

img-set (2)
Skirt: Oasis, €78 – Shop HERE
Top: River Island, €21 – Shop HERE
Belt: ASOS, €28.17 – Shop HERE
Bag: Oasis, €29 – Shop HERE
Shoes: New Look, €27.99 – Shop HERE

4. Rectangle



  • Straight shoulder line and rib cage
  • Straight hips and bottom
  • Very little waist definition
  • Average tummy

Style Tips

  • Your main aim is to create an illusion of a waist
  • Keep your silhouette uncluttered
  • Hip and bottom details are good once they create gentle curves
  • Avoid details at the waist such as a noticeable waistband
  • Skirt Style: Crossover, flip, panelled and A-line are all suitable for this body shape

Outfit Idea: Rectangle

img-set (3)
Skirt: Oasis, €45 – Shop HERE
Top: River Island, €30 – Shop HERE
Necklace: River Island, €17 – Shop HERE
Bag: Oasis, €34 – Shop HERE
Shoes: ASOS, €42.25 – Shop HERE

5. Hourglass



  • Bigger thighs
  • Rounded bottom and hips
  • Small waist
  • A full bust


  • Wear shaped and fitted lines that follow your body shape
  • Avoid bulk and volume around your feminine curves
  • Avoid straight lines that hide your waist
  • Skirt Style: Flip, bias and full skirts that are adjustable at the waist, pencil skirts (with a pleat at side or back) all work well with this body shape. Hemlines are best kept at knee length or longer

Outfit Idea: Hourglass

img-set (4)
Skirt: River Island, €45 – Shop HERE
Top: New Look, €22.99 – Shop HERE
Necklace: Oasis, €17 – Shop HERE
Bag: ASOS, €39.44 – Shop HERE
Shoes: River Island, €75 – Shop HERE
Stylishly yours,
Heather x
Inspired by The Guide to Bodyshapes: Overview

  • Niamh


    Great Post! would be great if you could do dresses or jeans for each body shape too! thanks 🙂

    6th May 2016
      • Niamh


        Great thanks Heather, your blog is brilliant for outfit inspiration, really find it so good! I’m off to buy the outfit for the hourglass shape this weekend! 🙂 x

        6th May 2016