I was in Portugal last week with my hubby, we had such a blast! The week just flew by though, and wishing we had spent two weeks there! But we had such a lovely time, even looking back on our snaps, I am giggling away, we have so much fun.   Anyway, back to business and reality and here is a round up of some of my holiday looks 🙂 Obviously, I am pregnant (21+ weeks) but only SOME of the below are maternity clothes, mostly they are normal clothes!

Anything that is linkable, I have included the links in the captions 🙂 Anything that is old stock, I included a similar option!

What I Wore Travelling

On the way 🙂  Dress: Zara, € 26 Shirt: Penneys, €15 (approx) Sandals: New Look, €22.99
On the way home 🙁 Dress: Penneys, €10 (approx.) Shirt: ASOS, €30, Sandals: River Island, €50, Beach Bag: New Look, €24.99

Day Time Looks

Playsuit: Penneys, €15 Sandals: River Island, €50 Hat: Penneys, €10 Sunnies: Chanel Necklace: The Style Fairy, €25
Dress: Penneys, €15 Sunnies: Chanel Sandals: River Island, €50
Kimono: New Look, €13 (was €17) Shorts: New Look, €14.99 Sandals: River Island, €50 Necklace: Chicwish,€10
Dress: ASOS, €25 Wedges: River Island, €60
Dress: ASOS, €25 Wedges: River Island, €60


I don’t actually don’t have that many bikini shots….these are the best, mainly where I don’t resemble a whale!!!

Bikini: Heatons, €16 Hat: New Look, €14.99 Sunnies: Chanel, similar here
Bikini: Heatons, €16 Kaftan: Oasis, €35  (Best buy ever, went with everything) Hat: New Look, €14.99
Bikini: New Look, €22 (I LOVE New Look bikinis) Kaftan: Oasis, €30 Hat: Penneys, €12 (approx.)
Bikini: New Look, €22 Necklace: The Style Fairy, €25 Sunglasses: Chanel, €400 (approx or similar here)

Night Time Looks

Maxi dress: Onjenu, €130 Sunglasses: Chanel  (or very similar here) Sandals: River Island, €40
5 copy
Dress: Elora Maternity, €69 Heels: Ted Baker (at ASOS), €150
Maxi Dress: Chicwish, €54 Sunglasses: Chanel (or similar here)
Maxi Dress: Heatons, €15 Earrings: Penneys, €5 (approx.) Sandals: River Island, €40
Dress: Onjenu London, €100 (approx) Heels: Ted Baker (at ASOS), €150 Sunglasses: Chanel (or similar here)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post 🙂

‘Til next time
Naomi xx

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