Christmas Gift Ideas with F&F at Tesco

Hey ladies

Ahhhh can you believe Christmas is now only around the corner!! How did that happen? I don’t know about you but I am already starting to panic about gifts, I always do this….. I panic and yet still leave everything to the last minute! This year I am vowing not to leave everything last minute!

To make life easier and lend a helping hand when it comes to Christmas Gifts I have teamed up with F&F at Tesco to bring you some fabulous, budget friendly gift ideas. Christmas is such an expensive time of year, we are all on a budget, but we all still want to treat our nearest and dearest.

I have Gift Ideas for Her, Gift Ideas for Him and lastly, Gift Ideas under €10 (which includes some ideas for the kids). I had a lot of fun working on this collaboration; I started by asking you, (on Snapchat and Insta Stories) who you found the most difficult to buy for and your response was overwhelming, so from there, I selected lots of gifts from my local F&F at Tesco.

Because sometimes pictures don’t do enough justice, we filmed some really fun videos to showcase all my Christmas Gift Guide Ideas; I hope you enjoy them. Something really different for me, but just a new, fun, interactive way to bring you content 🙂 Check them out below…


Gift Ideas for Her

Gift details

Handbag, €28
Ankle Boots, €32
Watch, €20.50


Gift Ideas for Him

Gift Details

Hip Flask, €15
Slippers, €12.50
Boots, €32



Gift Details

Baby Santa Costume, €10
Ear muffs, €6
Bobble hat, €10
Birth stone necklace, €6.50



As well as the Gifts, all the looks I am wearing here and in the videos are head to toe from F&F at Tesco; they have some stunning, and super cosy knitwear in right now. Perfect Christmas Day outfit ideas.


Jumper, €28
Contour jeans, €28


Jumper, €20
Necklace, €9
Jeans (contour jeans), €28


Jumper, €25
Skirt, €23


Hope you enjoyed the post and good luck with all your Christmas shopping

Naomi xxx



** This is a sponsored blog post in association with F&F at Tesco **

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Ok ladies, competition time once again! This time I am giving away a statement necklace from my brand new TSF Collection. YOU get to choose ANY piece you want from the collection.

My latest TSF collection comprises 10 styles of necklace, from statement to more simple; all perfect for the Christmas Party Season. Check out the full collection HERE

A TSF necklace is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe; it can instantly transform or update any outfit. From a simple and classic  ‘Little Black Dress’ to adding some glam and sparkle to a simple knit jumper or blouse.  Here’s a little peak at the ten piece collection:

The Collection

‘MAE’, €30 Shop here
‘MARILYN’ €35 Shop here
‘GRETTA’, €25 Shop here
‘AVA’, €28 Shop here
‘BRIGITTE’, €26 Shop here
‘AUDREY’, €30 Shop here
‘BETTE’, €28 Shop here
‘KATHARINE’ €35 Shop here
‘INGRID’ €35 Shop here
‘MARLENE’, €32 Shop here


All the TSF necklaces come in luxury white gift boxes making them perfect Christmas gift ideas (the box is also ideal for storing your necklace). If you want to send a gift directly to someone, simple put their postal address in the order form and leave a personal note for the recipient


To be in with a chance to win ANY necklace from the TSF Collection simply;

  • Leave a comment below telling us which necklace you would love to win?
  • Like & share the post on Facebook 
  • Tag a friend on the Facebook post (whoever you think you would love to win a piece or deserves a special treat!)

I’ll announce a winner at the end of the week.

Best of luck everyone

Naomi xx


PLEASE NOTE: You will not be fully entered unless you leave a comment  and winner will be contacted via the email address they supply.


Anabelle Ivy

Hey ladies

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Edel O’Malley photographer on a family photo session… with a difference. I didn’t want “posed” photos and I knew Anabelle Ivy, being the age she is, wouldn’t sit still for a second so when Edel got in touch with me about an outdoors lifestyle/location session, I thought it was just perfect for us.

I’ve known Edel quite a while now, she came to our home and did a newborn photoshoot with Anabelle- see it here (AB was just 8 days old). Then again when Anabelle was about 8 months old I had some more shots done with Edel. Anabelle has grown up and changed so much over the past year that I was dying to capture some memories of how she is now; walking, talking, laughing, playing and running around like a little lunatic! I knew a studio setting wouldn’t be right for her. Instead, Edel met us in our local park here in Dun Laoghaire and we took it from there.

Edel has a very relaxed, gentle and calm way about her, Anabelle instantly felt comfortable with her (as did Cormac and I) She has such a good way with kids, there was no directing or trying to get Anabelle to stand a certain way or even stand still for that matter, Edel just followed Anabelle’s lead and caught some incredible images of her and us as a family, just laughing and playing in the park.

These are the kind of memories that will last a lifetime, as Anabelle grows up I know we will look back on these and smile, and always be grateful to Edel for capturing her character and her joyful spirit in such a beautiful and captivating way.

My little girl is turning 2 at the end of September and I can hardly believe it. I know everyone tells you to treasure every minute because it goes by in a blink, but now I can truly understand that. They say “the days are long but the years are short” and it just really rings true.

We didn’t have the easiest of starts in the whole world with Miss Anabelle Ivy, she suffered terribly with severe reflux for almost a year, and there were days when I thought her crying and pain would never end but thank god that is a distant memory for us now, and we have the happiest, giddiest, most loving little girl on our hands now.

With each passing day I see more and more of her incredible personality coming through and she honestly just blows me away, she is fiercely independent, determined, loving, sweet, stubborn, funny, giddy, hyper, mischievous, affectionate and has a smile and a giggle that would set the coldest heart on fire.

A single kiss from this little girl and the whole world seems ok again.

If I think of just how fast the last two years have gone by, I know the next two will be even quicker, that’s why I am just so so glad we got the photos done when we did, they sum her up so well.

Thinking of having some pictures done of your family? 

I would really encourage any mammies reading this to consider getting a lifestyle shoot done with Edel, you will not be disappointed, trust me!! From now until Christmas Edel is offering 10% OFF on her lifestyle location shoots if you mention “The Style Fairy” when booking.

Location sessions like the one we did can be done at home or at a location of your own choice. The package includes over an hour and a half session time, so loads of time for plenty of great shots, or to even allow for a change of location if you wish & Edel will travel to you. To get more information on her packages you can email Edel on OR you can visit her website HERE to see more of her work

And when you get in touch with Edel make sure to tell her we sent you 😉 So you can avail of her discount over over the next few months.

Hope you enjoyed the post

‘Til next time

Naomi, Cormac & Anabelle Ivy xxx

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Holidays with a toddler

Hey ladies

By far the most requested blog post lately is tips for flying and holidaying abroad with a toddler. I wrote a blog post after our very first holiday abroad with Anabelle (you can read that HERE). She wasn’t walking back then and in ways I think that was probably easier! I was absolutely terrified before our first holiday with her and she really surprised us!


I wasn’t quite as nervous this time around and overall she was great (still lots of hairy moments and a few toddler melt downs!!!!)

Story of my life... Running after this monkey!!
Story of my life… Running after this monkey!!

The most common message/ email/ snap I get is “I’m flying with my xxx month old and I am terrified, please share your tips”. I think we all are nervous to fly with our wee ones (maybe not so much you well seasoned mammies but us newbies are) My main worries are/were things like; the flight – What if her ears pop? (I have heard nightmare stories of burst ear drums and the likes 🙁 )  What if she screams the whole time on the flight? What if the person next us is horrible and not patient? Then on holidays you worry about things like; Will she eat the food? Will she sleep? Should we keep her routine? How much supplies should I bring? We all have the same worries and concerns and I know I have spoken with countless mammies on Snapchat about this.

Wrecked after a day of travelling !
Wrecked after a day of travelling !

I’ve written this blog post just to share our experience and tricks I learnt along the way 🙂 I am by no means a pro, and my god there was plenty of stress at times too, but just a few things that worked for us.

The Holiday 

So we were in Portugal for this holiday. We were staying in a family owned place so hence I didn’t share too much of it on Snapchat or social media. But the area we were in was very near Praia de Luz and about ten minutes drive to Lagos. We have been to this area a couple of times before (never with a baby) and it’s really a stunning part of Portugal.


Luz is a sleepy, rustic, traditional Portuguese village, totally different to the likes of Villamoura for example. More old style Portugal. The beach in Luz is STUNNING – really gorgeous.


We flew (with Aer Lingus) to Faro Airport and where we were staying was about a 50 minute drive. We had a car booked (with a car seat) so it was great to have no stress when we arrived in Faro airport. It is so handy to pre book a car and request a car seat, almost all car rental companies will facilitate this. For the remainder of our trip we rented a car, again we had use of the car seat all week. It was really handy. We used a rental company called Lago Rent.

Most days we ate breakfast in our own apartment. Then headed to the beach in Luz, then it was lunch, and time for Annabelle’s nap and then in the afternoons we usually went to the playground or the pool. And headed our for dinner at around 6pm/ 6.30pm each evening. Mostly we were home by 8.30pm/9pm (but more on restaurants later)


Photo by my hubby
Photo by my hubby

The Flight – My Top Tips 

When booking your flights I do advise to try and pick flights times that coincide with nap times (where and if possible). We flew around 11.30am/12pm so it meant getting Anabelle up a little earlier that morning and by the time of the flight she was well ready for a nap.

We booked seats in advance but they messed them up, anyway long story short the staff were great and got us seated together (I had a mini panic attack that Cormac and I were gonna be separated!!).

My top tips for surviving the flight are:

  • Try fly as close to nap time as possible
  • Offer a bottle or two. Anabelle doesn’t take a bottle during the day anymore but she took one on the flight and it really helped calm her and get her off to sleep. So if your baby still takes a bottle in the day time I advise bringing at least two.
  • I brought the powder formula in little containers (already counted out) and just bought bottled water for the bottles once we were though security
  • Bring as many snacks as you possible can. Snacks and food are the best possible distraction. I packed raisins, rice cakes, bread roll, cream crackers and anything from Organix is really handy like the sweet corn rings, carrot puffs, the flat jack style bars, fruit bars, oh and mini custards – they are SO handy and Anabelle loves them.
  • Security can vary – some let you bring small yogurts and custards and formula, while other don’t. We were allowed the custards. And then I bought bottled water after security.
  • I packed lots of snacks and I was so glad I did. There was not great snack variety available in the local supermarkets.
  • Bring a change of clothes on the flight (and a spare vest!!!)  You know yourself, poop explosions are always a possibility
  • Changing bag – I brought a few nappies, wipes, hand santizer and a mini bum cream (Bepanthen)
  • Extra/ spare doddies
  • iPad – an absolute MUST. She loves Frozen so we have that downloaded plus Tangled, The Lion King and some of her favourites
  • New (and small) toys. You don’t need to go to expense, but a couple of small toys that they haven’t seen before are a great distraction. I bought a small book, stickers (she LOVES stickers), some mini play dough and other small bits and pieces. Whatever your child is into.
  • Sleepytot comforter. Ye must be sick of me talking about the Sleepytot! But Anabelle has a special ‘Bunny’ and she only gets him at nap time and bed time – When she sees him she gets so excited and for her it means it’s sleep time. I brought this on flight with us and took him out just as we were about to take off. I wanted to make sure she was sucking on the way up (to avoid her ears popping). it worked a treat.
  • I also brought Camomile syrup on board, I am always so worried about her ears, so the camomile is great to dip the soother into to make sure she sucks – it tastes great, she loves it, it is supposed to have a calming effect and most importantly it means she kept sucking her dody!
  • Other than that, just try yourself to be as calm as you can, they can sense it of us if we are stressed for sure.
  • Dress yourself comfortably and same for your wee one, something that is easy to get on and off (those toilets are tiny so it’s hard to manoeuvre)
  • On the flight out Anabelle was great, she slept about one hour. The flight to Faro is 2 hours 20 so it was brill. (Love the shorter flight!). On the way home we were an hour delayed and she was soon over tired by the time we boarded, she was a total grump, the poor pet and very irritable, lucky for us there was no one in the third seat next to us so it was great to have the extra space. She didn’t sleep on the way home (even though she was exhausted) and she did cry a bit on and off but we survived to tell the tale 🙂


Most people are very kind and understanding when you are travelling with babies and toddlers and if you are unlucky enough to get sitting beside someone who isn’t very nice? Well, feck them, you will never see them again, kids are kids, and if they don’t understand that, well more fool them!


We live by routine in this house. And I think it is so so important, it gives Anabelle comfort knowing her routine and by bedtime (most of the time) she runs to the stairs to go to bed once she has her teeth brushed as she just knows her routine so well by now. (It’s not always that perfect but it’s getting there)

But, with that being said, holidays are different, and I think you have to be more flexible. Within reason though I think it is only fair to keep as close as you can to your home routine. So Anabelle still takes one nap, usually two hours from 1pm – 3pm, because we wanted to keep her up later at night on holidays we tried to stretch the naps as late as we could and it worked quite well (most days) So mostly she was going for a nap around 2pm and waking up around 4pm.


Side note 

Before I continue I probably should mention – we had the most amazing 4/5 days on holidays at the start but then we all got very, very sick and ended up delaying our flights as we are unable to fly home so the latter half of our holiday was not so pleasant. PLUS our dog Oscar was missing on the early part of our holiday, so all in all, although there were brilliant moments to this holiday there were some pretty awful ones too! But we are all home, well and happy now (including Oscar) so it’s all good.

Eating Out 

I got asked a lot while we were away and since I got home on how did we entertain Anabelle during meals out.


And the truth is…. it was VERY difficult. Unlike our last holiday when we were staying in a resort and there was buffet to head to in the evenings and she could run riot, this was more going out for meals in local restaurants and it was hard for her. She has a span of approx 45 mins and if we are lucky, one hour.


We brought the iPad and we also have a portable DVD player so we brought one or other of those out with us at night. I would normally give her a small dinner in the apartment at around 5.30pm and then she would usually snack/eat again while we were in the restaurant, I always just asked for a tiny portion of either rice, pasta with butter or chips – This really helps to keep her occupied.

Glued to Peppa Pig!!
Glued to Peppa Pig!!

But it depends on her mood, some days she was happy to sit and watch Peppa on the DVD and we could eat in peace, other evenings she had no patience and we had to speed eat our way out of the place, But hey, that’s toddlers for you!



As I said we had brekkie in the apartment each day. Lunch we usually had out, just at a casual beach side place, I then made Anabelle proper dinners in the apartment and then we all went out for dinner at night. In Praia De Luz, I would recommend;

  1. Fortaleze Da Luz – this place is AMAZING. a complete must visit. It is an old Castle with the most stunning views. Ask to eat outside!!! It’s so worth it.

geral_big014 geral_big09

2. Paraiso. This beach side restaurant is our other favouite. The views are AMAZING too and the food is divine. It has major Miami beach vibes going on – Fab interiors! V child friendly too.

3. Fabrica. Fab menu, lovely staff, close to the beach.

4. Italia. This is in Lagos town but is such a yummy Italian, well worth a visit.

There are lots more great restaurants but these would be my top 4.

the reality!!! Lol
the reality!!! Lol

Stroller/ Baby Equipment

I have the Babyzen YOYO stroller and love it, it is so neat, folds so easily ad can be brought on board if you wish. We choose to bring it as far as the air craft and then let them take it.

There was a cot in our family’s place where we were staying and in any hotel or resort you are heading they will provide a cot, just make sure to request in advance. Same with highchair, any hotels or resorts will have these.

We did pack our monitors, just for peace of mind as Anabelle was staying in a room on her own.


Bring enough nappies, wipes, swimming nappies etc to get you through say 3 days or so and then you can head to the local supermarket. I like to have enough to get us through the initial days (just in case) but everywhere now has shops that will sell the Pampers equivalent (Think in Portugal they were called Dodot). Same goes with swimmimg nappies.

The only thing now, having been on two foreign holidays with Anabelle, they don’t tend to have the baby snacks I like to give her (Like the organic ones etc) So I do advice bringing some snacks.

I also packed a one tog gro bag – I got it from Mothercare online and it’s perfect for warmer weather. As well as that I brought a little hooded towel for her.

I also brought Ewan the Sheep, and some of the teddies from her bed – To remind her of home! I know i know, I am probably mad, but I do think it helps her! I also brought her bedtime book (Goodnight, Moon) which we read every single night before sleep. So I tried to keep things as normal as I could.

Clothes & Swimwear

Most of Anabelle’s holiday clothes I got in Dunnes Stores, Penneys and Next, with a few pieces from Jojo Maman Bébé.


Jojo Maman is fab for swimwear, swimming hats and swim shoes and I just ADORE the dresses they do for little girls – Really cute.


I picked up two swimsuits ( coverall all swim suits) from Dunnes for Annabelle, she wore those to the beach and pool at all times. There is great comfort in having her more or less totally covered up. They are very handy and I highly recommend.


She has swim shoes/ beach shoes (which can be worn pool side or in the water) from Jojo Maman and a tie on swim hat from Jojo also. Everywhere has great swimwear in at the mo – Penneys, Heatons, Dunnes, H&M, Zara, Next etc etc


I picked up fabulous denim shorts and cover ups for her in Penenys. In the evenings she mostly wore dresses with a little cardigans. They need very little so try not to  over pack (easer said than done as kids stuff so soooooooo cute and hard to resist not bringing it all!)




I think that’s about it, if I have missed anything or if you have any questions, please just leave a comment below and I’ll get straight back to you.

‘Til next time

Naomi xx



Hi ladies

I recently launched my brand new summer TSF collection and I am SO excited about it. So much so, I want to celebrate by running a GIVEAWAY – see bottom of the post for details on how to enter 🙂


This is my fourth collection of TSF fashion accessories and my far by biggest and most eclectic yet. This season’s range see’s the introduction of some stunning semi precious stones (all handmade in New York) as well as the new addition of rings. I absolutely love each and every piece in the collection and that is so important to me. Each piece is so unique and so wearable, and there is certainly something in there for every taste and style.

The collection comprises 17 pieces in totals from rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings.


The hugely popular ‘Friendship Knot’ range is back in the bangle and this time in a beautiful, dainty ring and it comes in silver, rose gold and yellow gold. All items are one size fits all, including the rings, as you will see from the pics there is an opening on the back.


CARA - Friendship Knot Bangle, €20 Shop Here
CARA – Friendship Knot Bangle, €20 Shop Here
CARA - Friendship Knot Bangle, €20 Shop Here
CARA – Friendship Knot Bangle, €20 Shop Here
CARA - Friendship Knot Bangle, €20 Shop Here
CARA – Friendship Knot Bangle, €20 Shop Here
Lily - Friendship Knot ring - Available in all 3 colours €20 Shop here
Lily – Friendship Knot ring – Available in all 3 colours €20 Shop here


‘AMELIA’ – Can be worn in so many ways, length ways or with all circles grouped together. A timeless piece €28 Shop here
‘CAMILLA’ -Amethyst stone, mint truly and gold bead – al 3 chains are joined together. €36 Shop here
‘SADIE’ Semi precious pink magenta stone, made in New York, exclusively for TSF, €35 Shop here
‘LEXIE’ Suede choker with pale pink semi precious stone – Hand made in New York, €42 Shop here
‘SADIE’ – Light blue semi precious stone on gold plated chain – Hand made in New York, €35 Shop here
‘MOLLY’ For those who love simple, chic and dainty. Such a pretty necklace, €28 Shop here (Matching ring below)
'GRACE' heart ring, €20 Shop here
‘GRACE’ heart ring, €20 Shop here
'Grace' ring worn with 'Lily' ring (rose gold version)
‘Grace’ ring worn with ‘Lily’ ring (rose gold version)


‘BELLA’ – Charm bracelet ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ – Makes a beautiful gift, €32 Shop here
‘GEORGIA’ – The statement cuff, brushed gold leaves, a real ‘wow’ piece, €30 Shop here


‘HARPER’ – A complete classic earring, can be worn in two ways, as pictured, or the drop part can be removed to leave the circle stud – Simply stunning, €35 Shop here
‘ROSE’ – Simply stunning and like the previous pair, this gold version can be worn two ways also. I am always wearing my pair! €35 Shop here


To celebrate the launch of my summer TSF collection, I am giving away TWO BRACELETS – One of the ‘Georgia’ statement leaf cuff and one of ‘Bella’ Live, Love, Laugh bracelet to two lucky winners 🙂 




I will draw two lucky winners next week

Good luck ladies

Naomi xxx



Bollinger Best Dressed Lady at Punchestown Festival

Hi Ladies,

I have some REALLY exciting news to share with you all…. I’m delighted to announce that I am one of the judges at next weeks Punchestown Festival judging the Bollinger Best Dressed Lady.

I am judging on Wednesday 26th April  (Which is Gold Cup Day) and my fellow judges on that day are Aisling O’Loughlin, former Xposé Presenter and owner of, Hannah Power wife of Gold Cup winning jockey Robert ‘Puppy’ Power and Linda Stinson, owner of Bellamianta Tan. I really cannot wait! And what a fabulous bunch of ladies to be judging along side.

The Punchestown Festival takes place from Tuesday 25th to Saturday 29th April 2017. Other judges during the week include Glenda Gilson (Tuesday), Bláthnaid Treacy (Thursday) and Vogue Williams (Friday).


The Prize 

The prize for the Bollinger Best Dressed Lady is simply AMAZING, the overall winner (which is announced on Friday) gets;

  • VIP trip for two to the private Bollinger estate and its new Champagne libraries, France.
  • Overnight stay in the beautiful historic town of Reims – the capital of the Champagne region
  • Michelin dining and luxury overnight stay in Paris, the City of Light
  • Private chauffeur and Champagne lunch experience

Each day (Tuesday – Thursday) there will be 5 finalists picked with one overall winner from each day.

Each of these 5 finalists will receive a €100 Topflight voucher, a bottle of Bollinger Champagne and other exclusive goodies, while the overall winner each day will also receive a custom-made Montgomery Millinery hat worth €250 and a €200 Topflight voucher. The winners from Tuesday to Thursday are invited back as automatic finalists in Friday’s main competition where they can wear the same thing or something else, it’s their choice. The overall winner of the Bollinger Best Dressed Lady will be announced on Friday.


My Top Tips 

Hope I get to meet some of you ladies on the day, if you are coming on Wednesday, make sure to come over and say hi, I would absolutely LOVE to meet you.

Here are some of my top tips for a winning look:

  1. Timeless Elegance. For me a winning look should be timeless and classic, it is nice to see the incorporation of some ‘trends’ but for me a classic and elegant look with a demure, sophisticated and timeless feel is always a winner.
  2. Style & Flair. The winner to me should show their personal style and individual flair, catch the eye of the judge or scout but yet not be totally over the top either. A winner or a finalist can usually be spotted a mile away but not because she is loud or showy, rather because she exudes style.
  3. Be you. Stay true to you and your own personal style, don’t try to recreate a formulaic race day look because you feel you have to, instead, embrace your own style and wear what suits you.
  4. Be comfortable and confident. You need to feel comfortable in your look which in turn will give you the confidence to rock it. Keep in mind that you want to be ‘race’ appropriate too.
  5. Expensive or deisgner does not equal a winner . For me personally, it does not matter whether you are wearing Prada or Penneys, instead it is HOW you put together your look, not whether it was expensive or if its designer. I like to see how people pull together their outfit from head to toe, that might mean, a little vintage here, a little high street there and a splash of designer, and a borrowed hat but – It’s the finished product I am looking for. The detail, the thought, the way it fits and suits your shape.


My Outfit

I am so excited to show you all my outfit, although I am not even close to organised yet – It’s all the final bits that can take so long, but I am getting there! I am extremely honoured to say I am being dressed by the amazing Irish designer Niamh O’Neill and I actually cannot wait to show you the outfit by her. I have never worn anything like this before!  I’m also beyond excited that the amazingly talented Irish Milliner Jennifer Wrynne is designing me a bespoke headpiece…. Eeeeecccck, I’m bursting with excitement to see that. To keep up to date on my outfit and more importantly to follow all the style on the day itself make sure you follow me on Snapchat (username: thestylefairy)


For more information and to get tickets visit 

Hope to see some of your gorgeous ladies there

Naomi xx


Spring/ Summer Collection at Vaughan Shoes


Hey ladies

I’m delighted to be once again collaborating with my good friends at Vaughan Shoes to showcase their amazing Spring/ Summer 2017 collection.


And I am thrilled to announce there is a very special 15% DISCOUNT CODE for Style Fairy readers across their entire collections using the code ‘TSF15’ at the checkout, this discount starts today (Tuesday 18th April 2017 and ends on Tuesday 25th April 2017).

Plus, if you scroll to the bottom of this post there is A GIVEAWAY 🙂


I am a huge fan of Vaughan Shoes; they stock an amazing array of fantastic brands including the likes of Amy Huberman, Clarks, Dubarry, Pedro Anton, Kate Appleby and Jose Saenz to name just a few.

I originally came across Vaughan Shoes when I was hunting down a pair of wedges a few summers ago and my love affair with THE comfiest wedges around began… Pedro Anton (see that range here). Plus, this seasons Amy Huberman collection is my favourite of hers yet, wait til you see it, trust me, you will want them all!! See here.


Vaughan Shoes is a 100% Irish owned company offers free delivery nationwide, a very easy returns service plus a very quick and easy click & collect service across their 3 stores in Castlebar, Ballinrobe and Claremorris. And wow I have to say I am seriously impressed by their Spring/ Summer collection.  To showcase their latest and greatest I have decided to do “The Style Fairy’s Top 10 Buys” across their website.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see how TWO of you lucky readers can WIN a pair of shoes from the stunning Amy Huberman collection or if you prefer, the two winners can simply pick from ANY shoes they wish across the website.


In no particular order here are some of my best buys. It was close to impossible to narrow this list down to 10, I could have easily included 20! Always a great sign of a good collection. What you get when you buy from Vaughans is REALLY good quality, and shoes or boots that will last for seasons to come. I have trainers from a brand they stock called ARA, that are now seasons old, yet still one of the comfiest trainers I own!!

Pedro Anton, €85 Shop HERE. Also come in navy and in different heights – I have these and SO comfy
Marco Tozzi, €49.95 Shop HERE (Very Valentino inspired)
Amy Huberman, €129.95 Shop HERE (Have these myself & LOVE them)
ARA rose gold trainers, €105 Shop HERE (Love, love, love!)
Amy Huberman, €89.99 Shop HERE (have these and trust me they are even nicer in person!!)
Marco Moreo, €165 Shop HERE (Have my eye on these for ages – so me!)
Amy Huberman, €99.99 Shop HERE (how fab would these be with dresses for the summer months)
Amy Huberman, €99.99 Shop HERE (how fab would these be with dresses for the summer months)
Jose Saenz wedge, €95 Shop HERE (The perfect summer wedge!)
Jose Saenz wedge, €95 Shop HERE (The perfect summer wedge!)
Mustang Plimsoll, €49.95 Shop HERE (Also come in silver - This style is SO me, such a wearable, comfy shoe and still so stylish)
Mustang Plimsoll, €49.95 Shop HERE (Also come in silver – This style is SO me, such a wearable, comfy shoe and still so stylish)

Amy Huberman rose gold heels, €99.95 Shop HERE (Rose gold heels go with absolutely everything – Perfect summer heel investment!)


TWO lucky readers get to choose ANY pair of shoes they wish across the entire collection – Amy Huberman, Pedro Anton, Jose Saenz, anything YOU like. I recently got the grey Amy Huberman boors myself and just love them!

img_6590 img_8455



  • LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW SAYING YOU HAVE ENTERED (it is vital you enter here on the blog too as we need your email address to contact you)

The lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday 26th April. I will draw two winners names at random and will announce this on Facebook – You will also get an email from me. Then you will get to choose any shoes you want and they will be immediately posted out to you 🙂


Don’t forget from today (18th April) until next Tuesday (25th April ’17) there is 15% across everything on Vaughan Shoes. Simply use the code ‘TSF15’ at the checkout. This applies to all brands, plus all mens shoes, so you might just pick up something for the hubby too (They stock great mens brands too like Tommy Bowe, Dubarry and lots more!)

*Please note the discount does not apply to Jose Saenz as they are currently running 20% off across this entire range.

Very best of luck to everyone

Naomi xxx


¨¨This is a sponsored blog post in collaboration with Vaughan Shoes**


Travelling abroad with a toddler

Hey ladies

So, we went on out first family holiday abroad with Anabelle Ivy at the end of December, I have had so many requests for a blog post on how we got on, any tips or tricks I learnt along the way so here you go 🙂 If you want to have a read about where we stayed etc, you can check out my other holiday blog post here.


I’ll start by saying, I was SO nervous about travelling with her, I had no idea what to expect. Anabelle is now 15 months and at the time she hadn’t started walking (although she took her first steps on our last night of holidays). But she is a VERY active, busy little girl, she doesn’t stop for a second. I guess like any normal 15 month old, but she doesn’t tend to sit on my lap for longer than a few seconds, so I was particularly scared about how the flight would go (it’s about a 4 and a half hour flight). Secondly, I guess my other main concern was trying to keep her in somewhat of a ‘routine’ but whilst also allowing to us to stay out longer in the evenings, go for meals etc.

All aboard
All aboard

The Flight

I got lots of tips from my Snapchat followers before I left, all of which were brilliant help. Thank you ladies 🙂

  1. So, first up, one of my big fears (and I know silly) was being seated next to a person who wouldn’t be tolerant of Anabelle and would be ‘tutting’ at us, I know, I know, I shouldnt have been worrying about that but I was. That’s just me. Anyway, the gentleman beside us, as soon as we were seated asked the air hostess if there was any free seats on the plane and if he could be moved to one, and he was. He was happy, as were we!! We had the whole 3 seats to ourselves – it was perfect. So I really advise just asking the air hostess when you are boarding, and I’m sure the person next to you would be more than happy with that arrangement too.
  2. Snacks, snacks and more snacks! Genuinely, bring so many snacks, honestly this is the best tip we got and it worked. It preoccupied her and kept her happy – we brought lots of carrot sticks from Ella’s Kitchen (they are like crisps but healthy and she loves munching on them). In fact we brought mostly snacks from Ella’s Kitchen, as they are so handy. The other little snacks she loves are like mini flapjacks and they take a while to chew so they kept her going oh and raisins! Raisins are brilliant, she loves picking them out of the little box plus they take a while to chew. It’s the novelty of them I think!
  3. Both mammy and daddy bring a bag on board – I had the changing bag, with plenty of nappies, wipes, a change of clothes, plus a mini hand sanitiser, your mini changing mat and mini anti bacterial wipes (got in Boots), nappy bags – You know yourself, general changing bag stuff.
  4. Cormac (aka Daddy) had a bag with snacks, food, formula and bottles and toys. So what we did was, I bought her a few small, cheap toys that she didn’t see until the plane, we only gave her one a a time and there is always great novelty with something new, so we had a little book, a small bear that played music and a few small trinket toys. I mainly got them in Smyths Toystore and I also picked up some interesting stacking toys in Early Learning Centre. We also brought a sticker book and wow she loved that – we got great value from it, and must have killed at least a half hour – Even if Daddy’s face was covered in stickers by the end!
  5. She slept for over an hour on the way out and back so that was great, she doesn’t normally take a bottle anymore during the day but giving her the bottle helped calm and comfort her and nod off to sleep.
  6. I was really worried about her little ears popping. Tales of burst ear drums and screaming babies had me terrified!! So I made sure she was sucking her dody on the way up and down, she has a special little bunny (with a soother attached) that we only give her at nap time and bed time so when we brought that out as the fight was taking off she was only delighted! I also had Calgel (which I find BRILLIANT for teething) so I put a tiny amount on the soother to ensure she sucked on it, as I know she loves the taste so much. It worked a treat.



Clothes for Holidays 

I mainly got her summer clothes from Next, Heatons, Sports Direct, Gymboree, Jojo Maman Bebe and Dunnes. I got sunhats and little pool shoes (which were a life saver) in Jojo Maman Bebe (online). The little all in one swimsuits I bought (which were brilliant) I got from – It’s a brand you can get in lots of places but their sun protection suits are great.  I bought some things which she didn’t wear – for example, I wasn’t comfortable with her in criss cross or low back stuff as I was so terrified of her getting too much sun, it was a rookie mistake on my behalf, but I’ll know for next time that I am happier with sun clothes with a small cap sleeve…


I brought 3 little cardigans with me for her and they were great as they went with everything and kept her warm in the evenings – one from Hetaons and the others from H&M.

Sun cream we got a kids Ambre Solaire one which was I think Factor 50 and it was a spray so that worked well, even if she hated when we were applying it!

The float we got for the pool was one we bought over there and it was brilliant, she could stand right into it and walk around the baby pool – She was thrilled with herself!!



Supplies for Holidays

I did bring a supply of nappies, but just enough to get us through the first few days, so don’t over pack as they take up so much room. I also brought some swimming nappies, but again don’t over do it as you can buy all out there. I also packed formula, just a few bottles and I picked up these sterilising bags on Boots (got them online) and they were really handy. I know, most wouldn’t normally be sterilising bottles at her age, but I still like to, that’s just me! Moral of the story, do bring enough to last you at least maybe 3 days and everything else you can get out there. I have to say I did bring a few Ella’s Kitchen dinners (perfect when we went out and there was nothing suitable on the menu). And I also brought LOADS of snacks and I am so glad I as we could find nothing similar in the shops over there.


The stroller I have is the Babyzen YOYO, I got it from Bella Baby (you can see it here). I absolutely love it, it’s incredibly lightweight and folds up so neat, and even has a strap for carrying across your shoulder.

img_3069 img_2908

Trying to keep your routine

Anabelle Ivy is a fairly structured routine now (at long last!!) and sleeps very well. God I never actually thought the day would come when I would be writing that, but there you go. She takes a two hour nap during the day. I wanted to maintain some level of routine but also for us to stay out later in the evenings. Saying that we were still in bed/ up in the room every night by 9.30pm. My little lady DOES NOT sleep in the buggy, no way, she just won’t do it. If your little one does, the great, you can let them sleep in the evenings in the buggy but it just isn’t a runner for us. So I knew before I left I wasn’t going to stress myself out by trying to get her to do so over there. We had interconnecting rooms, which was ideal, so her room had the cot and it meant we could go into our room and watch TV and not be afraid of waking her. Plus we had the balcony off our room so we were able to sit out on balcony, have a few drinkies and chill out.


So, what we did was just each day we tried to extend her nap as late as we could. At home she goes for her nap from 1pm – 3pm, where as over there and because there was so much happening we were able to keep her up til 2pm or 2.30pm and that then gave us the chance to keep her up later in the evening. She also slept on later in the mornings over there which was great, so we let her at it, and mostly she woke around 9.30am/ 10am! Bliss!!!


So many people say they do grow up so much on holidays and I really agree. Every day she amazed me, she became more vocal, smiling and waving at strangers. It was a different holiday in so many ways, but I have to say it was far and above the best holiday we have had. She just made every day so much more fun! The flight home was a little tricky, she was overtired to begin with and by time we got on the flight she was so cranky, but we survived and I lived to tell the tale, so I won’t be as scared on our next flight!


Hope you enjoyed the post

‘Til next time

Naomi xxx

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Christmas Gift Guide: For Her: under €35

Hey ladies

So from now on, Heather and I will be bringing lots of gift ideas and inspiration on what to buy your loved ones this Christmas. I’ve a list as long as my arm of gifts to buy myself so if you’re anything like me, then it’s time to get started! I refuse to be last minute AGAIN this year.

This first gift guide is “For Her: Under €35” so it could be your sister, your mum, your daughter, your best friend, your KK, anyone special in your life, that loves all things glam!

e63ac95870cbb9d81dbb561cd1920d371. Charlotte Tiburry Lipstick, €30. Shop here

2. River Island Perfume, €13 Shop here

3. TSF by Naomi Clarke necklace, €35. Shop here

4. TSF by Naomi Clarke bracelet, €20 Shop here

5.Charlotte Tilburry, Legendary Lashes Mascara, €32 Shop here

6. Light pink leather pom pom gloves, €33. Shop here


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Competition Time: Win €300 to spend at iClothing

Hey ladies

Oh do we have a great competition for you…..To celebrate The Style Fairy reaching 50k on Facebook AND to celebrate the launch of our brand new website we have teamed up with the fabulous folks over at iClothing  to offer one very lucky reader the chance to win a whopping €300 voucher to spend on whatever you like from the amazing collections at iClothing. Details on how to enter this fab competition are below.

With two really momentous milestones for me, firstly reaching 50k likes on Facebook and then also launching our new, shiny website, I really wanted to give something back, to say a big fat THANK YOU for all your continued support, so I was thrilled with iClothing said they would love to partner with me on this amazing giveaway.


I have always been a big fan of iClothing so trust me when I say the winner will have no problem spending this amazing €300 prize and wow just imagine what you could get – A complete winter wardrobe update with some sparkly numbers for Christmas thrown in there too!

Here are just some of my top buys from iClothing at the moment and REMEMBER there is 15% off everything for all Style Fairy readers with the code TSFNOV (month of November, one use per customer)

Wool coat, €74.99
Wool coat, €74.99
Ankle boots, €49
Ankle boots, €49
Dress, €29.95
Dress, €29.95
Dress, €59.95
Dress, €59.95
Bag, €39.95
Bag, €39.95
Dress, €49.95
Dress, €49.95
Jumpsuit, €49.95
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Good luck everyone

Naomi xxx


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