Maternity Fashion: Finding the Perfect Jeans

Welcome to my very first of my maternity style post 🙂 If you missed my blog post telling you abut my pregnancy, you can see it here. I am so excited to finally start sharing this part of my life with you all. I plan to share the good, the bad and the bloated…. 😉 Hope you’ll join me! And I hope along the way I can provide you with some outfit ideas and inspiration. Bear in mind, I am a first time mammy so I am learning as I go! And I intend my posts to be an honest insight into my own experience.

The Great Jeans Debate: Underbump Vs Overbump

I was probably about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant on my way to Dundrum to meet a personal shopping client  one day when I heard Maia Dunphy on the radio talking to Tubridy about maternity fashion, she was on a rant about jeans and the benefits of underbump VS overbump jeans…. I had NO IDEA what she was talking about and in that moment (blissfully unaware of the weight gain that was about to hit me) I had a little freak out!!!!!
Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 14.56.50
I needed to get on top of this particularly because of what I do for a living plus I was increasingly uncomfortable in my own jeans and knew I had limited time left to squeeze into them! I wore my Molly skinny jeans probably up until I was about 12/ 13 weeks, they are so stretchy and also high waisted so I managed to get away with them by wearing a loose fitting tops. I lived in these, these and these  pre pregnancy!

Jeans I have tried and I am loving

So, underbump or overbump.  What is your preference? Everyone is different and it’s a very personal thing. I think a lot of it is experimenting and finding what you feel most comfortable in.  I know my thoughts on this will also change as my bump gets bigger, but right now my preference is most definitely over the bump (although I have both). The reason I love over the bump jeans is because I like having a smooth bump, if that makes sense? I like when I am wearing a tight fitting t-shirt or top that the sits smoothly over the jeans (with no lumps or bumps).

New Look

The style I have been living in are from New Look (Shop them HERE), I have them in navy and also in black and they have been my complete staples the past few weeks.  SO comfy!

New Look, €22.99 SHOP HERE

New Look, €22.99 SHOP HERE

I know, some people dislike over the bump styles because they have the dark cloth coming up over your bump and if you are wearing a tight white t-shirt you can see the darker bit underneath (that doesn’t bother me too much and I just wear a heavier t-shirt or different colours). I really do recommend this style if your a over the bump gal too 🙂 Some brands, such as Mamalicious have over the bump options with white or light coloured cloth going over the bump. See their range HERE.
Mamalicious, €44.95 SHOP HERE

Mamalicious, €44.95 SHOP HERE


The second pair I have and love are under the bump and are from ASOS (See them HERE). overall I am loving so much from ASOS and the have a great selection of jeans. View the full ASOS Maternity jeans range HERE.



They are really really good on, so comfy and just a really good fit plus a great colour. Now, because my bump is not that massive yet (I am just 18 weeks), it looks funny when I wear these under bump jeans with a skin tight top (kinda gives me a muffin top thing) so I wear these when I am wearing a loose fitting blouse or a jumper or a t-shirt . They are incredibly comfy and I think as my bump gets bigger I can see myself wearing these a lot more. They are excellent quality.


The third pair I have are white and from Topshop (View HERE). View their full range of jeans HERESo many fo who who emailed, told me Topshop was your favourite brand when it comes to jeans, but as I mentioned before it’s a very personal thing.

Topshop, €50 SHOP HERE

Topshop, €50 SHOP HERE

Finding nice white maternity jeans has been VERY hard. I have tried quite a few and these are the best! Without a doubt!! They are a really nice fabric, feel super comfy on, plus are really stretchy. I also like the colour, they are not a white white (i.e,. not see through). I just LOVE white jeans in the summer months, great with green/ pinks/ red/ stripes/ blue/ yellows. I tried the white jeans from New Look – Not good on me at all, too long and too see through. I also tried the white ones from Mamalicious, I have heard great things about Mamalicious but their white jeans just weren’t right on me.

The Belly Band

I know lots of you much prefer to continue wearing your own jeans and use things such as a belly band or the jeans extender as your bump grows.  Again, a totally personal thing.

Good starter kit, €20 SHOP HERE

Good starter kit, €20 SHOP HERE

Personally, I’m not a huge fan. I got a belly band from New Look and my sister-in-law also gave me her one which is from ASOS, both are great and can’t fault them, it’s more the concept. I felt it a little uncomfortable! And as I mentioned before I like a smooth bump (When I am wearing a tight fitting t-shirt or top) and with the belly band you have the button sticking out and I just felt kit didn’t look great, but if you are wearing a loose fitting top AND you still feel comfy in your jeans then this band is perfect. Great multi pack available in New Look (see here). Mothercare also sell ‘jeans expander which are another handy option if you want to continue to wear your own jeans.
Bump bands from New Look, €11.99 SHOP HERE

Bump bands from New Look, €11.99 SHOP HERE

Readers Favourites

I’ve had so many emails from you ladies (thank you) since announcing my pregnancy and lots of you have shared your experiences and favourites when it comes to maternity clothes. Coming up on top when it comes to jeans seems to be Topshop (see the range here) and H&M (see here). Added to the list now, are my favourites from New Look and ASOS. The other main brand when it comes to jeans is Isabella Oliver, they look great, so they are next on my list to road test! :

What Do you Want to Know?

I always love to hear your own personal favourites and tips. And if there is anything in particular you want me to blog about over the coming months on our brand new maternity section be sure to leave a comment and let me know! 🙂
‘Til next time
Naomi xxx

Naomi Clarke is the owner and creator of The Style Fairy. Naomi, a qualified fashion stylist and personal shopper has over 12 years experience in fashion, personal shopping, blogging, styling and PR both in Ireland and abroad. Having spent 2 years working in the fashion industry in Sydney and then in Singapore, Naomi relocated back to Dublin to set up her own business in 2013 and so began The Style Fairy.