Product Review: Voya Get Glowing Mask

I recently tried out VOYA’S  “Get Glowing” Illuminating Clay Mask. I’ve been sleeping really badly lately and it’s really taking it’s toll on my skin. I also tend to suffer from quite dehydrated skin, making it quite dull (and with an ever increasing amount of fine lines, especially on my forehead) so when I heard that VOYA’S Get Glowing illuminating marine face mask was formulated to help brighten, rejuvenate and purify the skin to give a radiant glow, I was intrigued. Sign me up!!!
First things first, because it is made from 100% natural/ organic ingredients it is perfectly safe to use in pregnancy.  The key ingredients include:

  • Patchouli: known for its regenerating properties, this botanical plant works with an anti-inflammatory effect to soothe and calm irritated skin. The skin is further toned and tightened for advanced skin renewal.
  • Rosemary: works to deeply moisturise the skin whilst supporting healthy collagen development for skin elasticity restoration.
  • Seaweed: hand harvested from the bays of Sligo, this mineral rich seaweed delivers a multitude of beauty benefits to the complexion. Containing high concentrations of countless minerals and vitamins, the skin is gently detoxified, whilst the seaweed’s anti-ageing capabilities restore a subtle glow to the complexion to leave it feeling hydrated and silky soft.

What is it like?

The first thing I noticed is the gorgeous, fresh smell. It was like being in a spa.  You are instructed to apply just a thin layer (so the jar will last a good while) and leave for ten minutes.
It felt lovely and cooling going on, with a green ish looking colour to it (the hubby got a bit of fright when I hopped into bed with it on!!!). The smell when you have it on is intoxicating, now bear in mind I am nearly 8 months pregnant so my sense of smell is greatly heightened, others might not find it as intense (intense in a good way). After a couple of minutes, I felt my whole face begin to tingle, an unusual sensation at first, but you can almost feel it active on your skin. This sensation passed after the first few minutes. I washed it off with some warm water after about 15 minutes and my skin felt amazing afterwards, so so soft. It felt instantly hydrated, smoother and incredibly soft. I have used it twice in the last couple of weeks and am very happy with the results. It does state you can use it up to twice per week though if you wish.

Where to buy & how much?

It is €38 and is available online at (See it here) and is also available at select spas nationwide (List available here)

About Voya

VOYA has grown out of a very successful family-run seaweed baths business in Strandhill, Co. Sligo.
‘Til next time
Naomi xxx

Naomi Clarke is the owner and creator of The Style Fairy. Naomi, a qualified fashion stylist and personal shopper has over 12 years experience in fashion, personal shopping, blogging, styling and PR both in Ireland and abroad. Having spent 2 years working in the fashion industry in Sydney and then in Singapore, Naomi relocated back to Dublin to set up her own business in 2013 and so began The Style Fairy.

  • Hi
    I also bought this product at a day out at a spa, but when I opened it, it was hard and I couldn’t spread on face, is this normal

    19th November 2015