Wardrobe Update: Spring Faves

Sick of looking at the same clothes in your wardrobe? Isn’t it time your gave it a bit of a refresh?

The highstreet is awash with Spring/Summer brights and our wish lists are getting longer and longer. Check out some of our favourite pieces from the highstreet below because isn;t it time you treated yourself 😛

Spring Favourites

River Island, €75 – Shop HERE
River Island, €80 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €76.04 – Shop HERE
River Island, €43 – Shop HERE
River Island, €45 – Shop HERE
Oasis, €80 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €69.13 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €71.85 – Shop HERE
River Island, €50 – Shop HERE
Oasis, €80 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €30.40 – Shop HERE
Topshop, €60 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €34.56 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €60.21 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €58.07 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €52.54 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Pregnancy Diaries: 29 weeks

Hey ladies

Oh my god WHERE is time going?? Seriously, I don’t know how I am already more than 7 months pregnant! This pregnancy has been so so different to Aanbelle, last time I would say by now I had everything and was pretty much totally organised, where as this time life is just SO busy. This blog post is more a ‘dear diary’ type thing of just everything that’s going on right now. If you follow me on Instagram Stories or Snapchat you may know already things are just a wee bit chaotic!


How far along am I….

I am 29 week this week. Anabelle Ivy was born at 36 weeks and I have made no secret of the fact that baba no 2 is expected to arrive in or around the same timing again, the longer he/she can stay inside the better, so I pray for longer but I need to be ready and prepared early. Including having my hospital bag ready, i have started buying the bits, I just haven’t physically packed it yet, but I will… soon… I swear! The midwife even told me to do it this morning when I was in Holles Street for a check up!

How do I feel…..

I feel pretty good, insanely tired, now like very tired, I hit a wall most days during the day and REALLY struggle to keep my eyes open but then at night I just can’t sleep. I can’t get comfy but also thoughts of the house just run through my mind at night and lists of what needs to be done occupy my brain! I use the ‘Dreamgenii’ pillow to sleep and it’s brilliant – highly recommend. See it here

Health/ Type one Diabetes 

I am getting lots of movements and very strong kicks so that is great and always a great comfort. My blood pressure has been stable so far (another problem I have in pregnancy) but unfortunately my diabetes is getting more and more challenging the further into pregnancy I go. I am now getting ‘insulin resistant’ which means my medicine (insulin) which I need to process food and break down sugar is not being absorbed sufficiently resulting in high blood sugars, which is not goof for me and not good for baby. I am now on a huge doses on insulin to try counteract the problem but it’s a daily battle. 29 weeks onwards this is a common issue, and happened me in my last pregnancy too.

What have I got for baba….  

So in my last post I shared all the things I have from Anabelle that I will getting or reusing. You can read that full blog post HERE.  I have most of these bits now ordered like the new car seat base (I have found AB’s old car seat and the newborn inset, both are perfect), I have ordered a new Ewan the Sheep, I have the Sleepyhead out and washed, I have the Moses Basket (well it’s in the attic), I have ordered a new mattress for moses basket, I ordered new mattress for Chicco Next To Me, I ordered a cot bed mattress for nursery (even though baba won’t be in there for a while, you know I am OCD and like to be organised), I also bought a new carrier (I’ll show you when I use it). These are all things I have ordered and bought.

Stokke are also then very kindly gifting me with some incredible new pieces for the baby, and I feel so lucky to be getting these pieces so off course I’ll share when I get and use them; first thing is a Stokke Tripp Trapp with the newborn set. You know I have a Tripp Trapp for Anabelle and I LOVE IT. I love how it adapts to the childs age and grows with them, I never had the newborn set for Anabelle so I am really excited to have it for new baba.  Two Tripp Trapps around our new dining table… How cute! 

Newborn part for the Tripp Trapp (available in lots of colours)

The Tripp Trapp seat itself comes in lots of colours and then you can choose from a variety of fabric sets for the newborn part or then there is a toddler part you can choose your fabric. I am getting the white seat. I was torn between white and grey – both fab! I have the wheat yellow for Annabelle. View all the Stokke Tripp Trapp options HERE.

Buggy Decsions

I have also FINALLY decided on what buggy I want – If you follow me on Insta Stories you will know my indecisiveness and I panicked a couple of weeks ago that maybe I needed a double buggy. I have gone full circle again and come back to no, I do not want or feel we need a double buggy, I am getting a buggy with a buggy board for Anabelle. The response when I asked peoples opinions and advise on buggies, double buggies and buggy boards was MASSIVE. I got 100’s and 100’s of messages, and it continued for days, wow, I truly never expected that response, so thank you for your help.

So, what were the findings? Well, every single women almost told me a different thing, some were totally adamant that a double buggy is a total necessity, other women were extremely certain that NO WAY should I get a double buggy, theirs was a waste. What does this tell me, or what did I learn? We are all SO DIFFERENT.  We all have individual preferences, it largely comes down to your child (the older one), their age, your lifestyle (how much walking do you do), if the toddler sleeps in buggy now, if you will be alone a lot with both children, loads of factors come into it.

My advice is think about your own personal situation, don’t be influenced by what Mary down the road did, that worked for her, great, but your life and child might be totally different so do what suits you. Many people suggest using a carrier for baba and using your regular stroller for toddler, if you are out and about. The options are endless.

For me, Anabelle will be almost 3 when you baby arrives, (if your toddler is a lot younger you might want a double), Anabelle does not go in her stroller now much at all  and she certainly never ever ever sleeps in the buggy. I plan to use carrier if I want or feel Anabelle needs to be in her stroller (hers is a Babyzen YOYO stroller).

What did I go for? 

I have decided to go for my original preference; the Stokke Trailz and it is now on order. Stokke (available in Bella Baby) are very kindly gifting me with this buggy. It was my 100% personal choice to go for this brand and model. I LOVE IT. I mean really love it, and that’s important too, yes functionality and suitable to your lifestyle is number 1, but it does help if you love the look of it too 😉

Stokke buggies are very high, meaning baby is closer to you (which I LOVE) and so in ways it is suited to taller people. The Stokke Trailz is bigger than some styles and other brands and more suited, in my opinion, to country life (where we are moving to!!! We are leaving Dublin). We will be getting a Lascal Universal Buggy Board to go on the buggy for short trips to local playground etc. My Maxi Cosy car seat will also attach to this, with adapters.



If you are in the process of making a decision on your buggy or travel system, I know, it’s a total minefield, truth is, all the systems and brands are great, equally, some have certain pros, and some have cons, it’s just picking the one that most appeals to you and your lifestyle. I have the heads wrecked of the staff in Bella Baby in Dundrum, but ask as many questions as you can, that’s what they are they for, get them to fold it up for you, take on and off bassinet etc etc and take your time with your decision. Just keep in mind there is usually ahead in time of a few weeks for them to arrive.

Clothes for baby…

I don’t believe personally in getting too much before baby arrives, that’s just me. I have gotten a selection of babygros in the newborn size and a packet in the 0-3 month size. I also bought plain vests, some hats, some mittens, some socks, and a wee plain cardigan (handy to go over everything). I have lots of blankets and cellular blankets already. As the weeks move on I will wash all these wee bits and have them ready. And pack in the hospital bag, a great tip someone told me the last time was to put the wee outfit you want baby to first wear in a separate little bag within your bag so your partner knows, just in case. I know with Anabelle I was in recovery for quite a long time and sadly didn’t get to hold her for hours and hours so Cormac had to just grab first thing he saw in the hospital bag for her.

Clothes for me…

I’ve have tried to share all my outfits throughout, both on Facebook and Instagram as I go..

Brands I am wearing and loving include;

Isabella Oliver
Elora Maternity

And non maternity stuff like; River island, Zara, etc I just size up one or often two sizes.


We are moving house as I said and hope yo get into the house ASAP, mainly the rush is; I want to get Annabelle settled into her new home and new room BEFORE baby comes along, there is so much change going on for her that I want to get her a wee bit settled in our new home before her world is rocked upside down by a little brother or sister! So with that in mind, panic is ON. It’s been, brilliant, overwhelming, stressful, exciting all in one!

One of the hardest things is the fact that there are SO MANY DECISIONS to make all the time, and there are always unforeseen problems and delays. Some days I thought I would go into early labour with the stress, I am by nature a stressed person and have terribly anxiety so I’ve found it hard. I think as well because I am in “nesting” mode for new baby and no house ready I am finding that hard. Work and brand collaborations have been put on hold, and I have been forced to turn down some work as I just haven’t felt able or had the time and now I am nearing 30 weeks I won’t be taking on any more brand work or collabs for a while. That’s hard when you work for yourself, your instinct is to say yes yes yes to everything as you never know what work if any is around the corner, particularly in the world I am in of blogging!! But I have had to just prioritise me, family, my health and the house, for now! I do intend taking time off when baby arrives too.

Phew, ok I think that is my update for now, I told ye it would be a long ‘dear diary’ session. Make sure to follow our journey on Instagram and Insta Stories…

‘Til next time

Naomi xxxx






**Gifting **  This is not a paid for blog post. But as I have mentioned above Stokke are gifting me with a selection of products (listed above), these are from their stockist Bella Baby. I am always very clear on gifted items, if content is paid for, or sponsored then you will see it clearly stated and you will see #ad clearly noted. I always disclose when I am in a paid for, contracted partnership with a brand, this is not such an occasion.

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Win Shoes for you & Your Best Friend!


The winner is Nicole Hallinan and she has been contacted via email 


Hey ladies

Delighted to have teamed up again with the lovely folks over at Vaughan Shoes to showcase their stunning Spring/ Summer collection for 2018.

And I am thrilled to announce there is a very special 15% DISCOUNT CODE for Style Fairy readers across  the entire Vaughan Shoes website using the code ‘TSF15’ at the checkout. This code is valid from today (4th April 2018) until 18th April 2018.

Plus, if you scroll to the bottom of this post there is A GIVEAWAY for you & your best friend 😉 

I am a huge fan of Vaughan Shoes; they stock an amazing array of fantastic brands including the likes of Amy Huberman, Clarks, Dubarry, Pedro Anton, Kate Appleby and Jose Saenz to name just a few.

I originally came across Vaughan Shoes when I was hunting down a pair of wedges a few summers ago and my love affair with THE comfiest wedges around began… Pedro Anton (see that range here). Plus, this seasons Amy Huberman collection is my favourite of hers yet, wait til you see it, trust me, you will want them all!! See here.

Vaughan Shoes,  winner of the Retail Excellence Award for Best New Website 2018, is a 100% Irish owned company offers free delivery nationwide, a very easy returns service plus a very quick and easy click & collect service across their 3 stores in Castlebar, Ballinrobe and Claremorris. And wow I have to say I am seriously impressed by their Spring/ Summer collection.  To showcase their latest and greatest I have decided to do “The Style Fairy’s Top 10 Buys” across their website.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see how you can WIN a pair of shoes for you AND for your best friend from the stunning Amy Huberman collection or if you prefer, the winner can simply pick from ANY shoes they wish across the website.


In no particular order here are some of my best buys from the current collections at Vaughan Shoes:

Amy Huberman, €99.95 Shop here
Amy Huberman, €99.95 Shop here
Amy Huberman, €99.95 Shop here


Amy Huberman, €99.95 Shop here
Marco Tozzi, €49.95 Shop here
TB Craddock, €49.95 Shop here
Kate Appleby, €59.95 Shop here
Amy Huberman, €99.95 Shop here
Amy Huberman, €99.95 Shop here
S. Oliver, €69.95 Shop here


Win a  pair of shoes for you and your best friend  – Yes ANY pair of shoes you like the entire Vaughan Shoes website


  • LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW SAYING YOU HAVE ENTERED AND WHAT SHOES YOU WANT TO WIN  (it is VITAL  you enter here on the blog too as we need your email address to contact you, so this is a necessary element of the competition) 

The lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday 11th April –  We will draw the winners name at random and will announce this on Facebook – You will also get an email from The Style Fairy admin. Then you will get to choose any shoes you want and they will be immediately posted out to you 🙂


Don’t forget from today  until 18th April 2018 there is 15% OFF across everything on Vaughan Shoes. Simply use the code ‘TSF15’ at the checkout. This applies to all brands, plus all mens shoes, so you might just pick up something for the hubby too (They stock great mens brands too like Tommy Bowe, Dubarry and lots more!)

Very best of luck to everyone

Naomi xxx


  ** This is a sponsored, paid for blog post in collaboration with Vaughan Shoes **


Outfit Ideas: Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are one of our faves here at The Style Fairy. We love styling them up with heels for a night out or sandals and a tee for day time. Also a fan of this style of skirt? Check out the five looks we have styled below 🙂

Look 1

Top: River island, €9 – Shop HERE

Skirt: River Island, €48 – Shop HERE

Earrings: Topshop, €12 – Shop HERE

Bag: River Island, €45 – Shop HERE

Shoes: Topshop, €40 – Shop HERE

Look 2

Top: Topshop, €20 – Shop HERE

Skirt: Topshop, €76 – Shop HERE

Earrings: River Island, €17 – Shop HERE

Bag: ASOS, €16.32 – Shop HERE

Shoes: ASOS, €40.53 – Shop HERE

Look 3

Skirt: Oasis, €52 – Shop HERE

T-shirt: Oasis, €26 – Shop HERE

Earrings: River Island, €13 – Shop HERE

Bag: Oasis, €40 – Shop HERE

Shoes: River Island, €50 – Shop HERE

Look 4

Bodysuit: River Island, €47 – Shop HERE (or similar HERE and HERE)

Skirt: Warehouse, €30 – Shop HERE

Earrings: Topshop, €8 – Shop HERE

Bag: ASOS, €13.51 – Shop HERE

Shoes: ASOS, €40.54 – Shop HERE

Look 5

Top: Topshop, €75 – Shop HERE

Skirt: River Island, €50 – Shop HERE

Earrings: River Island, €10 – Shop HERE

Bag: ASOS, €33.78 – Shop HERE

Shoes: ASOS, €29.33 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Trend Alert: Pretty In Polka Dots

Lots of us have wardrobes which could do with the injection of some print. Polk dot print is a real classic which is coming back big this Spring/Summer. Check out the style inspiration below for some ideas on how to style this fashionable print.

Style Inspiration

Check out how you can replicate these looks with our high-street picks below 🙂

High-street Picks

Bodysuit: River Island, €43 – Shop HERE
Blazer: Topshop, €52 – Shop HERE
Dress: ASOS, €43.24 – Shop HERE
Skirt: River Island, €50 – Shop HERE
Top: ASOS, €37.84 – Shop HERE
Dress: Topshop, €68 – Shop HERE
Skirt: River Island, €24.32 – Shop HERE
Top: River Island, €43 – Shop HERE
Dress: ASOS, €60.84 – Shop HERE
Dress: Boohoo.com, €22 – Shop HERE
Playsuit: ASOS, €28.03 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Star Buy: Pink Party Top

Blush pink, lush fabric and flattering shape… what is not to love about this beauty. This weeks star buy is the perfect party top to throw on over a pair of skinny jeans. It’s also a complete steal at just €33!

Star Buy

River Island, €33 – Shop HERE

Check out the 3 looks we have styled with it below 🙂

Look 1

Top: River Island, €33 – Shop HERE

Jeans: River Island, €50 – Shop HERE

Earrings: River Island, €8 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €25 – Shop HERE

Heels: New Look at ASOS, €35.12 – Shop HERE

Look 2

Top: River Island, €33 – Shop HERE

Jeans: Topshop, €55 – Shop HERE

Jacket: River Island, €95 – Shop HERE

Earrings: Topshop, €13 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €43 – Shop HERE

Heels: ASOS, €43.24 – Shop HERE

Look 3

Top: River Island, €33 – Shop HERE

Jeans: River Island, €55 – Shop HERE

Coat: River Island, €90 – Shop HERE

Earrings: Topshop, €12 – Shop HERE

ASOS, €40.54 – Shop HERE

Boots: River Island, €50 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Friday 5 Under €50

We all deserve to treat ourselves now and then and at the Style Fairy we believe that treating yourself to something doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Check out this weeks top 5 pieces under €50 🙂

Hot List

1. Orange ‘vita tunica’ t-shirt, River Island, €25 – Shop HERE

2. Black faux leather mini skirt, River Island, €43 – Shop HERE

3. Floral corset swing dress, Pretty Little Thing, €40 – Shop HERE

4. Tassle tab slouch bag, River Island, €45- Shop HERE

5. Black studded heels, ASOS, €47.28 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Wedding Guest Dress Ideas

We get lots of requests from our wonderful followers for wedding guest dress ideas, and because we have spotted some gorgeous dresses online, we decided to do a list of all our faves. No matter what your budget there is something for you.

Comment underneath with any blog requests you have 🙂

Under €50

Missguided, €37.84 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €47.20 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €51.35 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €37.84 – Shop HERE
Pretty Little Thing, €42 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €47.30 – Shop HERE
Pretty Little Thing, €41 – Shop HERE

Under €100

ASOS, €60.81 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €87.83 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €54.05 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €64.86 – Shop HERE
Oasis, €80 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €56.67 – Shop HERE
Chi Chi London, €87.83 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €74.32 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €87.83 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €87.83 – Shop HERE

Under €150

Oasis, €114.86 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €121.62 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €101.35 – Shop HERE
River Island, €107 – Shop HERE
Warehouse, €103 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €114.86 – Shop HERE
ASOS, €114.86 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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Pregnancy Diaries: Products I will be reusing this time around

Hey ladies

So now that I am almost 25 weeks I am starting to think more about, what do I need? With Anabelle I only made it to 36 weeks and have been advised it may be a similar situation this time, so with that in mind this mamma needs to get her ass in gear!!!

This time around, thankfully, I have the experience of Anabelle behind me and I am not in as much of a panic as I was with my first pregnancy. I’ll never forget the buggy/ travel system panic the first time around – I was in a tizzy!!! The baby market is overwhelming and we are constantly bombarded with products for babies and newborns so it can be hard to decipher what we need and what is not a necessity. I can only talk from my personal experience, I am not a pro by ANY means, I don’t know all the endless options out there, but I’ll share some of the products I used that we loved and that I know I will use again.

I also plan to do a post just around what basics we need to buy, just a sort of ‘To Do’ list of what we can get organised now. But for now here are a few products I already have that I’ll be dusting off and reusing 😉

  1. The Sleepyhead

I only found out about the Sleepyhead when Anabelle was around 12 weeks old and at that stage we had gone though weeks of no sleep and severe reflux, I only wish we had of had this from day 1.

At that time (2015) there was no Irish stockists so I bought from Amazon and it worked out very dear with postage etc. Now Bella Baby in Ireland stock them which is great – See them HERE. They are a big expense, some may not see the value in them but I have to say for us, it was invaluable, from the moment we got ours Aanbelle slept better. They are very cosy for baby and are designed to give the sensation of being held. The Sleepyhead fitted into the Chico Next to me (which she slept in at night), and can also be used in the normal cot or cot bed. During the day they can be used downstairs etc. They do grow out of them fast – be warned, they say it should last unto 8 months but if memory serves me correctly Anabelle only got to maybe 5/6 months max. I then bought the next size up ‘The Sleepyhead Grand’ – again, very expensive but 100% worth out for us.

2. Chico Next To Me

Another item I’ll be taking down from the attic – I LOVED the Chicco Next To Me.  See it HERE.

We used the Chicco at night time, there is an option to attach this to your bed and zip down one side – I personally really liked this feature; it meant I could reach out and touch Anabelle, which gave me great comfort. . If you are breastfeeding it makes life a lot easier too. If you don’t want to have the sides zipped down (as baby gets bigger or is not directly next to your bed etc) then that options is available to. You basically get to co -sleep without the worry of baba actually being in your bed.

We also used the Chicco as our travel cot, it was perfect for weekends away, trips to my mums etc.

What was also a GOD SEND for us with the Chicco was that it can be put on a tilt. As I said above Anabelle had very severe silent reflux so at all times she was more comfortable lying at an angle. This is such a genius feature of the Chicco. The only thing I need to do to get this Chicco ready for baba number 2 is get a new mattress; I ordered one over the weekend from this uK website (see here). As I mentioned, the sleepyhead fits into the Chico perfectly. I have this exact colour Chicco (think it’s called Dove Grey)

3. Ewan The Dream Sheep 

Ah Ewan, you little legend you! I will 100% be buying another one of these little guys. Anabelle still has hers and no way will she part with him so this baba will be getting one of their won. What does Ewan do? “Ewan emits soothing sounds at a low base frequency and a calming pink glow, which when combined, help settle your baby or toddler into a peaceful sleep.” 

Ewan has different sounds (press each foot for a new sound) womb, harp, hoover, rain (basically like white  noise), all with the sound of a heartbeat in the background, it’s very comforting for them. Buy Ewan HERE.

4. Car Seat – Maxi Cosy Pebble Plus & Base 

This was the newborn car seat we had for Anabelle (see here) I can’t remember 100% but I think she didn’t last very long in it, perhaps 6 months or so –  it’s funny how you forget these things so quickly. (Anabelle is now in a Maxi Cosy Two Way Pearl)

Anyway, this car seat is in the attic, we have the new born inset and it is in perfect condition so most likely we will use this again. We will need to buy a new base, with Anabelle we bought the Maxi Cosi Two Way fix Base (see here) so we will buy the same again, it means the base doesn’t need to be changed even when we change to the next car seat.

5.  Moses basket

I bought a gorgeous moses basket for Anabelle, I will be buying a new mattress and using again. I know many people don’t bother with a moses basket but in the first few weeks when they are teeny tiny I think it’s nice to have one. And as so many people have pointed out though now that I have a toddler a moses basket can be dangerous as Anabelle could so easily pull it down if she was trying to look at baby, it’s 50/50 but most likely will have moses basket maybe in my mums house or will use in bedroom for first couple of weeks. Either way I’ll get a mattress for it, it’s so cute, be shame not to use it again.

6. Stokke Tripp Trapp

Anabelle is still in her Tripp Trapp highchair so this is something I will be buying a second one of. Except this time we plan to get the newborn/ baby set as part of it. I absolutely ADORE the Tripp Tapp highchair, they are so neat and compact and I love the minimal design. I love that with the baby part the baby can now sit as part of the family with us at the table.

The Tripp Tripp is suitable from birth right up to adult. Anabelle has the ‘wheat yellow’ colour with the butterfly cushion, this time I don’t plan on getting a matching one, i am thinking maybe the white or the grey.

You can buy the chair on it’s on, the new born package, the baby package – all can be done separately. See the options here.

I see there is now an potion to have your Tripp Tripp personalised, I LOVE this idea. Will deffo this done in he future.

7. Sleepytot Comforter

This is not something we will need til baby is a lot bigger but this has to be my number 1 purchase with Anabelle! She is obsessed. She only gets bunny at night time and nap time (or if she has to go to the GP). He is her ultimate comfort and she adores him, so much so, some nights she tells us its time for bed because she wants bunny!!!!!! You can buy bunny here (and you can thank me later….. LOL)

The idea with this genius bunny is that each paw is velcro so you can attach a dummy to one, or two or all paws – no more dummies dropping on the ground and getting high pitched screams for the the doddy at 3am!! My advice? Buy lots of them!!

8. Feeding

I haven’t even broached the subject of feeding yet, I may do a separate blog on that. But we have lots I can re use again. Bottles, steriliser etc. Had this Dr Brown’s steriliser last time and will use again.

9. Monitors

With Anabelle we bought the Angel Care video monitors and still use them. Video monitors, although expensive are in my opinion brilliant. The sensor mat which came with the set we used in the early days but to be really honest I won’t be using that again. Although monitors will not be required until much later on (whenever baby is finally napping or sleeping on their own/ in their own room) if you are like me, you like to be organised and have these things bought in advance. I will most likely buy a second set of video monitors, I have;t decided which brand yet. It is such a shame I didn’t future proof when buying my monitors because it would be really handy if all I needed now was a second camera and we could use the same receiver to flick between both Anabelle and baby (apparently there are some brands which you can do this, so I would recommend looking into this (Summer Infant is the brand). When I asked on snapachat, most mammies with a toddler and a  baby wither had two sets of video monitors or used a cheap audio only set with toddler and used video set with new baby. My issue is though I like the video on Annabelle, she is a monkey and always climbing and acting the messer so the video is important for me.

10. Swing & Playmat

There are tonnes of this type of swing on the market, I don’t believe one is any better than the other, this just happens to be the one we bought, AB loved it and my nephew got good use out of it too so we will deffo use this again. This will be when baba ia a little bigger off course. 

I have always eyed up those fab fancy rocker/ bouncers from MamaRoo, have you seen them in action? They look amazing!!! Not sure I can justify the price tag though… Anyone have one and recommend?

As for a playmate, again, ANY brand for type is fine, we had one with Anabelle which we will re use again.

All these things like rockers, seats, bouncers etc are obviously not necessities and things you can pick up in time.

Baby Wraps

I would love to try wear this baby in a wrap from very early days and would love your feedback on what one you would recommend? I never had a wrap with Anabelle, but would love to try this time. Looks like quite a technique in learning how to do it properly but like to try. Any tips welcome!

What else?

Oh why do I feel I have forgotten so much??? It’s only been a few years since i did all this and feel I’ve forgotten so much! I am sure I will be amending and updating this post as I go; it’s as much a mental check list for myself as it is hopefully a tool for others. As I said the other post I plan to do is “buying the basics’ type post soon, sp was you should or could be buying now to prepare for baba; so you knows the likes of; socks, mittens, vests, babygros, muslin clothes, swaddles, blankets, nappies etc etc

Other Blog Posts 

I’ll be covering these posts soon:

  • I haven’t properly discussed feeding but all come back to it
  • Travel system and buggies, again will do that one in time also, trying to figure that out at the moment!
  • Packing your hospital bag – yep, will do that one too. I remember the last time, I wrote a blog on packing your bag, never actually finished MY OWN, and had Anabelle the next day!!!!!!! This time…. I.WILL.BE.PREPARED. 🙂

Anything else? Leave me a comment below, I welcome any tips or advice or indeed any pregnancy blog topics you want me to cover?

‘Til next time

Naomi & bump xxx



Outfit Ideas: City Break Away

Planning a weekend away or city break? Not know what to pack? Well this a problem many of us have. When travelling with just your hand luggage you really have to be strategic in your packing and plan ahead.

To help you along we have styled four looks perfect for everything a weekend away with throw at you 🙂

Jet Setter

T-Shirt: Topshop €26 – Shop HERE

Leggings: River Island, €33 – Shop HERE

Jacket: River Island, €87 – Shop HERE

Headband: River Island, €17 – Shop HERE

Bag: ASOS, €40.54 – Shop HERE

Shoes: River Island, €35 – Shop HERE

Day Time Exploring

T-Shirt: River Island, €22 – Shop HERE

Skirt: Oasis, €45 – Shop HERE

Jacket: River Island, €80 – Shop HERE

Watch: Abbott Lyon, €135 – Shop HERE

Bag: Topshop, €29 – Shop HERE

Trainers: New Balance, €77.02 – Shop HERE

Evening Dinner Date

Dress: River Island, €87 – Shop HERE

Jackets: River Island, €80 – Shop HERE

Earrings: River Island, €17 – Shop HERE

Bag: River Island, €55 – Shop HERE

Shoes: River Island, €65 – Shop HERE

Girls Night

Jumpsuit: Topshop, €80 – Shop HERE

Necklace: River Island, €25 – Shop HERE

Clutch: ASOS, €33.78 – Shop HERE

Shoes: Missguided, €33.78 – Shop HERE

Stylishly yours,

Heather x

*Please Note: The above included links are affiliate links and Heather may receive commission based on sales via these links*

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