Gold Fever Hair Extensions

Some of you may already know I have Gold Fever Hair Extensions in at the moment, in fact I’ve had them in almost 4 months now! Read about when I got them first put in here.  I absolutely love them.
larkI intend to get them taken out in the next couple of weeks, as my hair is growing SO fast in pregnancy, so the bonds have gone quite a bit down. They still look perfect though, you’d never know they’ve been in this long. And I imagine, if i wasn’t pregnant I would get even longer out of them!

This was taken yesterday!

This was taken this wek!

I wanted to share my experience with you, for anyone who may be considering getting them in, as I know it is quite a big decision! And choosing which brand to go for can be tricky!


I had a full head of Gold Fever Hair Extensions applied using a blend of three different colour tones to match identically to my own hair. I think that is one of the things I am most impressed by – The incredible colour match. Every hair dresser I’ve been to in the last few months has commented about how brilliant the colour match is. You would never know I had extensions in!
IMG_2962I don’t have a dye/colour in my hair but I have quite a few natural blonde and red tones going through it and they were able to match that perfectly, without applying any colour to my own hair. So, no matter your hair shade you can be completely guaranteed they will be able to match it perfectly.


My own natural hair is VERY straight and limp so it’s very difficult to do anything with it. If I am going out I have to have velcro rollers in it for ages and back comb the life out of it to create any kind of volume, so more than anything what I have always wanted was a little bit of volume. Yes, I deffo have some extra length too, but nothing massive. I went for the 16 inch version, and actually got about an inch trimmed off them after about 3 weeks.
The lengths available from Gold Fever range from 10 inches to 22 inches, so whether you have very short hair and want a small bit of length or even just some volume or whether you want really long, luscious locks, Gold Fever can do it. Even for example if you have a long bob, or shorter you could opt for Gold Fever to add that little extra lift & volume without affecting the length at all (I am toying with this idea at the moment)

How to care for your extensions

Everyone has an this idea that the maintenance with hair extensions is massive, now while they do require some extra love and attention, it is all very easy. But the better you look after them, the longer they will last and off course, the better they will look. So if you are someone who hates blowdrying your hair and rather just throw it up wet, then they might not be for you.
I was quite surprised how easy I found theme to maintain (and I am by no means someone who spends hours on their hair!!) When it comes to washing, you have to use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, there are lots of options out there; L’Oreal offer a sulphate free shampoo, as do Kerastase. I’m using the Kerastase range at the moment, and at the beginning I was using the ‘Great Lengths’ shampoo & conditioner (Which I bought in Brown Sugar, in Blackrock, Dublin)
You are also advised to use a soft bristle brush (so you don’t pull at the bonds). I bought one in Boots for about €12 and it has been perfect! Also to avoid them matting it is best to wear them in a loose ponytail at night!

Curly or Straight

One of the main questions I get asked is how I style my extensions. So, one thing I have been doing since I got the extensions is treating myself to more blow dry’s… 😉  One reason being I am pregnant, so it is my little way to treat myself. But also you get SO LONG out of a good blow dry when you have Gold Fever Hair Extensions. It’s amazing!!
If I am wearing them straight, I just wash as normal, blast them 90% dry with the hair dryer, when they are almost dry I start to blow dry them out straight, but without much effort, then I finish off with the straighteners and it really lasts!
To curl them, I use a wand (I use a Remington one) OR for a looser look curl I use the Instyler, which I love. It creates that more sorta ‘undone’ look.

Here is how it looks when the ends are tousled using the Instyler

Here is how it looks when the ends are tousled using the Instyler



Without a doubt the most asked question is; how much do they cost? There is no definite answer to this, as it will depend on you and what you want. i.e. do you want just some volume, or do you want length, if so how much etc. Prices will also vary slightly from salon to salon. To give you some basic volume prices start at circa €250 and can go up to €500 – €600 or more for more volume and length. The best thing to do is get a free consultation, which almost all the salons do, they will assess you hair, see what you need and talk you through your options then they will then give you a price

Find Out More

To find out more about Gold Fever Hair Extensions check out their website here where you will get a full list of salons where you can get them. I can honestly say my experience having Gold Fever has been brilliant, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They may be slightly on the pricer side than some other brands, but I really really think it is not something to skimp on, if you are getting hair extensions, I think you need to opt for the best quality you can, and without a doubt I recommend these.

Who has Gold Fever Hair Extensions

Gold Fever is spreading fast, just some of the familiar faces who have them include Rosanna Davison, Georgia Salpa, Roz Purcell, Suzanne Jackson & Holly Carpenter. It’s def worth checking out their Instagram page to see some of the amazing before & after pics! See it here.
Hope this has helped answer some of your questions 🙂
‘Til next time
Naomi xxx

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